Promocja Play "Darmowe SMS-y do wszystkich sieci po doładowaniu"

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Promocja Play "Darmowe SMS-y do wszystkich sieci po doładowaniu"

2009-09-03 Promocja Play "Darmowe SMS-y do wszystkich sieci po doładowaniu"

Play wprowadza nową promocję darmowych SMS-ów po doładowaniu.

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Jednocześnie kończy się poprzednia promocja, trwająca od wprowadzenia marki Play Fresh tj. od marca 2009 roku.

W nowej promocji po każdym doładowaniu użytkownik otrzyma następujące ilości darmowych SMS-ów do wszystkich sieci:
Wartość doładowania Liczba SMS-ów Ważność
5-9 zł 100 5 dni
10-29 zł 250 10 dni
30-49 zł 1 000 30 dni
50 zł i więcej 2 000 50 dni

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Sales volume and employee count like a measure. A. Sales are down and our industry carries a habit of calibrating itself by having or shedding businesses when necessary. The inflation-adjusted sales per employee is really remarkably steady, which indicates this. The average size of any commercial printing business is with a very slow decline for several years. It was around 26 employees inside late 1980s and only agreed to be above 19 by 2006. That says a little more about desktop publishing replacing prepress personal computer says about other things. Q. Even though imports and exports have dropped, it'd appear the trade gap has shrunk considerably. How has that helped/hurt the economy to be a whole? A. Sorry, an enormous trade gap can be a manifestation of economic health, as paradoxical the way it sounds. (Most people don't understand there was trade surpluses throughout the Depression). We need imported materials because they're utilized in other manufacturing here. One with the best descriptions from the process is surely an article that originally appeared within the Wall Street Journal titled We Think, They Sweat, around the value chain of your Apple iPod. Without imports, those North Dakota bananas and Wisconsin espresso beans can be all there was. Q. Many with the indicators you've shared apparently show we're also still over a downward trend the feeling in this community is the fact that products have leveled off or increasingly becoming better... are these claims an incorrect feeling based within the fact that any of us're rather numb no longer receptive to negative information (we've powered down CNN)? A. There is this sort of desire being out in this funk that I can discover why people want it being over. We must take into account that all data are historical. There are not any truly reliable forward-looking indicators. There are plenty of warning flags that bring potential problems to attention, but even they could give false indicators. Employment data lags the economy by no less than half a year. The stock companies are considered an indication of future growth, but we now have to not forget it's indication of expected growth or outcomes for another time, so even that's its not all that reliable. This frustration with economic data in planning is really what got me deeper considering economics. The part of economics that I discovered best and a lot explanatory of the items happens would be the Austrian school. The work on this gang of economists isn't commonly taught in colleges (which might be overwhelmingly Keynesian) therefore it helps it be each of the more fascinating, like someone got forbidden you just read. For basic economics, there's only 1 book a novice should read, knowning that's Dr. Thomas Sowell's Basic Economics. As far as being the Austrian school, the Mises Institute will be the keeper of the flame. Q. Do the truth is the label/packaging segment shipments showing positive growth from the end of 2009? A. Packaging just isn't a bright spot inside the business right this moment, nevertheless it's closest we've got to just one over a long lasting basis. I did see some articles in Advertising Age recently that relate some interest among consumer package goods companies in reinvigorating brands with redesigns and new campaigns. We'll see. Underlying the packaging industry would be the proven fact that population continues to be growing, life expectancies will still be increasing, plus the pace of every day life is in ways that more and even more prepared foods and backpacks are used after some time. Q. I feel like about 30% of my prospects (commercial printers - I sell digital production equipment) are beyond business... Is it fair to point out that when they're operating today, they've got throughout the challenging times? Is it better with the ones which might be left - how they'll tight on competition when things get? A. You seem like you sell inside Northeast! There will be a down economy where companies exceed the performance in their competitors. There are printing firms that go outside of business even fun. One would hope when someone has got throughout the past 3 years which they employ a knack and skill for survival. As for less competition, it's more that little outside capital is arriving into your industry, therefore the competitors you already know today will probably be very likely being the competitors you could have inside not to distant future. Q. How does a venture capital company cash in on rising inflation? What investment vehicle? A. I am not a good investment counselor. Gold is traditional, naturally, but virtually all commodities could well be one common recommendation. Others prefer investing from the companies included in mining or growing the commodities. Assuming that rates of interest will surge in a reaction to inflation, there are a handful of new exchange-traded funds that short-sell U.S. Treasury bonds (as well as other bonds with the matter) since bond prices would head on down in this sort of scenario. A quick lookup at or perhaps a seek out articles like that one this also you can shed some light within the subject. Q. What would be the implications for plates? Any hope achievable niche products, etc. to offset declines? A. As long since there's offset there is going to be plates. Pretty trite, huh? I'm not sure what things to say. It's not an increasing future, but it really could be profitable, especially whenever they offer benefits including environmental advantage, less processing cost, reduced startup waste, and numerous other characteristics. Just speaking about plates makes me realize the amount of I miss film and phototypesetting paper. An important technology in relation for the way forward for plate consumption will be the HP ink jet web press. The more that digital printing is able to reduce its very own costs and increase its format size, the more the threat to plate consumption. Q. How can you think this economy will affect the key printer suppliers? (i.e., Xerox, IBM, Océ, Kodak) A. I don't follow these firms as stocks or anything that way, but I could make some general comments. Many of the companies relied for the banking, finance, investment, and insurance industries, therefore we be aware that those businesses will not likely to historical courses of spending for just a while. Some are closely associated with IT spending, and from what I are already capable to detect, those budgets may really be doing okay because top management still feels that information infrastructure features a demonstrable payback of lower costs. Any in the companies having poverty might have problems or even be more cautious than usual in lending to printers (not easy to believe, huh?). Q. Should printers put money into technology that may create efficiency during the entire shop? A. It's difficult to create a case for not investing. The industry often has extremely powerful press and production floors however with serious problems outside of their. One strategy to check out it can be that they can're great from the costs of merchandise sold items on their own income statement, but on the subject of sales and administrative, it's another world. Technology is usually placed in costs of products sold, along with the only way of sales and administrative is austerity, this indicates. A reason due to this is always that technology investment in production is considered as increasing sales, but technology investment in sales and administrative functions isn't going to create new sales or new markets, thus it's not worthwhile. That's really an unfortunate misperception. Q. What would you see as being the growth rate for digital press applications (photo books by way of example) above the next three or four years? A. Sorry, I don't follow foreign currency trading, but I wonder if there are a handful of problems there right this moment for the incredibly aggressive e-mail offers of those products I've been getting lately. It could be that these are typically discretionary novelty items and they can be suffering from consumer reluctance to invest in such products with this time. There is usually a good and profitable place of these products, however the market will not be large. Q. What effect will these huge mergers and acquisitions have for the industry? Will this ultimately lock into their respective share of the market of their sweet spots? A. There's no such thing like a sweet spot within the long-term. The market changes an excessive amount. There isn't such thing as synergies except to get a very short window of energy. Existing competitors answer changes and you'll find always technology for investment or as new formats with new competitors. I was always fascinated using the sweet spot comments on the years, like there seemed to be some form of magic to find it understanding that once found that it was permanent. I never understood that. Mergers use a very spotty record that just isn't always so sweet. Q. What are by far the most innovative initiatives for medium-sized printers? Who is thriving within this economy and what could they be doing? A. The most innovative initiatives have little to complete with technologies but because of their business approaches. They are incredibly proactive. In the mid-1990s until about five possibly even a long time ago, digital printing became a real disaster. Finally, it had been realized how the market had for being created using the growth of various programs that might be sold to print clients. This was obviously a far cry on the long-embedded sales approach of here's our equipment list; are we able to invest in considered one of your upcoming jobs? For several digital printing businesses, their offset work went up as clients started view them as set other than all others. Q. Where is ePaper today and just how will this effect eBooks? A. The technology is on its way along which is predominantly black & white. It's obtained in goods like Amazon Kindle, the Sony E-Reader, as well as others, but watches, mobile devices, plus some PDAs. Color is on its way, similar to foldable or rollable screens. You'll see these in niche markets first. For now, Kindle will be the star, plus it had nothing to try and do together with the e-paper technology. It needs to do featuring its connectivity to Amazon's store, much such as the iPod set a normal for digital music sales through iTunes. Q. Dealers Survival: Any comments re: current traditional graphic arts dealers’ health in current supply margin crunch, slowdown and increasing receivable concerns? Any data here re: dealers shutting their doors? A. I spent my childhood years from the business when all dealers were local, and when they were really big, we were holding regional, and privately owned. This would have been a time when there would have been a really good business being had in all of the on the supplies employed in prepress. The dealers were also advisors to craftspeople, with numerous in the dealer personnel also having craft experience. The technology changed, and the way it became software and computers, so did the supplies, so did the functions on the distribution channel. The lack of prepress changed our industry in deep and ways I have only go to appreciate in recent times. The vibrant dealer community continues to be replaced by narrow specialists, independent sales representatives, paper merchants which may have expanded their offerings, expanded copier and office equipment channels, and also a handful (or less) of national dealers. The dealers no more offer an association. Somehow, Mike Fichera keeps the optimism plus the enthusiasm planning Dealer Communicator. There are few, if any, data about dealers apart from what O-Mike maintains. Q. You spent plenty of time on e-books, nevertheless, you didn't spend plenty of time for the VDP opportunity? Do the thing is that revenue growth here or possibly is the wide ranging limited? A. It just so happened we did e-books as being a topic now. We did involve some survey data in prior webinars regarding VDP and it is penetration. I have heard nothing unique of our data which reflects that true high-end color VDP is lower than 10% from the market, understanding that you will find only a little amount of specialists for whom it really is their focus. It takes diligent effort to have potential customers while using proper approach as well as the proper databases to achieve the best gains from the printer's perspective. Q. Are you praoclaiming that although we're also borrowing at lesser rates, it really is also going being part of an long-term problem? A. You're referring towards the below-inflation rates currently ultimately from the Fed. The problem is always that you could have an expansion of credit but no expansion of products. Investment is essential to generate goods, and that will need entrepreneurs who detect potential markets for they are doing. Right now, the cash supply has become expanded to halt falling prices of products (like houses) which are already made and sold. It's not a great usage of capital. Q. Any thoughts about the impact of some on the major banks trying to pay back their government loans? Will this prove being good for that taxpayer? A. Loaning them money was the primary mistake. Their taking the cash was the next mistake. Someone will arrange the books to convince people which it would be a good option, but it absolutely was malinvestment that prevented buyers from entering the marketplace and getting those goods and kept the institutions and executives who created the difficulties generally responsible. The funds were utilized to back up failed businesses that had been known and seen, and the ones funds cannot reach small businesses which were yet to become formed. Milton Friedman warned with this often. Everyone are able to see businesses today, but nobody can easily see businesses yet for being formed. In the final, it will probably be bad with the taxpayers, who'll see higher inflation, low growth on account of misdirected investment, as well as an erosion of savings. The saddest section of inflation is who's distorts background causes it to be challenging to discern true financial progress. The next saddest part is always that inflation within a progressive tax system reduces the important get back to savers because they reduce expenses. Q. Do the thing is that the Espresso (print-on-demand machine) to be a player from the print industry? A. It remains being seen. We have experienced many technologies appear and disappear, obviously. We forget that e-books along with the Internet contest with on-demand printing. I've reminded people, one example is, that digital printing is suffering from all on the same forces that offset is, but that there are a shift between your two processes giving digital relative growth in a very declining business. There have already been many kiosk-type approaches for most products on the years. Music stores once suffered from custom cassette makers, where buyers could choose the songs they wanted, and after that produce a custom cassette operating copyrights and residuals taken care of in a very manner transparent on the buyer. It could be a type of stuff that is effective in a few locations or stores for just a while, but may donrrrt you have full market appeal for a long time. Q. When I look for the A23SVS data for the census website I see seasonally adjusted data which is sometimes diverse from is the thing that is shown on slide 22. Do you make other adjustments or utilize unadjusted data? A. This can be a technical question, folks, so ok, i'll give some context. The Department of Commerce issues monthly reports for printing shipments which I among others used in planning, forecasting, and purchases management. These data come by 50 % basic varieties, seasonally-adjusted and unadjusted. Seasonal adjustment is undoubtedly an attempt to possess periods of your energy be comparable once they are actually not. Remember, when statistics geeks discuss seasonality, these are talking about patterns of fluctuation which are predictable and repeatable. After you adjust for that fluctuation, parts with the series of knowledge can be directly comparable. I think that seasonality adjustment is kind of any black box. I will want to take the genuine data and adjust it myself because I would specifically exactly what the adjustment is. For this reason, I like comparing a month fot it same month inside prior year, one in four for the same quarter in the prior year, etc. It is additionally exactly why I use 12-month moving totals (or 4-quarter moving totals) when conducting comparisons. It means you will almost always be considering a once a year figure. This also means which the prime change I make to info is adjusting for inflation. While the information series you observe frequently around my columns and presentations is the fact adjusted through the Consumer Price Index, we all do adjust data three various ways that individuals don't regularly publish. To have a a sense of how inflation adjustment affects data series, see my column from April 14 of not too long ago. We have released all of the adjusted data inside Historical Printing Shipments report that may be available in the WhatTheyThink e-store. Q. Why does one use Real GDP Y/Y yet you want Q/Q for CPI? A. I always prefer Y/Y comparisons simply because they clear away the requirement plus the effect of seasonal factors as noted above. For the CPI this season, we've got its own case on account of this past year's bubble. December 2008 vs. December 2007 CPI was up 0.1%, so 12 months ended flat after an amazing roller-coaster ride, peaking from the summer. So there I'm not comparing Q/Q but am annualizing the progres since December 2008. The CPI calculation carries a seasonal adjustment that makes this possible, but in addition, they publish an unadjusted data series. That shows inflation as generally worse since December. The CPI also carries a moving three-month inflation calculation. Q. Are there any tools for content creators to CREATE and manage VDP campaigns? (market segmentation, lifestyles etc.) A. For those factors, all of it hinges around the data base that's being employed. As far as other tools, I invite guest answerer Cary Sherburne to include a comment Cary: There undoubtedly are a quantity of solutions created to allow the information creator to get involved in this particular process. This list will 't be exhaustive, however they include XMPie’s uDirect (which can be found in three levels: Classic, Studio, Premium), Printable’s Fusion Pro Web and Fusion Pro Server (plus several add-on modules); Kodak’s Design2Launch, Meadows Publishing Solutions’ DesignMerge, PageFlex Campaign Manager, Saepio—to name some. Q. It seems once we shift from offset to digital, we still need web content writing. In addition, we'd like VDP creation for digital and cross-media campaigns. What initiatives, opportunities and/or tools exist for many people to encourage articles? A. Why do we require VDP for cross-media? Cross-media may include formats like signage, brochures, downloadable PDFs, websites, e-mail campaigns, and numerous other pursuits. As far as encouraging web content writing, the one thing that limits us is our capability to form ideas. Q. What will be the forecast for heatset web in '09 and '10? A. Its fortunes are inside magazine, insert, and catalog markets. For years we were holding profitable and growing print havens. I can only suspect that things will remain tough there. Q. With the burden of print primarily moving towards the consumer...would you see walk-up facilities (e.g. Kinkos, others) and desktop printers and related supplies being the best opportunity on this trend? A. Burden of print? The opportunity has become within the desktop printers in the consumers, but even there, everything's slowing. This trend is absolutely mature. Many consumers have stopped printing because they became accustomed to sharing photos online in several photo sites as well as social websites sites. E-mail has grown to be more established for consumers to transact information exchanges. Broadband has grown dependence around the Internet for daily household tasks. What continues to be particularly interesting may be the improvement in utilization in older age ranges. Sure, these people were many years younger when this all stuff started, these days's retirees are a lot more online savvy like a group than anyone had expected. For years walk-up print services have tried to cultivate their businesses by relying less on that format plus more on business sales. While a great walk-up company is important, would seem impossible to involves other non-print services, for instance shipping. Those firms that developed their non-walk-up business designed a sensible choice which gave their businesses more stability than they will have otherwise had should they had remained dependent on consumer walk-up business. ,Book Printing Box Printing

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What Really Happened on the 2004 IPA Color Proofing RoundUP custom box packaging custom printed boxes September U.S. Commercial Printing Shipments Up +3.4%; Six Consecutive Months of Growth Versus 2009 ,Telling Your Marketing Story In One Or Two Pages With the shifts happening operational models, in socioeconomic factors along with technology, now could be a fantastic time for you to ask yourself: “How well can be your business positioned to get a net gainer – and to get a rise company -- from the years into the future?” ,banner office supplies business card printing

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Marketing to Millennials: Will Printed Direct Mail and Catalogs Work? printing in china Box Printing VistaPrint, Population Trends and Their Meaning, and Democratizing the Mysteries of Color Science ,Why The E-Myth Revisited Ought To Be Required Reading For Anyone Who Has Ever Had An 鈥淓ntrepreneurial Seizure鈥? The strategy for Creo Print On Demand Solutions (PODS), the past remaining Creo-branded operation following Creo’s acquisition by Kodak, may seem to be working. The company has “firewalled” its RIP operation, headquartered in Israel, to make sure a good environment because of its OEM partners. Creo Spire servers were being shown driving HP-Indigo, Konica Minolta, and, obviously, Xerox. Company representatives indicate that talks along with other OEMs are progressing. Both HP and Konica Minolta added the Creo server for their portfolio subsequent towards the Kodak acquisition. Creo PODS have also been presenting an adjustable data session inside the Adobe booth. In other Creo news, its Darwin variable data solution now supports InDesign, and it is Web Composition Solution is going to be integrated with Press-Sense iWay Prime to improve iWay’s variable data capabilities. Creo can be working together with MindFireInc to add in its LookWho’sClicking personalized URL capabilities into Creo’s variable imaging offerings. ,cheap printing solutions printing in china

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Michaeldrava (199.168.---.---)2016-10-14 22:40

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AlbertDom (199.168.---.---)2016-10-14 15:52

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Michaeldrava (199.168.---.---)2016-10-14 12:02

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MichaelSig (199.168.---.---)2016-10-14 03:47

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MichaelSig (199.168.---.---)2016-10-13 07:07

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Joshuahob (199.168.---.---)2016-10-12 18:11

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Michaeldrava (199.168.---.---)2016-10-12 05:02

FREE: Who Will Speak to Your Customers about Value Added Services? Box Printing cheap printing solutions We still maintain close touch with Tech and still have made recruiting trips there for doing this's Printing Management program is idea for your CPrint(R) program consultants -- business and printing. So, I expand my reach to take a look at other printing schools and what I found for that most part is Printing Management is not offered in many places (I think Pittsburg Kansas carries a similar program). ,FREE SPECIAL CONTENT: Niels M. Winther, President and CEO, Heidelberg USA Heidelberg Versafire CP/CVis a whole new name for that existing Linoprint CP/CV digital printing systems. Heidelberg’s Versafire is an all-around system to the economic manufacture of short and personalized runs in combination using a large range of substrates along with a solid price/performance ratio. Heidelberg launched the device in cooperation featuring its partner Ricoh this year, and possesses been continuously refining it ever since. At drupa 2016, Heidelberg announced setting up its 1,000th Versafire and also showed the newest fifth station fluorescent yellow toner capability. ,锘?a href="">printing services print solutions

Joshuahob (199.168.---.---)2016-10-11 20:43

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Joshuahob (199.168.---.---)2016-10-11 11:55

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MichaelSig (199.168.---.---)2016-10-11 07:54

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MichaelSig (199.168.---.---)2016-10-11 07:53

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MichaelSig (199.168.---.---)2016-10-11 02:42

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MichaelSig (199.168.---.---)2016-10-10 22:02

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JoshuaDib (199.168.---.---)2016-10-10 19:45

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Michaeldrava (199.168.---.---)2016-10-10 12:53

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MichaelSig (199.168.---.---)2016-10-10 07:24

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JoshuaDib (199.168.---.---)2016-10-10 04:53

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JoshuaDib (199.168.---.---)2016-10-09 20:31

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MichaelSig (199.168.---.---)2016-10-09 01:08

Roy Grossman, Sandy Alexander printing solutions printing in china That correction might be with regards to orders for durable goods, which just as before showed a negative comparison towards the prior year. For about an entirely year, durable goods orders have declined. A decrease in orders usually results in the downward inventory correction and reduced GDP because from it. ,Drupa 2012, the Inkjet Drupa鈥gain? My exit interview The Impremia IS 29 can print around 3,300 sheets each hour, in comparison on the Fujifilm and Screen devices so that it is one in the fastest on the on the market sheetfed production inkjet machines. The prerelease specifications allude into a double-sided printing at 1,650 sheets by the hour, and dependant on that I would assume there may be a duplex option going being available. It is really a B2 press that has a minimum sheet size 11 x 15.75 in. plus a maximum of 20.87 x 29.52 in. It currently supports a selection of media thickness from 0.06-0.45 mm using a plan to guide nearly 0.6 mm. ,Office Supplies Book Printing

MichaelSig (199.168.---.---)2016-10-08 16:47

Inside VistaPrint鈥檚 Patent Infringement Suit, Comments from Robert Keane as well as an IP expert print solutions Office Supplies Most printers are internally focused, most print software tools which are sold to printers are focused about what printers want – more tools to generate the printers business easier. This is why most web-to-print solutions have far more functionality on the backend (order management, imposition, routing, etc.) as opposed to front-end (SEO optimization, product ratings, and engagement). Web-to-print is not for you, web-to-print is to your customer, yet we always buy web-to-print solutions according to what they will perform for your printer instead of the printer’s customers. ,Geez, I Did it Again! Given the show’s creative emphasis, the show floor will likely will include a creative fashion show, the winners from the Advertising Federation of Florida’s Addy Awards, winners of PAF’s Florida Print Awards, and quite a few other aesthetically oriented exhibits. ,printing in china print solutions

DonaldTal (199.168.---.---)2016-10-08 13:41

On Trade Shows along with the Trade Itself product packaging boxes home office supplies The acquired Austrian company’s revenue were significantly lower than their new French teammates, with trailing a year revenue reported at €34 million. EBITDA for your same period was €3.6 million (10.6%). As could be expected based for the lower revenues and EBITDA percentage, the purchase multiple was correspondingly lower, however a very respectable 6.five times EBITDA, structured as €20 million cash at closing plus €3.3 million paid in cash or stock in 2017. ,The Consultants: Mirrors of the Industry 鈥?When Strategic Consulting Works (4th in the series) Standard Register鈥檚 Brad Cates discusses healthcare business ,gift wrapping supplies red gift wrap

MichaelSig (199.168.---.---)2016-10-08 09:32

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DonaldJuilt (199.168.---.---)2016-10-07 19:23

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DonaldJuilt (199.168.---.---)2016-10-07 08:33

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DonaldJuilt (199.168.---.---)2016-10-06 00:13

Reinventing The Print Business Model custom wraps gift wrapping paper Heidelberg & Komori offer Graph Expo 2010; KBA, manroland and Presstek to exhibit ,Googled: A Book Review Note: John R. Walter, Chairman of InnerWorkings Board of Directors, is additionally Chairman of SNP Corporation. He may be a director on SNP’s board since March 2001. ,corrugated box manufacturers custom corrugated boxes

Russellbon (46.191.---.---)2016-10-04 04:28

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CarlosPen (199.168.---.---)2016-10-04 04:26

In God We Trust, Financial Integrity When Its Convenient packaging boxes printing in china Companies reported that their primary barriers to growth were downward pressure on prices, finding new clients, and recruiting sales personnel. These would be the same as reported inside our 2014 report. The barrier least reported was environmental regulations, also unchanged. Among methods undertaken to draw in new clients, referrals and company websites were essentially the most commonly used, followed by social networking, which originates up significantly in the this past year. Companies were also asked about the production-based strategies they’ve undertaken to enhance their competitive edge. Reducing operating costs, adding cool product lines and being a one-stop shop remained top choices. Among strategies undertaken in sales and management to improve competitiveness, increasing Internet presence, improving customer service and hiring additional sales staff were probably the most common. ,The pain of digital cannibalization: Summary of Eastman Kodak's Q1 Call The five Business Innovation Services practices work with partnership with Xerox Account Managers, and cross-compensation strategies are in place to incent cooperation. Core for the offering could be the Office Document Assessment, a Six Sigma tool that offers a blueprint enabling redesign of office processes. Global Services includes 185 direct selling professionals, each focused on the specific industry. ,锘?a href="">printing services Label Printing

Williamfrutt (199.168.---.---)2016-10-01 18:22

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Michaelfak (199.168.---.---)2016-10-01 15:32

Putting Lipstick over a Pig: The Two-way street of Modern Marketing cheap printing solutions Book Printing Looking to Change the Game ,Susan Amos Palmer, Metropolitan State University Canon Solutions America hosted its third anniversary event the other day in Boca Raton, Fla., highlighting the state of the market, new service developments, and customer case studies. In this feature, we focus about the company鈥檚 wide-format offerings. ,Book Printing packaging boxes

MathewJuire (199.168.---.---)2016-09-28 08:25

Latex-Ink Wide-Format Graphics Printers Drive Market Growth printing solutions Paper Gift Canon Comes to Town with Everything鈥擫iterally鈥擨t Makes and Does in Imaging ,FREE: NGP Partners, A Work in Progress Other ink chemistry types may also be driving innovation, extending all the different applications that could be printed by wide-format inkjet printers. At ISA, these specifically included dye-sublimation transfer inks for soft signage textile applications and latex inks. ,printing in china cheap printing solutions

Jolanta (164.126.---.---)2012-10-28 22:07

to jest super!!

vanessa braalna
vanessa braalna (31.175.---.---)2012-09-19 15:12

czemu niema darmowych smsow tak jak w orange

Alicja Hombek
Alicja Hombek (178.56.---.---)2012-09-04 15:43

jaki jest ten kod na darmowe sms po doładowaniu

Olaa (79.191.---.---)2012-08-14 12:02

Jaki jest ten kod ? ;>

Ewelinka (83.20.---.---)2012-07-13 01:53

co tam robicie ? ;>

Madzia (83.20.---.---)2012-07-13 01:52

heeeeeeeeeeeeej ;*

Daria (31.63.---.---)2012-05-27 16:42

ale jaki jest kod do tych darmowych SMS-ów ?!?!?

marta (83.8.---.---)2012-05-15 17:23


Seba (93.181.---.---)2012-04-25 18:17

ZA ILE BĘDZIESZ ? Odp. na mamy

Pitro (80.53.---.---)2012-04-22 18:16

:) chce mi się:P

jiugu (178.36.---.---)2012-04-08 23:37

kurwa ja pierdole!!!

juba (31.175.---.---)2012-03-19 16:29

magda zadzwoń do mnie plis chce ci coś powiedzieć

Cinek (83.4.---.---)2012-01-27 11:53

ja kupiłem starter play z darmowymi esami do wszystkich sieci, i mam je odrazu, nie muszę wpisywac żadnego kodu,

Radkey (83.22.---.---)2012-01-14 18:18

Dekle musicie najpierw wpisać kod *111*33*4# po czym przyjdzie wam wiadomość żebyście wpisali jeszcze jakiś tam kod i dopiero doładujecie i macie eski :D

hubcio1143 (109.125.---.---)2012-01-04 19:12

własnie kupiłem starter z playa a następnie doładowanie i nic.Nie mam esów ;/

ada (81.219.---.---)2011-12-03 16:04

to nie działa

dawid (77.87.---.---)2011-06-16 14:46


Nati (82.160.---.---)2011-06-16 14:10

Jaki jest kod , żeby to aktywować ???

Kacper (80.50.---.---)2011-06-10 11:22

ja doładowuje zawsze za 5zł i nie mam darmowych a kiedyś miałem dlaczego tak ?

amanda (80.50.---.---)2010-11-28 15:24

robbcio o ktorej wpadniesz

Darmowe smsy play - troche kretactwa ale działa
Darmowe smsy play - troche kretactwa ale działa (89.72.---.---)2010-11-06 13:34

po tym update\'cie trzeba wpisac kod *111*33*4# tyle ze wpisanie go po doladowaniu nic nie da ;p, trzeba to miec aktywowane przed doladowaniem i dziala :)

play-uzytkownik (80.54.---.---)2010-10-25 17:32

LOL znowu nie dostalem, zlodzieje ;/ chyba na heyah pzejde, gdzie w chuja nie leca

123 (83.31.---.---)2010-10-24 10:58


Neoz (94.75.---.---)2010-10-21 21:58

Mi tak samo smsy nie doszy do dzisiaj? WTF?

andzia (217.28.---.---)2010-10-19 20:39

mi tez sms nie doszły

Sosna (88.135.---.---)2010-10-19 17:48

Jebane złodzieje mi nie doładowały smsów ;/ przez 3 miesiące miaąłm normnlanie, a dzisiaj doładowałam tak jak zwykle za 30 zł, kasa jest a darmowych smsów nie ma ;/

Zela (95.49.---.---)2010-09-25 13:05

jesli chodzi o play to kod do spr jest:*109# a one wzwyczaja się automatycznie po włożeniu nowej karty play

marcin (77.115.---.---)2010-09-10 15:52

jak uaktywnic sms darmowe

Paula (80.239.---.---)2010-09-07 21:14

Ludzie a jaki jest kod zeby sprawdzic stan esow darmowych??

kasia (89.230.---.---)2010-09-03 09:38

KOLEKCJA LUKSUSOWA Perfumy damskie: 1. FM 146 2. FM 141 3. FM 298 4. FM 147 5. FM 281 Wody perfumowane męskie: 1. FM 199 2. FM 160 3. FM 301 4. FM 197 5. FM 195 KOLEKCJA KLASYCZNA Perfumy damskie: 1. FM 33 2. FM 81 3. FM 23 4. FM 25 5. FM 18 Wody perfumowane męskie: 1. FM 52 2. FM 134 3. FM 94 4. FM 56 5. FM 43 KOLEKCJA PIELĘGNACJA CIAŁA 1. Żel pod prysznic męski FM 52 2. Deo roll-on męski FM 52 3. Krem głęboko nawilżający do stóp 4. Antyperspirant do stóp 5. Krem do rąk i paznokci FM 33 6. Krem do rąk i paznokci FM 81 7. Balsam do ciała FM 33 8. Krem do rąk i paznokci FM 98 9. Balsam do ciała FM 81 10. Deo roll-on damski FM 33 FM GROUP MAKE UP 1. TUSZ DO RZĘS Hypnotic Black 2. PŁYN MICELARNY DO DEMAKIJAŻU 3. PĘDZELEK DO CIENI 4. AUTOMATYCZNA KREDKA DO OCZU Decadence Black 5. MINERALNE CIENIE DO POWIEK Heather Intense 6. BŁYSZCZYK DO UST plump lip effect Spicy Nude 7. SPIEKANY PUDER DO CIAŁA sun-kissed effect 8. APLIKATOR DO CIENI 9. BŁYSZCZYK DO UST wet lip effect Innocent Pink 10. PŁYNNY EYELINER calligraphic effect FM GROUP FOR HOME 1. Odplamiacz 2. Płyn do mycia szyb 3. Preparat do czyszczenia szyb kominkowych i piekarników 4. Żel do usuwania kamienia i rdzy 5. Płyn do czyszczenia dywanów i tapicerki 6. Płyn do mycia kabin prysznicowych 7. Żel to mycia WC 8. Preparat do czyszczenia fug 9. Płyn do prania VIVID COLOURS 10. Preparat do mycia ekranów

karolinka (87.206.---.---)2010-07-05 13:51

wejdz na gadu ;*****

reniaaa (78.88.---.---)2010-05-12 08:11

brajan jesli możesz to zejdz po małego wezmiesz go na spacer bo ja zle sie czuje i nie daje rady !

Sara (87.204.---.---)2010-05-08 09:43

Kochanie wejdz na g kocham cie

Damik (89.79.---.---)2010-04-16 15:20


ddddd (78.88.---.---)2010-04-09 15:38


Pati (83.29.---.---)2010-04-02 11:39

Czy w play mix też sa darmowe smsy po kazdym doladowaniu??? bo ja ich nie dostaje?:(

Justyna (78.88.---.---)2010-02-14 12:20

Karolina to o 14.00 przyjdziesz do mnie? to wtedy jak bd wychodzila to napisz sms'a ok?

madzia (195.88.---.---)2010-02-12 13:40

kupialm sobie strater z play i nie dostalam na starcie zadnych esów??czemu??

do samuel
do samuel (84.10.---.---)2010-01-30 16:35

mylisz sie, happy day w orange jest tylko wewntarz orange i na stacjonarne, a bonusowe SMSy w PLAY sa do WSZYSTKICH sieci pozdro

martynka (195.116.---.---)2010-01-14 20:01

jak załączyć te darmowe smsy w play...

M.M. (188.33.---.---)2009-09-08 16:54

Tylko,że wcześniej było w Play więcej tych darmowych esek po doładowaniu a teraz jest mniej.

samuel (83.24.---.---)2009-09-08 14:31

To chyba odpowiedz playa, na promocje w orange go - happy day; roznica polega na tym, ze tutaj smsy, w orange minuty do wygadania daja.