Promocja Orange "Masz za Staż"

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Promocja Orange "Masz za Staż"

2008-07-21 Promocja Orange "Masz za Staż"

Orange lubi lojalnych klientów. Dlatego czasem ich nagradza. Oto najnowsza oferta dla wszystkich wiernych sieci Orange.

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Promocja obejmuje wszystkich posiadaczy telefonów na kartę w Orange (Orange POP, Nowe Orange Go, Orange Music a także Orange Free i Zetafon). Im ktoś dłużej należy do sieci, tym bardziej zyska na promocji.

W zależności od tego, jak długo należysz do Orange, przysługuje Ci odpowiednio większa "nagroda":

  • od 0 do 12 miesięcy ? 10% więcej za doładowanie,
  • od 13 do 24 miesięcy ? 20% więcej za doładowanie,
  • od 25 miesięcy ? 30% więcej za doładowanie.

Żeby promocja zadziałała należy doładować telefon za minimum 25 złotych w ciągu maksimum 25 dni od ostatniego doładowania. Ważne! Pierwsze doładowanie w promocji nie jest premiowane.

Środki promocyjne można wykorzystać na:

  • połączenia głosowe w Orange,
  • połączenia głosowe na numery stacjonarne,
  • SMS-y w Orange,
  • MMS-y w Orange,
  • transfer danych.

Co należy zrobić, żeby aktywować promocję? Należy wysłać SMS o treści WIĘCEJ pod numer 401 (koszt SMS-a zgodny z cennikiem). Można także wpisać kod *101*50# i potwierdzić zieloną słuchawką (opcja bezpłatna).

Aby sprawdzić wartość środków promocyjnych wysłać należy SMS-a o treści ILE pod numer 401 (koszt SMS-a zgodny z cennikiem).

Promocja Orange "Masz za Staż" jest już nieaktualna.

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Bare Ruined Choirs, the State in the Dealer Channel in 2005 Part 1 custom printed shipping boxes custom packaging By Julia Mowry February 2, 2006 -- As print carrier's networks hunt for additional methods to squeeze more productivity out with their operations, the fabrication processes themselves will offer some on the greatest untapped potential. For a good time, the attention is on applying technology to unravel certain application challenges, like utilization of lightweight paper, conditional inserts, and digital color. Now these problems happen to be addressed, in addition to being print operations are more business-driven, they use a greater have to know a little more about how well they can be actually while using technology and the way processes might be optimized for greater performance. Historically, this form of information continues to be tough to obtain across your entire document production workflow and across multiple output devices. 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Production Intelligence systems can assist organize operational data, enhance analytics capabilities and means real value by helping users to: * Integrate and modify workflow easily and affordably as customer requirements increase or change. * Implement an any to the system without excessive translation effort and price * Manipulate workflow without locating a burden on IT resources * Simplify and optimize production management * Identify a challenge as well as a plan before a predicament becomes an urgent situation * Capture and rehearse information over the total enterprise production process, not only printing Best Use of All Equipment Most production environments are yet to one, but multiple printer platforms, along which has a variety of internet data streams, sources, and production and finishing requirements. Rarely inflict of those islands ever connect in a very way that delivers actionable information or cohesive data gathering. 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One on the nation's leading direct mail media companies with revenues of nearly $1.4 billion, ADVO reaches, usually, 67 million households weekly and 105 million households monthly. Stewart needed to blend her current lifestyle together with her extensive direct marketing background and construct it into an advertising service business that dedicated to any local being a target audience. According to Webster's dictionary, neighborhood is defined since the people living near one other or perhaps a section lived in by neighbors and, sometimes having distinguishing characteristics. The view at Reaching Neighbors is regardless from the form of small enterprise, much of their opportunity is in just a reasonable geographic proximity. It is while using neighbors that have in mind the small enterprise person inside community the place that the she or he resides. The initial focus for Reaching Neighbors was the real estate property market. According to Stewart, Our approach was for getting the real estate investment agent to take a neighborhood and create a relationship to be able neighborhood spanning a 12-month period through a built-in direct marketing plan. Reaching Neighbors would design the campaign for your agent and send postcards for the neighborhood. The postcards contained valuable information that will maintain your agent the surface of mind. Content included listings of from baseball schedules for that local secondary school team to day trips to stops within the Texas wine trail. She customized an exclusive campaign that reflected events and knowledge targeted on the specific neighborhood the agent had adopted. The objective was to offer the area valuable information so they'd maintain the postcard, and this kept the Realtor in front on the prospective home buyer, seller or recommender. Reaching Neighbors' enterprize model was to provide an incorporated campaign at the tariff of approximately $0.70 per postcard. Ninety-two percent in the initial Realtors that adopted a neighborhood and stayed along with it for twelve months remain clients of Reaching Neighbors. Expanding the Marketing Services Model With a base campaign working, Stewart made a decision to extend the capabilities from the Reaching Neighbors site by establishing a more technical variable data model for under listed and simply sold properties that put the strength of personalization from the hands from the agent. She established a relationship with BlueStream to start the delivery of more professional capabilities. Bluestream is really a turnkey system for marketing companies and printers with digital and offset print capabilities. Its web-to-print system enables marketing teams, agents and dealers gain access to collateral, direct marketing and ad creation online. With Bluestream, users can update, build and customize print material online in the context of client portals. In addition to Bluestream's web-to-print capabilities, the applying enables one-to-one marketing and direct mail to get build using a six-step process supported using a guided online help menu. Ninety-two percent from the initial Realtors that adopted a neighborhood and stayed from it for yr remain clients of Reaching Neighbors. Bluestream also offers leads generation and reporting capabilities to guide marketing activities. Its personalized web URL technology, DirectWeb, provides every recipient of an mail campaign using a personalized URL which, when viewed, provider the mailer with tracking and reporting on website use, including information for instance click-through rates, the variety of responses coming from a Direct Mail campaign, and Google leads, integrating Direct Mail, Personalized Websites and e-mail for clients. In the Building Neighbors implementation, the property agent, leveraging Bluestream capabilities, can integrate names and addresses and images to get a just listed/just sold campaign. They may also pick the nearest 50, 100 or 150 homes--or the complete neighborhood--using geo-locator software that Bluestream integrated to the Reaching Neighbors application. Depending upon any local the agent decides to take, the monthly costs at $0.70 per card could consist of $700 to $1,000 each month. When you contrast that with all the commission over a $200,000-plus home, the ROI to your agent is see-through. Future Market Opportunity The concept of your neighborhood can be a horizontal market inside the eyes of Reaching Neighbors. The local gas station features a must promote its services on the neighborhood. The same does work with the local restaurant, market, dress shop and shoe outlet. The infrastructure that Reaching Neighbors has deployed in order to meet the requirements Realtors is every bit strongly related to multiple different industry sectors. According to Stewart, The key differentiator between us and also other direct marketers is that any of us give attention to creating a twelve-month program for that client versus simply to become a direct mail piece. It takes some time and energy to view the full impact of an campaign, and now we educate our clients about the necessity for consistent communication on the 12-month period. We know what it will take to buy and retain customers and therefore are devoted to improving the small enterprise do this. A Different Kind of Selling Because she realized she would desire a unique selling approach, Stewart has generated a network of sales representatives including things like girls that wish to work not professional out of the homes as independent contractors. Most importantly, these are typically women that comprehend the neighborhood and may communicate together with the business owner, since they purchase the services the establishment sells. Reaching Neighbors has five full-time personnel that manage operations, design and selling, augmented by seven independent contractors resident within the Texas communities that Reaching Neighbors serves. Stewart started the firm four years back beyond her home. The company has doubled revenues yearly since it had been formed, this also year will exceed $1.5 million. When asked if your independent contractor sales model is working, Stewart said, Our top sales agent did $172,000 last quarter, and I categorize that as success. The key differentiator between us and also other direct marketers is that people concentrate on having a twelve-month program for your client versus simply putting together a direct mail piece. -- Brenda Stewart Stewart's vision would be to take this software out nationally and build a distribution network consists of mothers that would like to stay in your own home, however they are trying to find challenge along with extra revenue. Printing Not a Core Competency Reaching Neighbors decided that printing hasn't been its core competency. Instead, Stewart partners with local firms in the geographic markets served. She has strong relationships with digital color print providers in Austin, San Antonio and Houston, and definately will soon be expanding to El Paso. Reaching Neighbors generates orders which can be between 100,000 and 120,000 postcards on a monthly basis and forwards these to their print vendor network. In Summary Reaching Neighbors can be a horizontally focused marketing services company driving digital color and direct mail through an advertising strategy aimed towards helping small enterprises. Reaching Neighbors educates the business person around the price of persistency in communications, maintaining mind present to information that may be valued by residents of an neighborhood. As Reaching Neighbors expands, it really is indifferent relative to your form of business it supports within a true h orizontal online marketing strategy. Stewart realizes which it’s an incredible day after you target a neighborhood. ,The Commoditizing of VDP For Sellers, Six Scenarios鈥攁nd a Word about Timing ,packaging boxes 锘?a href="">printing services

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What You Know Can Help You Book Printing 锘?a href="">printing services Don' ,Sticking towards the Plan NEPS produces programs according to open standards that keep the front processing and tailgate end printing of specialized business documents, while APT offers a broad variety of information design services for statements, policies along with documents inside the financial services and insurance industries, including strategic consulting in integrated business communications, personalization, functional design, and usability testing. ,Label Printing 锘?a href="">printing services

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Graphics from the Americas Takes On New Dimensions color print wholesale gift wrap By WhatTheyThink Staff Published: August 28, 2007 ,Reinventing Business: Making the Move to Digital Packaging WTT: Larry, other executives we have spoken with told us about your small business’s theme for that Graph Expo show and just how that relates towards the company’s vision of connecting the trail from job creation to finishing. Your role comes in on the end, doesn’t it? Tell us about up your eyes for postpress. Tanowitz: I am sure other executives you've interviewed explained how all of our own equipment at Graph Expo will be related for the theme of Connecting the Passion of Printing and the way we use digital information to manage the method. Our vision, which can be seen in your theme and our demonstrations, is always to seamlessly connect all components with the printing process making postpress as an efficient and technologically superior a process for customers as possible. WTT: Tell us with regards to a part of postpress equipment that can be used to demonstrate the theme and the vision at Graph Expo. Tanowitz: A good illustration of such a bit of equipment may be the ST 400, the globe’s most automated stitcher. The ST 400 is really a gang stitcher that we now have showed previously at IPEX and DRUPA. The ST 400 uses the integrated, automatic format presetting system and mobile feeder units with servo drives. This results in handling regular job changes cost-effectively and quickly. With an output of 14,000 cycles hourly, the Stitchmaster ST 400 is often a fast, efficient piece of postpress equipment. WTT: Any other examples? Tanowitz: We are demonstrating how we have improved the productivity of cutting in postpress by 200% using our Polar System cutters. Another highlight could be the first United States showing in our DCM die cutter punch and a pile tuner that operates automatically and completely hands-free. It jogs and aerates without the requirement for anyone to touch the sheets. Thank you Larry. ,label printing gift wrapping

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Banta Reports a Flat Q3 because of Restructuring and Soft Magazine Markets color print personalised box Palettes and Colors ,Quad/Graphics: The Next Generation - An Interview with Joel Quadracci The year-on-year global rise in need for packaging has attracted many traditional equipment manufacturers as well as entrepreneurs. Every four years—and from this point forward, every three—drupa offers these suppliers the opportunity to get in front of an 300,000+ audience. Held in Düsseldorf, Germany, drupa may be the world’s largest print exhibition by far. ,box manufacturers custom packaging boxes

Joshuahob (199.168.---.---)2016-10-11 14:53

Plan for any Culture of Continuous Process Improvement in 2015 corrugated box clear labels It鈥檚 A Perfect Storm for Marketing Services鈥nd the Boat is Rocking! ,Talking with Jacob By Andrew Tribute Published: March 21, 2006 ,custom labels office supply companies

JoshuaDib (199.168.---.---)2016-10-11 07:23

Is the Virtual Trade Show Coming? sticker labels office accessories He emphasized that there exists no intend to abandon the Windy City. “We’re devoted to Chicago in 2017,” he explained. “We haven’t decided not being in Chicago.” GASC is holding uncommitted dates for shows in Chicago after 2017, and GASC is constantly on the think from the city being a viable place to stage its industry events. ,Oce's Guy Broadhurst on Highlight Color and High-speed Duplex Printing Next on today's agenda was the keynote from Bruce Chizen, CEO of Adobe Systems. While subtly mentioning Adobe technology, Chizen led a SRO audience through some samples of how digital technology is transforming the consumer experience for many people companies--along with their customers. ,publish a book wholesale gift wrap

JoshuaDib (199.168.---.---)2016-10-11 02:01

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MichaelSig (199.168.---.---)2016-10-10 23:51

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JoshuaDib (199.168.---.---)2016-10-10 21:34

Production Inkjet鈥擳he Next Wave: HP High Definition Nozzle Architecture sticky labels how to get a book published Giant signs adorn just about every building. Heidelberg’s building was wrapped in a humungous sign (printed by HP). The Drupa Cube building changed parts with the building wrap everyday. Canon covered every vertical surface in the fairgrounds with many sort of messaging. Super-wide inkjet printers are fascinating devices to observe. I have recently visited 39 countries and one common denominator is signage – more pictoral, more colorful, and more square meters. You can rent an intelligent car at Austrian airports and railroad stations for eight Euros each day. They are cheap since they have advertising on them. One businessman rented an auto after which think it is had a commercial on an adult website. ,drupa 2016: the Package Tour (Part 1) Sharing these facts together with the marketer can assist them see the vital new role of print in a very fast-paced world. And you will discover an increasing variety of testimonials about printers who're experiencing significant business growth by offering these forms of campaigns. ,color printing service complete office supplies

MichaelSig (199.168.---.---)2016-10-10 18:11

Success and Excellence in Your Company (Part 2) Office Supplies Paper Gift I was speaking to your while print sales rep soon about a fresh web-to-print program the business was implementing. We were speaking around the phone and he was quoted saying, you are able to’t see me but I would just like that you realize that I’m over the age of I sound and I’m not technical whatsoever. I immediately said, “Are your clients technical?” He said, they're for the most part not technical. I said can you understand the way to listen for that challenges industry is having then describe the advantages of utilizing you along with your company to solve those challenges for your visitors? His voice changed and he was quoted saying, “That is precisely what I’ve been doing to the last thirty years!” ,HP Will Stay around the Offense: Q1 Conference Call (Includes Indigo Performance) I have already been asked what I seriously considered Creo's recent announcement in accordance with plate manufacturing using a volume of people. Rather than discuss Creo's news directly, I wanted for making an overall comment around the means of capital equipment suppliers and also consumables businesses. ,Book Printing Label Printing

JoshuaDib (199.168.---.---)2016-10-10 10:39

Fujifilm Graphic Systems USA: Masahiro 鈥淪am鈥?Ota custom packaging boxes business equipment But, DWS Printing Associates reserves its most sterling acts of kindness for the own. The evening’s most emotional moment came with the presentation of an check for $5,000 establishing a scholarship fund for the children of an employee whose family had suffered cardiovascular personal loss. ,FREE: Goss and QuadTech Bring Next-Level Web Capabilities to Print To this, Kodak has replied: “Satisfying our customers remains our priority, and we are determined to do that. As for Collins, we already have legally binding terms, and Collins has walked away from them.” ,custom sticker printing office items

DonaldJuilt (199.168.---.---)2016-10-09 06:42

Business Conditions: Survey with Printers and Print Buyers shipping boxes how to self publish a book End-Users Voice Opinions About Paper ,Latest Information on Landa's Nanographic Printing He says, “Simple is a great one, simpler is best and fast is usually recommended.” ,office supply storage printer labels

MichaelSig (199.168.---.---)2016-10-09 02:38

It is Not an Inkjet OnDemand! (On Demand 2007) Office Supplies 锘?a href="">printing services NPOA initially thought, as an example, that creating a cost-capturing management information system could help shops improve SPE. However, its research found no such correlation, as well as the differences in SPE persist though most shops now use an MIS of a single kind or another. “The big dilemma is having a lot of people on hand for too little work, even if wages are lower,” Henry says. ,And the Winner Is...the Package! PrintSoft ,cheap printing solutions Book Printing

MichaelSig (199.168.---.---)2016-10-08 18:33

Capital Expenditures by Printing Industry Segment Office Supplies cheap printing solutions FREE: Xeikon, Creo, Heidelberg Sunday at Pre-Drupa Media Event ,Federal Debt as Percentage of GDP Over 100% By Harvey Hirsch Like the Samurai warrior, you must understand tips on how to utilize technology available July 26, 2004 -- In earlier eighteenth century, a clan chief named Yamamoto Tsunetomo wrote a doctrine encompassing the real specification of Bushido, the warrior’s code. He stated how the life of the Samurai belonged to his employer anf the husband were to follow orders certainly--to obey any command from his superior without hesitation, even whether it meant his death. Failure to accomplish so brought shame and sepukku (suicide). Anybody starting their day contacting for the telephone can relate on the “Death of your Thousand Cuts syndrome. The discipline needed to pick the phone and dial strangers who could care less with regards to you, your merchandise and your enterprise is incredibly much like Bushido. Sales people must hone their skills and strengthen their resolve whenever they are to reduce a swath from the sword-swinging suspects to locate a prospect. More importantly, today’s sales representatives must work using their marketing counterparts (unless needless to say you choose to do both) to produce new and dynamic solutions to generate new company. Just much like the Samurai warrior, it is best to understand tips on how to utilize the technology available and the brand new selling skills when you would like to draw blood. Here’s why. Trolling for Answers I recently attended a trade exhibition which in fact had 250 booths of promoting related services. Of the 250, 150 were list brokers (1 / 3 from the direct mail triad), about 50 were printers, some were creative marketers along with the rest were the normal suspects of accounting firms and boutique support shops. My function of attending were to case out your joint to discover if I desired to exhibit buy, so I felt it could be prudent ought to a number of from the attendees and exhibitors what they have to thought in the show. I have a look at a trade exhibition to be a fishing contest. Everybody is within a boat seeking to catch fish. Some have chummed the lake by pre-mailing an invite or special offer to encourage visitors to achieve their booth, some had show specials that encouraged a possible fence sitter to advance, plus some had the trout look, little idea what their purpose is at being there, but these people were from the fray none the less. I were stop by about fifty booths and speak together with the sales agents manning the turrets. Every printer extolled personal service, quality printing and quick turnaround, to some man. A few had other weapons like data merging for personalization or on-demand book making. Three devoted to intricate pop-ups or multi-dimensional products (which often I am highly intrigued) the other or two with interactive media. Ninety percent from the sales or marketing people I spoke with said the show was okay and they may be back buy. Many showed me business cards that they had wrested out on the hands of attendees and also a few were licking their wounds and swearing off this show with the forseeable future. What's a Samurai to Do? On-demand printing just isn't gonna disappear and if you possibly could’t give the half one million dollar system, partner which has a company which includes one. What can this ought to do with as a Samurai Salesperson? Well, on their behalf, these folks were fighting for business with all the weapons their superiors gave them, and several were simply not well-armed. Most these sales guys, however, had no weapons. Their superiors didn't comprehend the competition or that is a’s direction, or they decided that when they're able to’t print it, they won’t offer it, even with the peril of losing current accounts. This is mass suicide. On-demand printing isn't about to disappear and if you're able to’t spend the money for half millions of dollar system, partner having a company which has one. Not only would you like to be capable of offer options in your clients that could enable them to generate new company, you ought to train on this powerful weapon until you're proficient, even with it as being a prospecting tool to create new sales for offset products. It’s not too difficult anymore. In fact, from the hands of any trained Samurai, when needed personalized printing may be the deciding aspect in many a battle. For instance, despite the fact that I am primarily selling digital on-demand personalized products, I still give a lots of offset printing products. Wearing my printing broker hat, it really is my duty to recommend by far the most cost-efficient products to my clients. If they don’t realize a return through the project, I didn’t do my job well. The same should connect with offset printers. Can you undoubtedly afford to permit your customer determine at a competitor that personalized on-demand printing can solve some intricate emails projects within a very less expensive way? Do you want your customer to exchange completely to on-demand or would a structured phase-in operate in your behalf? If you polled your customers might you learn they want to use variable data digital printing for the point in which you may very well be competent to afford a lesser “green button” system? The Battle is Joined Sending within the salesforce and demanding which they sell on quality rather than versatility is suicide once they climb against a capable digital printer. Printers today, if they enjoy it you aren't, are engaged within a battle for business in a very steadily shrinking market. Just sending within the sales staff and demanding that they can sell on quality as opposed to versatility is suicide after they rise against a reliable digital printer. It’s time to consider a sensible take a look at where marketing and sales communications is certainly going and set yourself in their future. Or maybe hari kiri appeals to your account more. I have consulted with lots of printing sales agents and print shop owners within the last few year and also the consensus is definitely about nobody is using a good time of computer. The sales staff is frustrated, owners are nervous, and also the clients seem to get spending as little as it can be. The big projects are increasingly being out-sourced to foreign shops who compete much more about price than delivery times, but even that may be planned for within the program. Is there an alternative? Yes! Is it for everybody? No. While the market information shows that printers close their doors at the rate of virtually 20% each year, along with the print runs have diminished, the clientele still must communicate or they may cease to work. It seems people are seeking something to assist them market well and price-effectively. In most cases each to your creative firm to develop the material designed and written professionally. Most design firms and ad agencies need for being educated as for the proper blend of variable data digital and offset materials, knowning that could be your opportunity. I experienced amazing success to learn tips on how to marry the technologies and should you understand each technology’s place inside communications package, you may reap your great number of new company whilst keeping your overall customers happy. Do not ponder--strike now, the existing is pregnant with the long run, and yes it’s yours. Kashiko Marimashita. ,Box Printing cheap printing solutions

DonaldTal (199.168.---.---)2016-10-08 15:08

Quad/Graphics CEO Speaks Out about Book Platform Transformation, State from the Industry, Go-Forward Strategy packaging boxes tissue wrapping paper In recent weeks, readers have wanted industry demographics and a few prognostication about them. The data tables are below. But first, good info in regards to the data and where they are presented from. Get a solid coffee. ,Standard Register Q1: Cautious Optimism All Around, Transformation on Track Business scholars and marketing professionals have long argued that prices should reflect value. ,office products custom corrugated boxes

AlexeyCobby (145.255.---.---)2016-10-08 12:02

Недавно просматривал контент интернет, и неожиданно к своему восторгу обнаружил неплохой ресурс. Посмотрите: [url=]система автоматического полива[/url] . Для моих близких этот веб-сайт явился очень оригинальным. Удачи!

Michaeldrava (199.168.---.---)2016-10-08 11:48

Paul Woodward, Metals USA printing in china printing solutions By Frank Romano Published: February 27, 2009 ,VistaPrint Changes the Game. Again Augmented Reality: A New Reality for Print ,printing in china Office Supplies

DonaldJuilt (199.168.---.---)2016-10-07 22:22

Heidelberg's Jim Dunn Reports on State in the Business, drupa Expectations gift bags office equipment By Andrew Tribute Published: January 17, 2008 ,Photobooks 鈥?The Undiscovered Market “It’s really not too different compared to the signage that they’re already experts in,” said Ryan. “There’s new technology, you'll find more computers involved, but I’ve always found out that designing an attractive sign—the sort, the graphics, customized for specific cultures, the colors—that’s what’s difficult. That’s what necessitates the artistic eye and also the training. ,colored labels booklet printing

DonaldJuilt (199.168.---.---)2016-10-05 22:07

AIGA Designer Confidence Index office stationery custom packaging And now, it boasts a display: the Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo, a conference that drew about 2,500 attendees towards the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City on April 22 and 23. The program assessed 3D printing both to be a technology in addition to being a great investment opportunity, emphasizing its broad choice of applications for manufacturing, science, education, fashion, the arts, and in some cases the preparation of food (as elaborated from the session titled “Digital Cuisine: Bringing 3D Printing for the Cooking Realm”). ,New Xerox Versant 2100 Raises the Bar for Mid-Entry Digital Presses A printer in Indianapolis got such a wide format inkjet printer from your US subsidiary of an company headquartered in Europe, but manufactured in South Korea, with ink stated in China. ,cheap stationery business supplies

Ernestfoura (199.168.---.---)2016-10-01 19:49

The looming food crisis whole house water treatment whole house water filter SAS campaign director Andy Cummins said: It's vital that beach users know when raw sewage is inside sea and our alert service has proven to successfully influence beach users' behaviour. ,Beauty of Bali under threat from pressures of mass tourism But none of the companies contain the profiles (or money from) California residents Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel or Tim Cook; undertake and don't have half the hype of pie-in-sky Hyperloop 鈥?the crazy transportation indisputable fact that has the attention of multiple competing startups 鈥?self-driving cars or apps from the day like Meerkat. ,best water softner drinking water treatment?

Michaelfak (199.168.---.---)2016-10-01 15:32

10 of merely one Months of Increased Inflation-Adjusted US Commercial Printing Shipments Paper Gift Box Printing The Tipping Point: ,Fonts - The Final Frontier VI Printing and Flipbook Marketing ,Paper Gift Label Printing

MathewJuire (199.168.---.---)2016-09-28 08:39

The Hybrid drupa Box Printing print solutions Printers who had hoped to discover their industry rebound next year have was required to put their optimism on hold—again. Data through the continuously updated “Industry Snapshot” at WhatTheyThink’s Economics and Research Center tell a mostly disappointing tale of smaller shipments, less capacity utilization, and thinner staffing compared having a year ago. ,The Stronger Dollar... or Is It? Marketing Communications: Making Customers ,printing solutions Label Printing

loka (79.189.---.---)2010-09-14 09:57

Jestem w Orange i nigdy nie dostałam dodatkowych minut!Te całe promocje są przereklamowane!Odradzam!

kamil (83.23.---.---)2010-04-16 11:38

ja ugotowałem rosół, mowie wam jesc cudowny

Kasia (83.18.---.---)2010-03-18 12:42

Chyba jestem jedyną osobą zadowoloną z tej sieci. mam aktywowany masz za staż i jeszcze niezdazylo mi sie zeby nie dostala dodatkowych srodkow na konto. A dodatkowe smsy w orange misic tez dostaje regularnie i w sumie to czasem nie wiem co z nimi robic bo jest tyle. Kiedys bylam w plusie, tam mialam abonament, nic specjalnego, zadnych konkretnych promocji. a teraz mam zeta fona i jestem naprawde zadowolona

Janek (195.205.---.---)2010-01-24 02:37

Jestem w Orange ponad 3 lata.Od pewnego czasu nie dostaję konta promocyjnego.Doładowuję zwykle 2-3 razy w miesiącu po 25 zł.Wczoraj chciałem dostać za staż i zgodnie z instrukcją pani z telefonu wcisnąłem cyferkę.Tam powiedziało,że jeśli rezygnuję z promocji to mam wcisnąć 9,a jeśli anuluję to gwiazdkę.Wcisnąłem gwiazdę.0 promocji.Potem zadzwoniłem do operatora aby zasięgnąć informacji.Przez dłuższą chwilę słuchałem muzyki.Zrezygnowałem i nie zawiodłem się - musiałem,ja ich klient,zapłacić za koncert.Przeżyłem ponad pół wieku i czasem jestem mało sprytny przy nowoczesności.Czy może ktoś mi wyjaśnić co powinienem był zrobić?

ircia (212.49.---.---)2010-01-22 20:35

W zeszłym miesiącu powinnam dostać darmowe 30 min.nie dostałam! W tym 30 procent za staż.Tez nic. Ciekawe te promocje? Wysyłasz sms za 20 gr i dostajesz dopiero wtedy jak zadwonisz do Biura obsługi i zapłacisz następne 1zł. To jedno wielkie oszustwo!!!

0,29 groszy za minutę.
0,29 groszy za minutę. (188.33.---.---)2010-01-17 01:54

Nie piszcie że gdzieś jest lepiej bo wszyscy operatorzy mają mniej więcej takie same promocje jak by nie manipulowali tymi ofertami bonusami itd to gdy się porówna przeliczy wychodzi na to samo...

AAnulek (109.243.---.---)2010-01-09 17:07

Zgadzam się z tymi, którzy tkwią w Orange od wielu lat !!! ja po 10 latach nie czuję się \"dopieszczona\" :(( te promocje to żenada :( W zeszłym roku doładowałam za 50 ,bo w pomocjii miałam dostać 100%-i dostałam, ale co z tego, nie poinformowano mnie,że mam \"wygadać\" doładowanie w ciągu miesiąca, jeśli nie, przepada, bo dodatkowe minuty nie przechodzą na następny miesiąc...ot, takie małe NIEDOINFORMOWANIE w sms-ie od operatora !!! Właśnie mam zamiar przejść do konkurencji ! Pa, pa Orange !

Karol (194.152.---.---)2009-10-27 12:50

To ściema oczywiscie, bo nie mówią , ze kase dostajesz \"przy każdym następnym doładowaniu kwotą 25 zł i wyższą w ciągu maksimum 25 dni, dostaniesz 10, 20 lub 30% więcej\"czyli musisz doładowywać sie tak jakbyś miał abonament :D niech sie w d.. pocałują z taką promocją. FRAJERÓW SZUKAJĄ nie napisza nawet dokładnie na czym polega ta promocjha debile

rusek222 (83.29.---.---)2009-10-18 13:44

Konkretna lipa z tą promocją. Kur... człowiek wysyła SMS a gdzie moje 30% które miałem tak strasznie dostać??

michał (83.15.---.---)2009-07-18 15:41

nie dostałem 30%

michał (83.15.---.---)2009-07-18 15:40

gdzie jest moje 30% wysłałem sms i odpisali że jestem zajerestrowany ale nie doszło mi te 30%

michał (83.15.---.---)2009-07-18 15:38

nie dostałem 30%

domino (79.189.---.---)2009-06-22 06:56

gdzie 30% masz za staż zapomnieliscie??

danka (89.77.---.---)2009-06-18 16:06

gdzie moje 30% masz za staż zapomnieliscie??

grzesiek PLUS
grzesiek PLUS (77.113.---.---)2009-06-05 21:30

Myslę, że powinno się wprowadzić więcej pakietów z sms do wszystkich albo minutami do wszystkich, bo raczej mniej osób posiada ORANGE niż innych operatorów. Ja pozostaję w Plusie bo jest nas najwięcej!!!

jola (213.158.---.---)2009-06-01 15:04

do play najlepiej, super stawki i jakie telefony

krys (89.228.---.---)2009-05-24 12:05

Jestem w Orange od3lat ,no i o wszystkim Niestety muszę albo wyczytać ,albo znajomi podpowiedzą...tak nie traktuje się "WIERNYCH"!!!!.Czyli konkluzja taka :o ile Moderatorzy czytają Nasze pisanie,myślę ,że dbając o klienta winni bynajmiej tym z ponad rocznym stażem "łaskawie" 'smsa podesłać.pozdro dla Wszystkich

Aleksio (89.78.---.---)2009-04-07 18:53

To coś kosztuje??

tolek (81.190.---.---)2009-03-30 09:40

do plusa tam są najlepsze promocje i wybór telefonów

Wojewoda Zbigniew
Wojewoda Zbigniew (195.189.---.---)2009-01-07 11:42

mam ten numer od czterech lat

Wojewoda Zbigniew
Wojewoda Zbigniew (195.189.---.---)2009-01-07 11:40

Czy mogę wziąść jakiś aparat w tej promocj

megatt (91.94.---.---)2008-10-15 21:21

Kanciarze i tyle ..Jestem w idea a teraz orange 8 lat ..Nie zrobili nic aby jakoś zachęcić do korzystania z ich uslug...Ich dewiza to -PŁAC..Mam u nich neta bezprzewodowego .Straszna lipa a jedyne co im wychodzi to przypominanie o zapłaceniu rachunku...

Rycho. (83.230.---.---)2008-09-24 19:25

Popieram Vampiego bo od samego poczatku jestem w pop a potem Orange i nic się nie robi aby bardziej zachęcić do korzystania z tej sieci,ulgi i jeszcze raz ulgi!!!!!!!!!!!

Johi (195.34.---.---)2008-09-11 13:19

i juz nie ma tej promocji

koles ktory opuszcza orange
koles ktory opuszcza orange (83.168.---.---)2008-08-30 16:02

ta "promocja" to zwykla lipa bo jest ileś procednt więcej ale... jeśli się doładuje za ileć co 2 miesiące. to po prostu pieprzony abonament a nie jakaś promocja

Vampir (83.5.---.---)2008-07-29 18:05

Nędzna promocja dla tych co rozmawiają mało lu średnio. Jestem w Orange już z 6 lat (karta) i stwierdzić muszę,że nie robi się nic dla ludzi z naprawde długimi stażami w Orange. Mógłby ktoś pomyśleć o nas bo naprawdę stawki jakie obowiązują nie są najatrakcyjniejsze i ja osobiście jestem zawiedziony.