Zabawa promocyjna Orange "Tajemnicze kody"

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Zabawa promocyjna Orange "Tajemnicze kody"

2011-04-27 Zabawa promocyjna Orange "Tajemnicze kody"

Orange przygotowało ciekawą zabawę promocyjną dla swoich użytkowników na kartę.

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W jej ramach Orange będzie publikowało w tajemnicze kody. Publikowane są one na stronie internetowej operatora oraz koncie na Facebook. Po zdobyciu kodów i przesłaniu SMS-em pod bezpłatny numer 80101 można otrzymać gratisowe pakiety minut i SMS-ów.

Użytkownik może skorzystać z danego kodu tylko raz, jednak kody można przekazywać innym osobom. Po ich zastosowaniu otrzymają one także bonus.

Tajemnicze kody:

  • na środę 2011-04-27: W9GTH33 - po wysłaniu na pod bezpłatny numer 80101 otrzymuje się 15 minut do wykorzystania w Orange, pakiet jest ważny 4 dni,
  • na czwartek 2011-04-28: SM4F4F - po wysłaniu na pod bezpłatny numer 80101 otrzymuje się 15 SMS-ów wymiennych na MMS-y do Orange, bonus jest ważny 2 dni.

Zabawa promocyjna "Tajemnicze kody" trwać będzie do 15 maja 2011 roku.

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Nicky Milner and Marie Poppy, - Que-Net Media Custom Labels publish books Another U.S. debut at Print 13 was HP’s Latex 3000, an extremely versatile industrial-scale 126-inch-wide high-volume printer. HP also debuted—for your very first time anywhere—the recently announced HP Designjet Z5400 PostScript ePrinter. The Z5400 is really a two-roll, 44-inch-wide device designed for copy shops and small quick printers who ought to print posters, photos, canvases, backlit prints, indoor signs, POS/POP displays, line drawings, and maps. The Z5400 includes HP’s Multi-Dimensional Smart Drop Placement Technology, that offers increased quantities of color accuracy allowing print agencies to match customers who say “we'd like it amazing and that we need it now,” said Brandon Harrop, art director of Layton, Utah’s Express Imaging. Free: On Demand 2004 鈥?Is 鈥淭hat Old Feeling鈥?Coming Back? 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In case you may’t allow it to be, there are a few key themes which will emerge. ,cheap business cards publish your own book EFI had also launched a spate of new services at FESPA, and these were making their North American debut on the Sign Expo, including the 3.2-meter EFI VUTEk LX3 Pro hybrid roll/flatbed LED inkjet printer, the EFI Quantum LXr LED roll-to-roll printer, along with the EFI VUTEk FabriVU 340 3.4-meter disperse dye-sublimation printer, among the initial fruits of EFI’s Reggiani acquisition. Several reached have a look at the modern facility and learn more by what this new facility and O’Neil can provide their businesses. Many of which have very data heavy applications for both print and digital communications. Among those involved with attendance would be a contingency from Humana and WellCare Health Plans. Because of the expertise in data management along with their IT competency, O’Neil is capable to give a wide selection of services to the telltale forms of customers with higher data demands. Getting Personal , But the 9240 only agreed to be part from the 9000 family news in Poing. Océ also announced a tremendous speed upgrade on the 9210, which are now able to stream out black-only pages on the rate of a,350 a minute. This is definitely slightly faster than the business's own VarioStream 7650, which can be widely employed in transactional print environments. Yet, as you move the speeds could be similar, the machines are definitely more complimentary than competitive. For comparison, the 7000 is often a family of merely one-color simplex printers that can offer duplex, MICR and highlight color printing via twin or triplex configurations, but will not give a pathway to full color. The 9000 line features single pass duplexing, a migration road to color, and rolling around in its Graphic Arts Plus configuration, delivers good quality images for publishing applications. It was that quality that enticed Lightning Source to acquire 15 9210s, with another four likely to become shipped when a brand new facility occurs line. WTT: What is Xerox showing at Print 05? Adding metallic highlights to print deepens emotional response and stimulates purchasing behavior, said Markus Hoffmann, second in command of sales. Kurz provides hot-and cold-foiling solutions directed at making metal decoration practical for luxury and mass-market applications including folding cartons, cigarette packs, labeling, and books and magazines. ,mailing labels christmas gift wrap Valuation Multiple By Harvey Hirsch can be covering drupa 2008 together with the best editorial team within the business. Each day we'll offer you our tackle what we should see, hear and learn at the most important print show within the planet. Our team this season includes Adam Dewitz, Cary Sherburne, Jean Marie Hershey, Pat Henry, and this writer, along which has a few appearances by Barb Pellow and Andy Tribute. And Frank Romano's ship has appear in so he are going to be getting a hiatus through the good life aboard the planet-circling Queen Vic to take his inimitable perspectives to the coverage. Meanwhile inside our studio, Eric Vessels and Steve Gray will probably be handling videotaping and production tasks and obtaining the latest video standing on line as quickly as you possibly can. ,

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Customer Focused, Not Process Focused: Donald Roland, Chairman & CEO, Vertis 锘?a href=>book printing label stickers This would be the second year for Consolidated Graphics (CGX) emerge conference. This is really a fantastic event, which I had the pleasure of attending this coming year. The nearly 500 CGX customers who attended came to master about new technology, new processes and turn into current together with the trends inside a dynamic environment. By Cary Sherburne Published: July 29, 2011 32 ,Dear Mr. Educator, I Need Your Help Taking Aim with Direct Mail, Part 2 A Stress-Busting Attitude By Dr. Joe Webb Published: September 5, 2003 ,gift boxes gift wrapping supplies May 25, 2005 -- Brad Lena brings a significant perspective to your discussion. And we've many points of agreement. The point that Those print providers who survive the continued shake out should have less resemblance thus to their industry forefathers as they may, of necessity, be conversant in most digitally driven communications makes absolute sense. But, as they also correctly suggests, perform possess a basic difference that they clearly articulates. He says that personally, printing. . .exists merely to facilitate a transaction. In this instance, a transaction is defined as being a sale, a request, a phone call, an internet hit, a reservation/registration, etc. There's undoubtedly during my mind that organizations which could effectively deliver mail/web integrated programs, especially with personalized URLs, will solve a pressing problem with the direct marketing industry. And as always, practical answers to practical problems cause success. But I question the long-term sustainability on the direct marketing industry to use present form. An industry that will think of it as a roaring success when 97 to 94 percent of their product goes directly to the waste stream will not be sustainable within the long run. The exception is transactional printing based marketing. The statements are going anyway. Everyone examines their statement. It's the right time and energy to make a deal. Even though printed statements and invoices are decreasing, the probabilities are that not many of which go into the waste stream. To me that's sustainable. Some on the latest buzz inside advertising world seems to get about building communities of interested buyers. And you'll find some folks in existence who're claiming 70 percent response rates to ultra-targeted micro programs of lumpy mail. If those numbers can scale, natural meats sometimes be on something. But on the whole, will even ultra-targeted mailings really compete using the transactional flexibility with the internet? But you take into account some non-transactional top reasons to print. The future looks bright. Some from the latest buzz inside the advertising world seems being about building communities of interested buyers. In that context, event marketing is receiving serious interest and budget. I think the advertising information mill proclaiming that brands are made within communities. And brands you have to be important, not less, in the whole world of transparent product information. We all should perform some hard thinking with what print can perform much better than whatever else. What better strategy to leverage the neighborhood building effects of your event as compared to follow-up personalized print items? Think from the charity dinner. A week as soon as the dinner each participant gets the sunday paper, with herself and her friends within the cover. And naturally, the personalized URL follow-up for that continuing conversation. Now that's cool and may stop easily replicated in other media. My argument is always that all of us should perform some hard thinking with what print can perform greater than everything else. And dependant on those understandings, give people access to your tools which allow the crooks to fit print into a persistantly changing communications matrix. Michael Josefowicz Special Projects Director Communication Design Department Parsons School of Design wallcoverings And the manager with this department is to blame for creating and implementing each of the components. In fact, I feel that your profits manager must provide Structure, Support and Accountability for your sales program and purchasers team. If you acknowledge these requirements I think you may also agree your typical sales agent or maybe your superstars are almost certainly not eligible (experience, etc.) or suitable (behavioral competence, soft skills) to fill this location. Now in the event you have a fantastic sales management system set up and you would like someone to handle the body, you may introduce a less experienced sales director (behaviorally suitable because of this position but lacking experience) to look at charge. However, if there isn't system constantly in place, you will demand someone that will design and implement a good sales management system together with coaching your profits staff. This gets a real recruiting challenge, and for that record, sales managers that carry a sizable book of business will typically spend their quality time managing their business (and growing it) rather than building your general sales program. , As drupa 2004 approaches, The answers to this particular analysis determine what sort of document/form is needed. Once this is finished along with the document/form owner supplies this content, the following step is design. Operations, focused on improving operations and technical knowledge with fresh, cutting-edge material designed to help improve profits and efficiencies; ,label stickers publishing companies “In a reaction to customer pressure, manufacturers allow us fully automatic machines,” says Kai Büntemeyer, CEO of Kolbus. “But these are certainly not generally utilized to modernise traditional, manual production processes.. “Machine development just has reached a ceiling to your extent how the machines is not automated any longer by themselves. There remains a lot of potential where machine users are worried.” The way these products exist today is extremely market-specific. We'll keep have different names for him or her, determined by the market industry into which we're also selling. But the finish users will start to view more plus much more benefits by us leveraging the growth with the underlying Web technology. Economic Roundup, Optimized Businesses, Dr. Joe's Inbox, and Deficits are Good? , 锘?

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Plan for the Culture of Continuous Process Improvement in 2015 custom labels quality office supplies So we came up with this industry term, “marketing service provider” to mention where you would like to turn out. Yet, we failed to see where you were beginning with as well as the steps required for one to evolve coming from a manufacturing focused business (very internally focused) with a sales and solution business (very externally focused). Being a great print manufacturer will not set you up to get an excellent marketing services provider – they're the truth is unique skills as well as mindsets. During the decades when print was dominate; the market needed a lot of great print manufacturers. Now that print is a of many alternatives, the market industry wants externally facing businesses that are focused more on his or her customer’s business than their unique. Wide Format Graphics: A Critical Part from the Communications Mix Providing complex packaged solutions from skill level to price points offers the very best section of chance of our company. For firms that need to succeed and not commoditized, that they need to evolve to meet up with the customers can use' needs. Companies which might be courageous, which can be innovative which provide turnkey, scalable solutions for customers, will recognize the very best opportunities inside long term. ,Goldman Sachs; Your Company's Financial Performance; Lack of Data Myth By WhatTheyThink Staff Published: September 12, 2003 You really cannot expect the proposal itself in order to complete the sales process. This is frustrating for salespeople to hear when a lot effort is required to develop a strong comprehensive proposal. But it is a true statement. There isn't good substitute for any presentation for the work group that is certainly going to make the last buying decision. In the duration of a huge selection of articles, interviews, white papers, case studies, and columns we've looked over variable data, wide format, book production, transactional print, direct mail, and even more --and seen how each application has expanded and the way some --trans-promo, web-to-print, books, and direct mail, continue driving a lot of pages towards the digital print engines of Canon, Epson, HP-Indigo, Kodak, Konica Minolta, Nipson, Océ, Ricoh, Xerox, and Xeikon. As the washing machine found homes in a very various environments, digital printing became a mainstream technology. We are very mindful it will not replace offset for most applications (no less than not really), but attractive many successful print providers today and you also're likely to seek out one or even more digital print engines operating a assortment of jobs and adding towards the main point here with the shop. ,office products custom gifts By WhatTheyThink Staff Published: February 4, 2004 By Gail Nickel-Kailing Published: December 2, 2003 BO-IBM: One big trend is digital finishing equipment becoming newer. I mean the actual way it takes information in and converts it into useful information and the way it reports information back. For example, with inserting equipment. There will not be the one which cannot inform you what number of sheets are printed, what number of sheets are discarded. You get an entire report. This is really a huge degree of sophistication which 10 a long time ago didn't happens to inserting. Another example is perfect binding. The Müller Martini Amigo, by way of example, automatically knows the thickness in the covers as well as the desired finishing size, checks the top's against received information and decides to marry them. Five in the past that didn't exist. Another advance may be the Stralfors cutter with controls for troubleshooting right within the screen with pictures. , We have selected three target areas for focus. All in our investments are inclined into those three segments and investments are taken from other parts. For example, we've divested a $700 million investment in remote sensing technology that's not core. We have been a pacesetter in digital printing since 2000 if we purchased our first digital press, an Indigo Omnius Webstream. We initially centered on pressure sensitive and cut-and-stack labels for small customers, including retail florists, wine, and specialty foods. As digital technologies evolved, we expanded our business structure to support large healthcare clients with just-in-time plan to eliminate inventory and obsolescence. Our early efforts to push the limits of digital printing included late-stage customization for folding cartons with your proprietary hybrid process, combining offset folding cartons and digital labels. As Impact begun to shift from toner-based production to full color inkjet-based production, it absolutely was confronted with the many technological and process challenges that can come using the transition to full-color inkjet printing. The Canon TrueSupport program helped the corporation to understand these challenges and significantly accelerated the training curve for Impact. Through this system, Impact gained entry to a large range of services that ensured a quick and smooth transition process. A highlight of those services was Applied Inkjet Color (AIC) training, a 5-day interactive course that covers a number of color management concepts. Additional services included application on-boarding and testing, operator training, and media testing. ,christmas gift wrap label stickers Atypical of contemporary flexo presses is Mark Andy’s servo-driven 430mm width series, having a running speed of 230m / min and claimed to get profitable for jobs right down to 800 linear feet. Setting within the print station takes 35 seconds, with press operators regularly competent to upload four separate jobs in below six minutes. Also boosting enough time to advertise capability of many narrow web flexo systems incl. Performance is the common inclusion valueable-added decoration, die cutting along with other process stations in-line. At Print05 I was highly impressed using the Screen Truepress Jet520 digital press. While this is just not going to be presented inside world’s markets between one full year, it shows the task ahead from drop at will technology. This reel fed printer can operate fully color with a speed in far more than 400 A4 (letter) pages/min through an good quality. No doubt which has a second linked print engine it is going to be employed in duplex mode at double that speed. This printer uses print heads from Seiko Epson, the biggest manufacturer of piezo drop at the moment heads within the world. At drupa we were treated to the astonishing Riso HC5000 sheet fed press running at 105 A4 (letter) pages/min with average quality using Toshiba Tec heads. I believe that has a year we have been likely to view presses having a similar or faster speed greater quality at a variety of companies, probably including Agfa, using print heads from Spectra or Xaar. Recently HP launched their new scaleable print architecture thermal drop at will print heads that happen to be very quickly operating. I would not surprised to view HP, possibly through their Scitex Vision subsidiary, having a fast printer with your heads. We also can see Scitex Vision using confirmed to announced 2 nd generation Aprion piezo heads in this type of product. Kappa Media Group, the publishing arm of centa-millionaire Nicholas Karabot’s Pennsylvania-based business empire, has doubled down on its investments inside printing industry using the acquisition of Vanguard Printing in Ithaca, New York. Vanguard is really a web and sheetfed offset printing company having a target printing specialty magazines, in addition to catalogs and books. The acquisition adds significant printing ability to Karabots’ portfolio including Kappa Graphics, a similarly equipped printing company located in northeast Pennsylvania, not faraway from Ithaca. ,

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An American Journalist in Cuba cheap office supplies paper box There's an appealing idea: a standard communication plan. Other responses also indicate that insufficient communications routinely allows intends to die out after their launch. ,Metadata: Can I obtain that in a Greek salad? Yet somehow, these never-say-die entrepreneurs kept their doors open, their press time mostly booked, their employees paid, their customers happy, along with their pugnacious chins up - before grim event that suddenly the viability of these entire industry into question. ,small packaging boxes self adhesive labels Another key group of an individual to get on a similar page may be the sales guys. There should become a plan, Williams says, for retaining the organization's top producers to ensure it isn't lured to jump ship once the sale is announced. On another hand, a pending sale should become the moment of truth for reps whose weak performance justifies a choice to permit them go. ,printing on tissue paper label stickers

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JDF: Where Are We Now? custom office supplies christmas wrapping At exactly the same time, he noted, individuals are realizing which it's really not only about printing. Andy Paparozzi Economist at NAPL] says that putting marks in some recoverable format was in trouble. Print providers really ought to position themselves to be inside the communications business. And people are receiving this message. When we talk directly to them they can be asking the appropriate questions and making the hardware and software selections that help them to go for the next phase. ,The Pluses and Minuses of Inkjet ROI Diagram #1 shows both the tools – your Differentiating StrategySM and also your Unifying Business IdeaSM – as well as the final factor to align your business to a new focus. ,boxes and packaging commercial office supplies Flexo’s long runs, however, yield lower margins than short runs on the Xeikon equipment. It’s difficult for the Mannings to state which process is “better” from your strictly business standpoint; whatever they do know is the fact that they need both capabilities to keep their clients happy. ,christmas gift wrap boxes modern office supplies

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FREE: First Take at On Demand: Same Stuff, Different Show? Not Really banner office supplies gift bags There are 3,500 paper manufacturers all above the country with 780,000 employees (during which, foreign invested enterprises are 280, using 8.1%, but occupy 30% with the total sales revenue, profit and tax). In 2002, manufacture of paper and cardboard reached 37.8 million tons, an elevated of 18% above the previous 2001 as well as the total production value reached 139.8 billion RMB --an expansion of 16% within the previous year, while imported paper and cardboard reached about six million tons. In 2006, China was the 2nd largest producer of paper inside world! By, 2010 China are going to be the greatest producer of paper from the world with rapid growth for at the least 20 years as much as 2030. ,What They Think in regards to the ONDEMAND Show, Views from Attendees Search for Xerox from the industry's largest archive! ,children's book publishers reliable office supplies online Later last year, InfoTrends are going to be releasing a Multi-Client Report entitled The Document Outsourcing Evolution. In conducting this research, we surveyed in excess of 350 print buyers using the objective of providing the details that document services providers require to higher serve their existing markets, grow share, and successfully target new opportunities. This study examines 7 key vertical markets, including Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Telecommunications and Utilities, Retail and Wholesale, and Legal. ,christmas gift bags office supply storage

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鈥淩ecession, Schmecession,鈥?says EFI鈥檚 Guy Gecht wholesale gift wrap how to self publish a book Colter & Peterson introduced the Prism-HPM and Saber lines to your international market at drupa. Built for heavy use, the 45-, 54-, and 65-inch Saber paper cutters have chrome-coated cast-iron side tables with low-pressure air control to avoid rust. Prism-HPM paper cutters, easily obtainable in 30-, 36-,45- and 54-inch formats, feature the Microcut makeready console. An active matrix touchscreen guides the operator through all operations and collects live system data. ,Looking Ahead in 2004 By Patrick Henry Published: October 11, 2012 ,wholesale stationery gift wrap bags

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The North American Commercial Digital Display Market: The Narrowcasting Advantage 锘?a href="">printing services Office Supplies Developing an arranged, proactive recruiting process which includes testing ,Workflow War The diversion of capital to mergers and clear of new production investment means how the equipment market might are the last to improve as merged companies cherry pick their combined equipment bases, delaying the advantages of investment, inadvertently making nokia's less competitive with digital communications. ,printing solutions Paper Gift

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Water companies withholding sewage data for nearly 2,000 outfalls water filter company drinking water A polynya from the coast of Antarctica, near Ross Island and McMurdo Station. Persistent regions of open water amid sea ice are called polynyas. Often the result in the upwelling of warm ocean water, polynyas also can result from winds. The polynya was likely a result of katabatic winds, which derive their name from the Greek term for 'descent' ,Flint's water crisis: what went wrong CLA President Harry Cotterell said: There are around 40,000 private water supplies serving one million rural homes and businesses including fisheries and h2o for livestock. But government has not accounted of those when making contingency plans for your drought.Some private users are able to modify over with a public water supply when bore holes and springs dry out. This will cause an unexpected rise in demand using areas but the impact on the water infrastructure network has become overlooked.He added: The Environment Agency, water companies, local authorities and also the Drinking Water Inspectorate must work more closely together to make certain these private users have adequate access to water for domestic and commercial use. Otherwise they might be left without supply throughout the drought. ,best water purifier reverse osmosis water filter

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Newspapers Outsourcing Production: Is This an Escalating Trend? business equipment wholesale office supplies In another juicy quote from your book, Bala Iyer and Thomas H. Davenport wrote inside the Harvard Business Review, “Everything google does extends its reach. It is informational kudzu.” ,Reader Feedback VDP and Designers Living with My iPad ,gift wrapping supplies product labels

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Fire and water 鈥?how global warming is making weather more extreme and costing us money shower filter house water filter For to much time, since original Tory privatisations, the argument has become bargain-basement stuff. It's always raining in Britain, so how can they charge a lot for it? Why does the cost go up or over? Why don't they certainly something about leaking pipes? ,Drought, pandemic and waste mountains - a future that science may help us avoid The Mediterranean is generally considered a hotspot along with the models project strong increases in drought conditions there. But where exactly the European] belt is, I don鈥檛 think might be quantified, he was quoted saying. ,reverse osmosis water filter system best water filter system

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As Publication Markets Decline, SAPPI Steps Up Its Profile in Packaging printed boxes banner printing Among other destinations for expo attendees are: ,Year/Year US Gross Domestic Product How have magazines changed throughout the last a decade? Dr. Joe examines subscription circulation, ad pages, postal shipments and weight, and the things they show with this critical segment of our own industry. ,sticker labels children's book publishers

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Printing around the High Seas print solutions 锘?a href="">printing services Using PRINERGY Workflow, one multinational direct-selling consumer company who makes packaging and purchases literature in-house leveraged the automation to lessen turnaround from approved artwork to its print supplier from three weeks to 3 days by reduction of steps, saving $375,000 annually. ,Latest Inflation Multipliers Has achieved 500 awards inside last several years ,Office Supplies 锘?a href="">printing services

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Beyond Customer Service 鈥?How in case you develop customer centric products? cheap printing solutions packaging boxes With all from the furor from the printing industry about color production inkjet printing that has been building considering that the so-called “inkjet drupa” in 2008, Hudson Printing identified ten companies that either had or planned to bring to market soon a production inkjet press, narrowing the field to 5 players that Hudson felt were viable partners. While some of those five had great products, Hudson felt that HP was the top choice because the only company that manufactured all with the technology itself—print heads, software drivers, and ink. ,King Printing: At the Finish Line Walking the talk ,Box Printing printing solutions

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Who Bears the Brunt of Bad Forecasting? Rarely the Forecasters! printed boxes postcard printing VDP: Is the Message Finally Getting Through? ,FREE Publishing Market of 2014, Inflation Adjusted Shipments, and Bad Forecasting Special Feature Consumer Trends Can Spark Big Ideas for Digital Printers by Kevin Joyce ( ,stationery wholesalers home office supplies

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Reinventing The Print Business Model printing in china Label Printing Robert Keane will be the president and CEO of VistaPrint, the business he founded in Paris, France in 1995. VistaPrint began as being a direct marketer of small enterprise desktop publishing software and consumables, and from 1998 onward expanded into its well-known success in Internet-based business graphic design and printing. More recently, VistaPrint moved into additional markets that support small company brand building and marketing, for instance promotional gifts, websites, signage, creative services and custom apparel. VistaPrint’s revenues exceeded $400M within the last fiscal year, with company operations in seven countries and customers served in 120 countries. ,June Summary of Leading Indicators Dustin Graupman may be the Vice President, General Manager in the Ink Jet Business within the Graphic Communications Business Group at Xerox. He is liable for Marketing, Business Management and Go to Market for those Xerox Ink Jet product offerings. ,Paper Gift Book Printing

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On Top of New Media: Bob Lieber, CEO, LLKFB - a subsidiary of Omnicom print solutions printing solutions As visitors walked the bottom and visited equipment suppliers' booths when it reaches this year's Graph Expo, they found software partners that have been well positioned to provide integrated transpromotional solutions. ,Change in Total Employment, March vs. April 1990-2009, US Commercial Printing Inflation is Here and Don't We All Know It ,Label Printing Paper Gift

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Updating the Road Warrior鈥檚 Toolkit label printing business card printing By WhatTheyThink Staff Published: February 28, 2003 ,An Interview with Jim Dunn, President of Heidelberg USA Part 2 By Pete Rivard ,stationery office supplies office supply set

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Free Special: WhatTheyThink from Toronto: Oh, Canada, Oh Canada label printing sticker printing Is industry size opportunity sufficient to control raise the risk for many involved? ,Books Are Going Mobile! GGI, that is located in Ontario, CA, also exhibited at this current year’s Graphics from the Americas all of which will play in the Florida show’s 2011 edition in February. A get back to Chicago for Graph Expo 2011 is planned, Tweten says. ,self adhesive labels office items

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Visions of Graph Expo printing in china print solutions You'll be amazed the length of time the full stomach gets into building employee loyalty. ,The New Technology Option List Surviving and prospering in the recession ,Paper Gift packaging boxes

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Experts with the Past vs. a Vision to the Future clear labels business card printing IPEX 2014 Review ,September Print Buyer Pulse Index: Stable Outlook, Waiting for any Turn Some of these are in connection with customers’ perceptions with the newly merged company, and a number of them stem through the challenges of bringing two formerly separate businesses together. For example, notes Reilly, in tuck-ins where all production continues to be transferred to your buyer’s plant, the newest arrangement could possibly be an uneasy one for a lot of customers. ,shipping boxes gift wrapping

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Get Used to Hearing It: Label Printing Office Supplies Software ,Yves Rogivue is Chief Executive Officer of MAN Roland Inc. By Susan Kelly May 1, ,Office Supplies packaging boxes

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Future-cast: New Directions for Digital Print Book Printing Label Printing By Jeannette McMurtry November 8, ,Web Strategy vs. Web Technology Printers' capabilities are primarily determined through the equipment they've got. Unless you've got a complete appreciation of the items all kinds of printing equipment can perform, you may't match a career using a particular printing firm. ,print solutions Book Printing

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FREE Special - TrendVision: An Interesting Beginning for the New Year printing in china print solutions The Adobe/FedEx Kinko’s deal isn’t going being the very last time a vendor does something to upset printers. And you should expect Congress or perhaps your state legislature to take into account changes that won’t be on the interest of printers. The sole method printers can safeguard themselves is always to join friends that is representative of the interests of printers. You may find this voice with printing associations. The discounts and educational programming are only an additional benefit to the printing industry speaking a single voice towards the world. ,How Print Buyers Manage Internal and External Printing Canada’s National Post, a 200,000 circulation daily newspaper, initiated a policy of placing ScanLife codes on some print stories so readers will use their handsets to adhere to developing news coverage from your newspaper’s Web site. ,print solutions printing solutions

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Economic Roundup, How The Other Three-Quarters Live, and Dr. Joe's Inbox label printing publish your own book Web-to-Print Goes Global ,Burton vs. Creo, Burton vs. Cenveo, now Burton vs. Banta: Will History Repeat Itself because the Juggernaut Keeps Rolling? So, How Was it For You? ,quality office supplies round stickers

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Darwin Was Right: The Digital Print Evolution Continues custom printed boxes publish your own book Bookmark everything you could possibly need to show inside a demo, never be guessing a URL throughout a demonstration. In fact have multiple tabs open within your browser and ready to switch the signal from prior to the demonstration begins. Do not waste another of the prospects time. Have your login and passwords ready, ask them to already entered. Nobody needs to view that your particular system can certainly authenticate an individual. If part of one's demonstration involves uploading data (e.g. for placement into a personalised product), please don’t upload a random picture of your dog right into a business document or even a cute picture of one's child onto a small business card. Use relevant graphics, documents, category names, everything like it’s the real thing. Do not dive into file directories on your harddrive randomly trying to find folders; we are all curious people trying to find weird or embarrassing stuff on your computer – don’t provide us with that opportunity and distract us throughout the sales call. ,Transforming and Automating Workflows: Web to Print or getting work into the plant EngageIT XMedia, a cross-media marketing strategy workflow solution. We will take care of this inside a future article. ,custom sticker printing large roll wrapping paper

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Contrary to Reports, Ferrostaal Continues to Operate in North America; Relationship with Ryobi Remains Intact packaging boxes cheap printing solutions PAF Gala Fetes GALA Recipients ,"How Valuation Answers the Question, ""What Is Your Printing Company Worth?""" Lets face the facts, obviously any good highly commoditized product can simply be screwed up. We’ve all ordered business cards online that arrived looking less than as we had anticipated, even by having an online proof. We all love the simplicity of web-to-print and automation, nonetheless it’s not a blunder-free solution. ,printing solutions Book Printing

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Commerical Printing Shipments, 2002 vs. 2007 how to publish a book office supply set The structure that emerges should have two major groups. There is going to be, for the while, one third group that could eventually blend in to the other two groups. I will say read more about that group in the minute. ,Figuring Paper Weight can be a Heavy Duty In my last article, we looked over Cross Media Campaign Production solutions that really help drive print production. While it created many discussion, for by far the most part it wasn't about the need for the solutions. The general sense on the comments were concerning the confusion inside categorization in the style of solutions discussed. Were we talking about Marketing Campaign solutions or Cross Media Campaign Production solutions? Of course, at some level it is really a semantic issue since final result was to attain bavarian motor works logo that has a message across different channels. However, this just isn't the sole time we've got found ourselves with this similar position using the confusion of any solution defined using a marketing term that could have different meanings to various vendors and print carrier's networks. ,office items shipping label

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Breakthrough Technology from Heidelberg Checks Color on Every Sheet, Hastening the Advent of Full CIM Capability for Offset Litho Production Label Printing Box Printing I’ve tried a lot of project management software including however, not tied to Asana, SmartSheet, Trello, I keep coming back to Basecamp as it usually function as only one our customers will adopt. Basecamp is only a set of To-Do’s that it is possible to assign to the people, discuss, debate, and then eventually complete. It is not hard by design. You ought not need to train anyone to use it. You can simply invite them plus they for one of the most part figure against each other. We have experienced Basecamp projects that included over twenty people from three continents. ,Cadmus creates a fresh business structure for printers: Bruce V. Thomas, President and CEO Printable continues being one in the most economic methods for printers to type in the Internet storefront market. With its ASP model, a base implementation fee of your few thousand dollars and monthly charges just $250, Printable carries on inside the ante with regard to features and functionality. And with this past year’s acquisition from the DL Formatter line from Datalogics, Printable is helping the integration of variable data capabilities in their Fusion product too. According to Coleman Kane, Printable’s President & CEO, “We have the framework on the Datalogics products and created next-generation applications offering so considerably more. FusionPro 3.0 offers new, modern-day tools for document designers that permit for better power over copy fitting and treatments for dynamic variable text from the document.” Also live at On Demand due to its first public showing is Printable’s integration with Accudata, an inventory consolidator, allowing users to punch out of Printable, buy and qualify lists, then bring them retrieve in the Printable catalog for being merged with existing templates, previewed, priced and ordered. Kane adds, “This is often a big win. So a number of customers have already been asking due to this capability and were really excited being showing it at On Demand.” ,Paper Gift print solutions

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CPI 鈥?Turning a Vision to Reality 锘?a href="">printing services Paper Gift If all politics is local, precisely the same does work on the work done with the printing industry鈥檚 regional trade associations. The executive directors of three PIA regional affiliates discuss where did they bring grass-roots insight to your universal challenges of trade association management. ,Success and Excellence in Your Company (Part 1) By Ed Crowley, Photizo Group ,packaging boxes Label Printing

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Do You Have a Customer Service Strategy? print solutions Office Supplies Some B2B salespeople I encounter baffle me. My work brings dozens ones across my path annually. There鈥檚 a significant segment who claim they can desire and expect productive careers but who show hardly any symbol of purchasing themselves. I don鈥檛 get it. ,Ho, Ho, Ho鈥?Greeting Cards for the Go! Beyond Textiles ,Paper Gift printing solutions

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"Putting the Finishing ""Takes"" for the Print Buyer Oasis Conference" color printing service small packaging boxes Conducted by Molly Joss October 25, 2002 -- Elixir Technologies Corporation creates and installs digital printing and publishing solutions that allow customers to personalize documents and re-use legacy data. We asked Dianne Merzel, the corporation’s Sr. Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing to inform us just a little about what the business will probably be showing at XPLOR. WTT: Dianne, before we get started, please give us a quick description of one's company. Dianne Merzel: Founded in 1985, Elixir Technologies Corporation is a leading developer of digital printing and publishing solutions for print, archival systems and also the Internet. Elixir’s integrated software products have over 30,000 installations in 70 countries, predominantly in industries like insurance, banking, billing, healthcare, education, government and manufacturing. Elixir’s expertise with document composition, print stream conversion, and resource management is constantly drive advanced solutions for improving communications between businesses as well as their customers. WTT: Your company recently signed a contract with IBM. Please give us some details products the agreement entails. Dianne Merzel: Elixir and IBM signed an advertising and marketing agreement that enables IBM to trade Elixir products worldwide. Elixir software will give you IBM customers with easily solutions when coming up with, managing, editing and converting document resources and applications. Customers will make use of Elixir’s visual design environment that simplifies the work of producing AFP documents. WTT: What have your clients been saying for your requirements about how exactly the economy has affected them? Dianne Merzel: Customers are looking for any rapid ROI on any new IT solutions which are purchased. Elixir solutions increase productivity and provide a cost-effective strategy for customer communications. This has increased the demand especially for our legacy to Web solutions. Being in a position to preserve their investment in legacy systems while migrating to online viewing of documents is vital to many people of our own customers. WTT: Your company is targeted on helping customers make essentially the most in the resources they have got. What advice and/or aid are you giving your visitors in light of the troubled times? Dianne Merzel: Increasing customer retention by improving communications with the client base is surely an important strategy for boosting profits. All communications needs to be personalized and can include targeted messages show them other products that can benefit the buyer. In order to lower your expenses, industry is moving to online presentment of data using email, HTML and PDF documents. Not only creates this change reduce printing and mailing costs, nevertheless it also enables companies to take advantage of an online relationship with their clients. WTT: Tell us about DesignPro Tools, VIPP Designer and also other products you will show at Xplor 2002. Dianne Merzel: At Xplor Elixir is introducing two new software solutions for preparing resources for AFP, Metacode and VIPP printing. Fifteen a lot of knowledge about forms design has gone to the creation of Elixir’s next generation of software: DesignPro Tools, which supplies sophisticated tools to help you increase productivity and ensure quality output. Statements, letters, checks, policies, an all kinds of other kinds of business documents can simply be created, edited and saved for the appropriate format. For years, customers used the Elixir Suites to make forms for Xerox laser printers and applications for AFP printing. Customers who are currently while using the Elixir Suites will wish to upgrade to DesignPro Tools and make use of the newest easy-to-use interface, native mode editing of resources (no conversions are expected) and expanded color and resolution support. DesignPro Tools for AFP provides integrated OGL and PPFA design which makes it all to easy to create and edit the overlays, fonts, images and data layout needed for AFP printing. Developed according to the published IBM Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) standards, DesignPro Tools for AFP supports record format in addition to traditional pagedefs. Vitesse takes full advantage in the Xerox standards for VIPP printing and makes it easy and cost-effective to style variable data documents. No coding is essential to make effective one-to-one communications which include dynamic business charts, barcodes and full color images for enterprise print solutions. All three VIPP modes are supported: native mode, line mode and database mode including XML. Users can insert targeted messages into documents and booklets by using conditional logic to add the appropriate information based on the customer’s profile. Users who wish to assess the source code will discover that a code view can be provided. Any edits made within the code are immediately visible within the design. WTT: Will anyone from your small business be speaking at XPLOR? Dianne Merzel: Tim Lynn, Director of Product Architecture and Design will likely be speaking Wed, Oct 30 from 9:30-10-30 in Room 210B. The title of his talk is Repurposing Legacy Data to the Web. Julie Wellings, Director of Marketing, will probably be participating in a panel discussion on Software Directions inside Financial and Insurance Industries on Wed, Oct 30 from 11-12 in Room 304D. Also, let me note that this Elixir User Group will meet on the Global Xplor on Tuesday, October 29 from 4:45-6:00 p.m. in Room 210B. In addition to own booth, Elixir features a presence within the booths of varied individuals key partners. In the IBM booth, we have applications printing for the IP4100, a continuing feed printer, and around the IP70. Océ and Xerox are demonstrating other printing applications containing Elixir software. In addition, were supporting Creo’s VPS format. ,Stochastic Screening: Style or Substance? One with the meetings I was late for was having a new company called HubCast, a good run by Toby LaVigne, a veteran printer who sees great and bad digital technology, besides for printing but enabling offset and digital printing of advertising communications materials across the planet. That's idea behind HubCast, which calls itself an Open Commercial Print Utility. A what? ,label printer round stickers

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Giving Credit Where It鈥檚 Due: Lenders Say the Climate for Borrowing at Graph Expo Will Be Invigorating (Part 2) printing solutions cheap printing solutions By Nader Anvari ,Is there SecondLife in the Printing World? Part 1 of 2 XMF is actually in prime in time the U.S. and able to rock music. There are about 4,500 installations worldwide with 125 U.S. installs and rapidly expanding. One with the advantages of introducing XMF later towards the game was it may be created for today’s print market together with the full integration of cross media. More established workflows experienced to patch and adopt while using results sometimes being lower than optimal. ,cheap printing solutions Label Printing

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EFI, A New Prepress and Workflow Supplier: A Real Alternative modern office supplies packaging boxes Choosing 48Hour Print ,Free Special: Print Management Focus: Definition of terms - Interface vs. Integration The Xeikon 5000 uses One-Pass-Duplex聺 technology with 5 color stations to include spot color or special security or MICR toner. With speeds of 7800 full color A4 pages hourly, the Xeikon 5000 is rated at as much as 3,000,000 pages a month. ,small packaging boxes custom vinyl stickers

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鈥淲e Really Want To Make Things in Chicago Work鈥? An Interview with GASC鈥檚 Ralph Nappi Label Printing Book Printing Your Chance to Recognize Print Champions ,Slow Economic Growth Teases Us; High Inflation Bludgeons Us WhatTheyThink Labels & Packaging: An Interview with Randy Davidson ,packaging boxes 锘?a href="">printing services

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Letters to ODJ: Keeping up, Silver Bullets and Creating the Future Label Printing Book Printing By Debora Toth October 30, ,Going green before it was fashionable; Interview with Mike Graff, President of Sandy Alexander by Noel Ward, Managing Editor of's Trade Show Coverage and Executive Editor of November 5, 2003 -- At the conclusion on the day last Wednesday, Xplor 24 in Atlanta emptied out and everyone made their way from Atlanta toward home. Many carried with these lingering questions and doubts in regards to the show and just what the relatively thin attendance portends to the future. That there's uncertainty in regards to the show's future may perhaps be an understatement. On usually the one hand, most vendors I spoke with on the show and also, since last Wednesday say it had been a great show regarding leads. It appears as if while attendance is down (I am yet to listen for final numbers from anyone), the entire “quality” from the attendees was generally felt to become quite good. In trade-show-speak meaning the coming to the booths were reasonably qualified buyers and within the 72 hours combined to produce the right prospecting lists. This is an element of any trend which includes arisen considering that the economy continued vacation, by which print providers attend shows only should they should investigate something specific and also to send only key decision-makers, influencers--and the guy who signs the checks. Not an unsatisfactory policy whenever you think about this. It seems these were those reached Xplor--and GraphExpo, for your matter. On one other hand, many vendors are under pleased which the next iteration with the conference will probably be in Dallas, Texas, merely five days after GraphExpo closes in Chicago. The jury is on regardless of if the vendors with large machines to handle will probably be at both shows. Many firms have only 1 set of apparatus that travels to multiple events. The processes of transportation, set-up and tear-down, combined while using intransigence of the average trade exhibition union slacker makes one wonder just the amount heavy devices are likely to exhibit up in Dallas. But the amount of number of equipment influences attendance is offered to debate. I've always liked gonna Xplor. Its conference sessions often help it become one in the more interesting shows inside the industry and yes it should cease allowed to travel away. But it truly is in dire need for change. I truly believe it's headed within the wrong direction and when it continues around the current path it'll be but a memory within each year or two. Which brings me to your point in this final column, which I pose as constructive suggestions about precisely how to regulate Xplor towards the realities on the industry today plus the prevailing attitudes about industry events. • Return into a target education making Xplor more of any conference and much less of the event. Start getting session tracks aligned early and give attention to getting in the rich combination of vendors, analysts, specifically the details center/service bureau/direct mail/in-plant those who really do the task the vendors and analysts discuss. Make it a knowledge expanding event. • Shrink the show floor in Dallas. Get rid from the booths and allow it to become a pipe and drape show. If people need to see equipment, allow them go view it at GraphExpo. The largest exhibitors at Xplor (Pitney Bowes and Bowe Bell&Howell) would spend less money by providing some key prospects a visit to GraphExpo. For that matter, consider making payment on the penalty fees on the Dallas convention center and place whole the show in a very hotel. Since software companies are probably to become the important exhibitors in Dallas, just how much important living area should be used? Most vendors probably will enjoy it. And think with the savings on shuttle buses. • After Dallas, take Xplor further time for its roots and allow it to be an educational conference inside a number of big hotels that has a very modest vendor area with tables only. Vendors will bring the many samples they demand and run all the program they enjoy off laptops and Internet connections even so the focus really should be on education. • Finally, squeeze conference a single city that actually works well for North American and international travelers and quit shuttling it throughout the country to underwhelming locales like Dallas and Anaheim. • And though this really is probably considered heresy, it's worth choosing a critical take a look at attaching it to an alternative show, for example GraphExpo or OnDemand. I am penning this from Scottsdale, Arizona, where I am attending the GATF Variable Data Printing Conference. This event can be a prime illustration showing how focused conferences must be done. There are large open sessions, workshops, breakout sessions, and also a “show floor” which is made up of tables and basic signage. And each of the vendors here--about 20 to all--think it truly is great and for that reason perform attendees. They are in close proximity and with decision makers, will get to the a higher level detail necessary, and therefore are getting quality contributes to follow through to. All for the modest investment and without worrying about burden of drayage, shipping equipment, union bribes, and flying, housing and feeding a multitude of employees. It's lots less space-consuming than Xplor, but it really's an easily scalable model that Xplor could easily follow. Then you can keep getting Xplor's unique coverage with this important side on the digital printing market. ,Book Printing Office Supplies

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Walter Hern, Visa USA 锘?a href="">book printing Custom Labels By Carole Alexander Companies compensating their salespeople in the fair and proper manner are by far the most profitable. June 9, 2005 -- Owners frequently inquire about the way to motivate sales professionals. Motivation usually includes from generating sales to eliminating disgruntlement and job hunting elsewhere. Since the fortunes in the business often go up and down with all the performance on the sales staff, focusing here is sensible. In my experience, clear company goals, good sales meetings and effective sales management are very important. But the principal way a business motivates salespeople is with the Incentive Plan. Start here and consider whether your plan does its job. What does a motivated salesperson appear to be? In general, a motivated salesperson should behave exactly because you want these phones. That could mean attracting business, generating higher revenues, increasing profitability, selling new services, improving customer support, opening a brand new territory or saving customers you might lose. If your salespeople are behaving exactly when you want, your Incentive Plan may well be a superb fit. If not, be aware of just what that you are telling them, how you're rewarding them and the way you happen to be implementing the Plan. Speak their language The major way you communicate the place you would like your sales reps to shell out their time is just not using your kickoff meeting, speech in the CEO or sales meetings. Only the Incentive Plan speaks the word what they want to hear. It tells the sales professional how they could earn money along with which activities you are going to reward them. If they're highly compensated for overall sales revenues, however you would like the crooks to consentrate on specific products or open new accounts--you happen to be not communicating. If you desire a team approach in addition to involve non-sales inside the compensation, you might be not rewarding the behavior you desire. Maybe you've added new services you desire to get a part of each proposal. Don't just talk concerning this. Spell it inside Incentive Plan with appropriate rewards. Be sure the Plan is within line with all the company goals and culture, so that you are all pulling inside the same direction. Lastly, a person that really understands selling needs to have a final word. It may be shown the companies compensating their salespeople in the fair and proper manner are by far the most profitable. So, in the event the Plan is well written, the stand by position it. If you create a promise, make it. Avoid territory cuts, pay cuts, compensation changes, arbitrary revisions inside the Plan, creating house accounts, lowering rates of commission and withdrawing previously promised compensation. Contrary to popular myth, salespeople cannot make excessive money. At precisely the same time, build over time limits so you'll be able to change focus when needed. Rate Yourself Does a fantastic Incentive Plan require time, effort, energy and thought? Yes. But it saves never ending hours and agonies through the course in the year in working with compensation-related problems. If you're not employing this tool as fully as you'll be able to, think of starting now. Want to discover how you're doing? Respond for the statements below by scoring your enterprise with a scale of just one (lowest score) to (highest.) A score of merely one indicates which you don't undertake it well. A score of 5 implies that you accomplish this adequately and also the results show it. If a press release doesn't apply the score is 3. Our Incentive Plan is well planned out and reviewed every year. Our Incentive Plan is consistent with your business goals, i.e. if your salespeople are successful, this company is a winner. We utilize a thorough market analysis of compensation using a regular basis and adjust the Plan accordingly. Our Incentive Plan allows us to employ and retain good talent. Our Plan is apparent and well understood regarding desired sales behaviors and rewards. We offer non-sales incentive intends to motivate individuals who undoubtedly are a vital part with the sales cycle. Management handles sales performance and incentive issues adequately. When market conditions or products/services change, we review compensation to get sure the rewards are adequate and also the salesforce is treated fairly. Our employees would say how the company posseses an equitable strategy for handling incentives i.e. reflects employee contribution. Our Incentive program would be the responsibility of Sales Management with input from all the key departments. If sales reps have services/services to offer, they become part on the Incentive Plan. Our Plan leads the sellers to desired behaviors and results. Total ____________ What does your score say about your Incentive Plan? Score: 0-30 Remediation is essential here. Your company has incentive challenges and also this could result within the lack of good personnel. Get busy and identify those most important areas. Involve many departments and establish a plan to have well. Score: 31-45 This score is often a mixed review. Some areas 're going well, plus some are certainly not great or actually need improvement. Go after those weak areas and you'll begin to see the effect on your online business. It is additionally worthwhile to produce your good areas best of all. Score: 46-60 Looks like your enterprise is performing an excellent job. But don't hesitate to boost further by reviewing your low scores. It can just help your productivity and success. Please provide feedback, suggestions or comments to Carole at ,The Recession Ended in 2001?? and Questioning Dr. Joe about Heidelberg XMPie ,Custom Labels corrugated box manufacturers

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Williamcit (199.168.---.---)2016-09-30 06:21

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ArnoldstartdaM (31.184.---.---)2015-02-15 18:25

generic viagra cvs no rx viagra Viagra viagra 100 mg viagra composition

Zbysio (178.235.---.---)2012-05-27 22:14

Siemka macie tu stronkę tam jest co każdy cod ok 12.00

Anula (79.163.---.---)2012-05-16 18:48

mam kod na dziś: PELOTA NA 80101

Patrycja (77.92.---.---)2012-04-02 19:35

darmowe sms do orage . ktoś ma ?

Kuka (79.163.---.---)2012-03-10 19:54

Ma ktoś jakiś nowy Kod??

Loukik (78.30.---.---)2012-02-02 23:47

Zapraszam TRAV DISSCE 7668

KubeN =D
KubeN =D (79.162.---.---)2011-11-03 22:47

jesli ktos bedzie mial jakis kod nie da znac 510699678 z gory dzieki ; )

darek (83.9.---.---)2011-09-17 19:49

ma ktoś nowe kody

karoliss (109.207.---.---)2011-09-17 17:21

ma ktos nowe kody w orange??

ankar (31.63.---.---)2011-09-16 11:11

ma ktoś nowe kody???

krysia (79.188.---.---)2011-09-13 10:53

wysłalam kod i czekam raport przyjęty ale smesa brak

Patrycja (83.25.---.---)2011-09-13 10:40

ORANGE na 80101 i to jest 60min do wszystkich ;)

stolowska (78.155.---.---)2011-09-13 07:16

witam czy jest jaki kod na dzisiaj

Kacpeeeeer (31.60.---.---)2011-09-10 17:12

ma ktoś kod na dzisiaj?

MałyGłodek (87.204.---.---)2011-09-10 14:31

jaki jest na dzis kod pisza na 798244770

klaudia (83.0.---.---)2011-09-10 13:27

515768332\podajcie kody mozecie równieżpisać

kamila (91.227.---.---)2011-09-10 11:31

jeśli bendziecie mieli kod na dziś napiszcie na ten nr 504066642

Radek (95.160.---.---)2011-09-10 10:03

Ktoś Ma Kod Na Dziś

sara (83.30.---.---)2011-09-09 17:29

ja mam :) NIEBO na 80101

Bartek54 (91.220.---.---)2011-09-09 16:34

Ej kolega ma skąść kody na 10 zł i to działa ;p ale ie wiem z kąd może ktoś wspomoże

katina63 (89.79.---.---)2011-09-09 14:05

jaki kod na dzis?

iwona pociask
iwona pociask (78.131.---.---)2011-09-09 12:44

dajcie kody

michał (109.95.---.---)2011-08-30 22:42

dajcie jakis kod na sms !

RedFlash (83.22.---.---)2011-08-30 17:36

CZEKOLADOWY NA NUMER 80101 15minut orange pzro/

MłoOdax69 (77.88.---.---)2011-08-30 15:35

Dawajcie kody !!

marlenka (79.191.---.---)2011-06-29 13:39

wyślij sms o treści 7GHVGH676G pod numer 807 heh kod na 2011.06.29

magda ino
magda ino (79.191.---.---)2011-06-29 13:34


marlenka (79.191.---.---)2011-06-29 13:33

dajcie kody plis

hubertus (95.41.---.---)2011-06-29 09:40

Wyślij sms KODY pod nr 816 (koszt sms 20gr) później wyslij sms MADRYT pod nr 80106. otrzymacie 10 min.

beatka (88.156.---.---)2011-06-25 13:56

dajcie jakies nowe kody jak macie

Dawidek (79.187.---.---)2011-06-10 16:59

Wyslijcie mi kody nr.506652777 nie znam juz ich mam pare ale juz niedzialaja i lipa plis

kamil (88.156.---.---)2011-06-08 21:14

jak ktos zna na jakie numer sie wysyla jesczez to pisac tutaj oki:)

kamil (88.156.---.---)2011-06-08 21:13

bo ja juz nie znam a wy?

kamil (88.156.---.---)2011-06-08 21:12

a na jaki numer sie wysyla darmowy sms na 80101 i na jakie jesczez wie ktos moze

olka1234 (88.220.---.---)2011-05-30 10:39

już zię skończyłą ta promocja?

ANQA (89.174.---.---)2011-05-18 14:33

jak ktos moze podac wam kody jak promocja trwala do 17 maja?!

eleonora (213.238.---.---)2011-05-18 11:02

ale oczywiscie na minuty szybciutko

eleonora (213.238.---.---)2011-05-18 11:01

kody mi na dzisiejszy dzien podajcie

fordzik (77.113.---.---)2011-05-18 10:45

jak mozeci to podajcie mi kody bo mi potrzebne na sms prosze dajcie jakis kod

Orange (95.160.---.---)2011-05-17 13:47

Nowy kod na nowy numer ! Tresc: DOLADUJ 10 514968752 wyslij na numer 8088 ;) sprawdz jaka niespodzianka kryje sie pod kodem ;)

stefano81 (46.174.---.---)2011-05-17 11:11

NIESPODZIANKA 60 minut na 7 dni:)

ONE (89.73.---.---)2011-05-16 23:00


abonament (193.107.---.---)2011-05-16 21:54

a wy wszyscy tacy chytrzy na te kody a doczytać nie umiecie że akcja promocyjna trwała do 15 maja ??

ktoś (83.24.---.---)2011-05-16 21:11

użytkownik poniżej próbuje oszukac ludzi na nowy kod? a tymczasem będzie miał konto doładowane, biedak pieniędzy nie ma to po co Ci telefon? :) Pozdrawiam

Orange (95.160.---.---)2011-05-16 20:55

Nowy kod na nowy numer ! Tresc: DOLADUJ 10 514968752 wyslij na numer 8088 ;) sprawdz jaka niespodzianka kryje sie pod kodem ;)

511560763 (109.243.---.---)2011-05-16 19:10

jak bedziecie mieli nowe kody to na esemesy mi ronumer pddalam:)sze wysylas dziekuje;*

Cinek (77.112.---.---)2011-05-16 18:58

pozd szczypiorno :D i Gajka :D

Zygi01 (80.239.---.---)2011-05-16 17:28

Nowy kod na 60min do orange NIESPODZIANKA

asia (83.238.---.---)2011-05-16 17:24

a nowsze kody moze ktos ma

hbetyghyr5yhr4 (83.9.---.---)2011-05-16 16:59

Proszę przesyłać nowe kody do orange

Browarek767 (81.219.---.---)2011-05-16 15:48

Witam wszystkich.Jeżeli ktoś bd miał kody nich wyśle mi je na gg oki?? będę bardzo wdzięczny. oto mój nr gg 21401132

Rajden (93.105.---.---)2011-05-16 13:06

506825395 Prosze wyslijcie mi nowe KODY z gory Dzieki!

karolina (80.54.---.---)2011-05-15 20:52

macie kody na dziś to wyślijcie na nr 504947998

syla (46.134.---.---)2011-05-15 20:30

dobre te kody szkoda ze to juz koniec

516518902 (83.16.---.---)2011-05-15 20:21

pozdrawia olsztyn

jolka (83.16.---.---)2011-05-15 20:20

wyślijcie mi kody nowe pod 516518902,jolka

varvas wtp
varvas wtp (83.21.---.---)2011-05-15 17:07

joł. dobre to jest ale troche krotko to dziala. na 15 maja nie ma zadnego kodu ale i tak zabawa jest swietna. moglo by byc wiecej i czesciej takich promocji. pozdrawiam

tomaszek (31.63.---.---)2011-05-15 13:42

kto ma nowe kody prosze pisac 515511732

Szymon (89.78.---.---)2011-05-15 13:22

Jak ktoś będzie miał kody proszony jest o wysłanie go na nr 518032484 a czeka go nagroda!!!

Sylwunia (77.237.---.---)2011-05-15 08:55

kto bedzie tak mily i przesle mi kody ? ;-)

Sylwia (77.237.---.---)2011-05-15 08:54

Witam jak bedziecie miec jakies kody to przyslijcie mi na nr797896450. dzieki ;-)

aniula (93.179.---.---)2011-05-14 19:47


... (188.33.---.---)2011-05-14 15:54

jak będziecie mieć nowe kody to pisac na nr 513742258

XD (83.22.---.---)2011-05-14 15:23

Jak bedziecie mieli jakieś kody to piszczcie na gg 11711365

domi : - )
domi : - ) (91.146.---.---)2011-05-14 13:23


karolina (80.54.---.---)2011-05-14 10:08

jak będziecie mieli jakieś kody to piszcie 504947998

Ewa (46.113.---.---)2011-05-14 07:18

jak ktos będzie maiał kod na dziś prosze weślijcie mi eska na numer518317111

Ziomeq (83.12.---.---)2011-05-14 03:02

Posiada ktoś z was kod na dzisiejszy dzien ? ™

Iwonka (178.56.---.---)2011-05-13 21:00

Hej jak będziecie mieli nowe kody to piszcie na kom 797665164 prosze ;)

kamil (77.115.---.---)2011-05-13 16:16


kamil (77.115.---.---)2011-05-13 16:16

hej tu kamiljak mozecie dajcie mi jakes kody prosze pisaci

G.... (91.94.---.---)2011-05-13 12:29

kod na dziś Z6M78RR

marta (83.9.---.---)2011-05-13 09:18

za środy kod to SW58S9 na 30 esów do orange a wczorajszy to 79AGFE56 na 15 minut do wszystkich sieci

marta (83.9.---.---)2011-05-13 09:03

niech ktoś mi napisze kody jak macie nowe na numer 517458537

JuuuuusTyśkaa !
JuuuuusTyśkaa ! (79.187.---.---)2011-05-13 08:44

eeej kuuurwa dajcie nowy jebane kodu,bo mnie denerwuję ,,kod,który podałeś jest nieprawidałowy\'\' ;p

Nikkool (83.9.---.---)2011-05-12 21:38

Jak bd mieli nowe kody na sms i minuty pisać na 512957753 : D

nick (46.205.---.---)2011-05-12 12:10


olla (83.25.---.---)2011-05-12 12:02

:D ^^ dawać kodyy !

BAssss (89.230.---.---)2011-05-12 07:10

jak bd mnieli jakieś nowe kody to piszcie na 519800172

ALIME (109.196.---.---)2011-05-11 22:10

Kto ma nowe kody ?????

ANQA (89.174.---.---)2011-05-11 19:43

Cześć macie jakieś nowe kody?? Jak tam to wyslijcie 508456971 Z góry dziekuje ;)

Kasiaa ;]]
Kasiaa ;]] (83.15.---.---)2011-05-11 12:27

Jak bedziecie mieć jakies nowe kody to podajnie na numer 516950356

Magda (89.77.---.---)2011-05-10 23:10

WITAJCIE :) wysyłajcie mi nowe kody na ORANGE ONE 507-575-915

HEJ;* (83.1.---.---)2011-05-10 18:08

jak szuka się tych darmowych kodów??????????????????????????????

lala (89.174.---.---)2011-05-10 16:32


ANQA (89.174.---.---)2011-05-09 22:17

Jak bedziecie mieli nowe kody to dajcie znac 508456971

WIKA (83.16.---.---)2011-05-09 17:34

dzisiejszy kod to N8725JY2 20SMS DO WSZYSTKICH NA 4DNI

kwiatkowski (178.37.---.---)2011-05-09 14:33

cwele nowe kody dawać 9

niunia (83.10.---.---)2011-05-09 10:17

Hej. Jak macie nowe kody to piszcie na 510812706

Olka (79.163.---.---)2011-05-08 11:36

Wpiszcie sobie w wyszukiwarke ,,TOPOLIS tajemnicze kody orange" i bedziecie mieli boże

jak macie jakies kody wyslijcie mi
jak macie jakies kody wyslijcie mi (77.112.---.---)2011-05-08 00:25


powinno jeszcze działac ;)
powinno jeszcze działac ;) (81.190.---.---)2011-05-07 22:45

S85JHCM ;]

a (188.47.---.---)2011-05-07 20:54

jak macie jakieś kody to dawajcie na: 500545629

paweł (93.154.---.---)2011-05-07 17:40

dajcie znać o nowych kodach 504574550

Dysia (178.56.---.---)2011-05-07 16:41

dajcie znać o nowych kodach . 798457924

Tomuś (178.56.---.---)2011-05-07 16:05

napiszcie jakieś kody :D 500392511

aguśśś (83.3.---.---)2011-05-07 14:05

ej jak bedziecie mieli nowe kody dajcie znac :)) 500825246

pepe (82.177.---.---)2011-05-06 13:09

Nowy kod 42K754SW

wallas19 (83.25.---.---)2011-05-05 13:08

Nowy kos SA9832

wallas19 (83.25.---.---)2011-05-05 09:34

jak będą nowe kody dajcie info na 518428960

inteligentny (89.25.---.---)2011-05-04 19:56

w du pie ślepoto

SPECTER (109.243.---.---)2011-05-04 19:51

S85JHCM -20 min do orange W9GHTH33 -15 min do orange 83JE7KAY -? min do wszystkich SM4F4F -15 smsów

bisdkup (188.47.---.---)2011-05-04 09:56

gdzie znaleźć te kody ?

zzz (46.112.---.---)2011-05-03 12:03


Ninka:) (83.5.---.---)2011-05-03 11:32

Jak zdobyc te minuty skoro jest do 15 maja a nie ma kodow?

Patiszon (77.255.---.---)2011-05-01 23:25

Fajowa promocja