Promocja Simplus "Bliskie Numery"

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Promocja Simplus "Bliskie Numery"

2010-01-26 Promocja Simplus "Bliskie Numery"

Użytkownicy sieci Simplus w taryfie Twój Profil mogą mieć teraz nieograniczone rozmowy i SMS-y z 3 osobami w Plusie.

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Każdy numer kosztuje 5 zł miesięcznie.

Aby aktywować numer jako "Bliski Numer" należy wpisać kod *104*51*48nr_telefonu_w_Plus# (np. *104*51*48601000000#), a następnie naciśnij przycisk "zadzowń". Za aktywację każdego Bliskiego Numeru na 30 dni płaci się 5 zł. Każdy z nich będzie przedłużany automatycznie, co 30 dni za 5 zł, pod warunkiem dostępnych środków na koncie.

Aby sprawdzić, jakie ma się ustawione Bliskie Numery i jaki jest ich okres ważności należy wprowadzić kod *104*51# i zatwierdzić. Bliskie Numery można wyłączyć/zmienić:

  • wyłączenie kodem: *104*01*48nr_telefonu_w_Plus# (np. *104*01*48601000000#),
  • włączenia kodem: 104*51*48nr_telefonu_w_Plus# (np. *104*51*48601000000#).

Promocja Simplus "Bliskie Numery" jest już nieaktualna.

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USPS EDDM Volume Decline Continues printing solutions Paper Gift By Greg Cholmondeley October 26, 2006 -- Or maybe that {ought to be|needs to be|must be|really should be}, Available Now {in a|with a|at the|for a} Bookstore Near You. After all, {it had been|it absolutely was|it turned out|that it was} {just a few|only some|just one or two|not many} {years back|in years past|in the past|a long time ago} that digitally printed books were {considered|looked at|regarded|looked into} {like a|being a|as being a|to be a} modern version of vanity press for wannabe authors or only {right for|suitable for|befitting|ideal for} titles with narrow audiences. It was {appropriate for|suitable for|for} volumes catering to niche interests, product manuals, {and also the|as well as the|along with the|plus the} college course packs {although not|however, not|and not|yet not} {legitimate|the real deal|are the real deal|for sure} books. 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Similarly, out-of-print books get {a brand new|a fresh|a whole new|a different} lease on life, For example, out-of-print titles {might not|may well not|might not exactly|would possibly not} exist digitally but hard-copies {could be|may be|might be|is usually} scanned and reborn as digital versions {and become|and stay|and turn into|and also be} {prepared to|able to|willing to|wanting to} print {when needed|as required|if required|when necessary} {to fulfill|to meet|in order to meet|to meet up with} readers and add incremental revenue. * Short Runs Getting Longer: Short run digital printing {merely|specifically} means print quantities {of just one|of a single|of merely one|of a} to 50. Digital printing {can frequently|could|may|might} deliver better {income|returns|profits} than offset with print runs {in to the|to the|in the|into your} thousands. In addition, new workflows for traditional offset printing {may also|also can|could also|may} support hybrid digital/offset print operations for traditional large printers and publishers. * More Titles, Less Risk: Always {searching|browsing|looking|from search} {of recent|of latest|of the latest|of brand new} titles, publishers can produce books in shorter runs--maybe {just a couple|just a couple of|only a few|a few} hundred copies--{to check|to try|to evaluate|to find out} the waters {having a|using a|which has a|that has a} new author {prior to going|before you go|before heading|it is usually} to full production. In addition, specialty titles or {individuals with|people that have|those that have|people with} small audiences {could be|may be|might be|is usually} profitably {made by|created by|manufactured by|that is generated by} the secondary imprints {of huge|of enormous|of big} houses, {benefiting from|using|enjoying|making the most of} economical shorter runs {rich in|with good|with higher} print quality. * Shorter Runs/Fewer Returns: Publishers can limit {as well as|and even|or perhaps|or maybe} curtail the {quantity of|variety of|amount of|volume of} books returned by {book shops|booksellers}. Already some all-digital publishers that produce books {when needed|at will|at the moment} {don't have any|haven't any|have zero|do not have}-return policies. * Better Quality/More Opportunity: Both monochrome and color digital quality has dramatically improved {in the last|within the last|during the last|within the last few} {couple of years|several years|number of years|two years} {creating a|building a|setting up a|generating a} broader {selection of|array of|variety of|choice of} titles {ideal for|suited to|well suited for|appropriate for} digital production. Reliable color and black-and-white digital presses, {an extensive|a diverse|a large|a wide} {selection of|array of|variety of|choice of} substrates (many {which|that|ones|which often} {would be the|will be the|include the|are definitely the} {same as|equal of|same in principle as|equal to} offset papers), and comprehensive finishing solutions {can offer|provides|offers|can supply} {high quality|excellent|good quality|high-quality} books {which are|which can be|which might be|that happen to be} virtually indistinguishable from offset versions. The New Value Chain Such choices do {a lot more than|greater than|over|in excess of} pique {the eye|a person's eye|a persons vision|the interest rate} of publishers. They ultimately {alter the|affect the|customize the|modify the} entire value chain {for each|for each and every|for every single|for any} player {associated with|a part of|included in|linked to} creating, publishing, printing, distributing and selling books. Digital book production {isn't|just isn't|is just not|will not be} merely {another|an alternative|some other|a new} way {to create|to make|to generate|to provide} {a magazine|a novel|the sunday paper|a manuscript}--it changes everything {to complete|to accomplish|to perform|to try and do} {using the|with all the|while using|together with the} book business. Big box bookstores {are considering|will be looking at|are looking for|are thinking about} {how they may|how to|how you can|how they could} become publishers {and employ|and make use of|and rehearse|and utilize} digital technology {to create|to make|to generate|to provide} books {using their|making use of their|using|because of their} imprint for sale {within their|inside their|of their|into their} {stores|shops|retail stores|retailers} * Traditional Printers and Publishers can implement hybrid digital and offset systems {to aid|to guide|to compliment|to back up} the long runs {of the|of these|with their|in their} best-selling titles while more cost-effectively producing the works of lower volume authors. For example, as demand {for any|to get a|for the|for just a} leading title declines, production can shift to digital presses, helping control inventory and production costs. A title originally produced digitally that becomes {a powerful|a solid|a robust|a substantial} seller {could be|may be|might be|is usually} switched to offset as demand increases. By leveraging {the benefits of|some great benefits of|the main advantages of|what's so great about} hybrid systems publishers can manage costs effectively without limiting the {selection of|array of|variety of|choice of} titles available. * Small Publishers are increasing in number, {benefiting from|using|enjoying|making the most of} digital printing technologies {to create|to take|to get|to make} new authors {to promote|to advertise|to showcase|to offer} {in a|with a|at the|for a} {less expensive|cheaper|more affordable|lower price} {with|along with|sufficient reason for|is actually} less risk. According to data from Bowker, the {quantity of|variety of|amount of|volume of} publishers swelled {to in excess of|to around|close to|to more than} 78,000 through 2004, {a lot more than|greater than|over|in excess of} {double the amount|double|twice the|quantity} {# 2|number 2} decades earlier. Many {of those|of the|of such|these} are entirely digital or {make use of the|utilize the|utilize|makes use of the} technology to bolster their {business design|enterprize model|business structure|structure}. Some, like iUniverse or produce books only {when needed|at will|at the moment} splitting {the earnings|the gains|the benefits} {using the|with all the|while using|together with the} authors and printers. * Self-Publishing Authors are publishing books {which have|who have|which may have|that contain} narrow markets and pocketing {the earnings|the gains|the benefits}. Some {of those|of the|of such|these} {may|may possibly|might|might only} reach {a household|a family group|children|loved ones}, {a little|a tiny|a smaller|a compact} circle of friends and colleagues {or perhaps a|or even a|or possibly a|or maybe a} special interest group. They are books {that will|that might|that could|that may} {not be|do not be} {of great interest|of curiosity|appealing|interesting} {to some|with a|to your|into a} traditional publisher. Typically available only online, they never {begin to see the|start to see the|understand the|view the} inside {of the|of your|of an|of any} Barnes and Noble or Borders. But since books {are ordered|are bought} with disposable income, these renegade titles compete for share of wallet {using the|with all the|while using|together with the} volumes in traditional {stores|shops|retail stores|retailers}. * Authors with Larger Followings {are starting|start} {to exchange|to change|to switch|to restore} traditional publishers, working {having a|using a|which has a|that has a} digital print provider for production and dealing directly with book distributors and sellers. The BradyBrady series, {an effective|a prosperous|an excellent|a very good} children's series in Canada is entirely self-published and poised for expansion {towards the|for the|on the|to your} U.S. {as well as|and also|and in many cases|and in some cases} international markets. The book is produced digitally and printed--often with custom covers--{according to|depending on|determined by|dependant on} demand. Jay Conrad Levinson, author {from the|with the|in the|on the} successful Guerilla Marketing series also {now use|moved to} self publishing and digital printing. In each case, {yet others|among others|while others|as well as others} like them, the margin {that when|that after|once} {visited|went along to|attended|traveled to} the publisher now {boosts the|raises the|enhances the|improves the} {accounts|banking accounts|banks|savings accounts} {from the|with the|in the|on the} authors. * Book Retailers--especially independents--can {boost the|raise the|improve the|enhance the} {selection of|array of|variety of|choice of} titles and authors lining their shelves {by providing|by giving|through providing|by} more titles from self- and small publishers. With the {capability to|power to|capacity to|chance to} order books {to become|being|to get|for being} printed {when needed|at will|at the moment} {they are able to|they could|they're able to|they will} begin eliminating the unrecoverable {expenses associated with|expenses related to} shipping unsold books {to|returning to|time for|back in} publishers. And since books from those new voices compete {using the|with all the|while using|together with the} {store bought|shop bought|commercially available} titles for same share of reader's income, booksellers and readers both have greater {various|selections of|different amounts of} what {to market|to offer|to trade|to promote} {and browse|and study|and focus|and look}. * Big Box Bookstores like Barnes and Noble {happen to be|already are|are actually|seem to be} {taking a look at|considering|investigating|thinking about} {how they may|how to|how you can|how they could} become publishers {and employ|and make use of|and rehearse|and utilize} digital technology {to create|to make|to generate|to provide} books {using their|making use of their|using|because of their} imprint {within their|inside their|of their|into their} distribution centers {and offer|and provide|and still provide|and gives} their stores {with an|by using an|while on an|upon an} overnight basis. This means {a magazine|a novel|the sunday paper|a manuscript} retailer {has the capacity to|can|will be able to|has the ability to} acquire, edit, produce, distribute {then sell|and then sell|and then sell on|and selling} a title. This circumvents traditional publishers and distributors, changing {the way the|how a|what sort of|that this} revenue stream flows. * Savvy Print Providers {take|consider} advantage {from the|with the|in the|on the} technology {to create|to make|to generate|to provide} the books {for that|for your|to the|with the} growing ranks of authors and publishers. Not only {will they|can they|would they|do they really} {generate|make|attract|pull in} new revenue, they broaden {the help|the assistance|the skills|the support} {they offer|they supply|they feature|they give} {and therefore are|and so are|and they are|and are also} ultimately growing their businesses {inside a|in the|in a very|within a} time when less forward-thinking printers are seeing only modest growth at best. Because books {are ordered|are bought} with disposable income, new renegade, short-run titles compete for share of wallet {using the|with all the|while using|together with the} {brand|manufacturer|name|name brand} authors in traditional {stores|shops|retail stores|retailers}. Disruptive technologies always bring changes {towards the|for the|on the|to your} markets and industries where {they're|they may be|these are|they can be} implemented. On one hand {there's|there is certainly|there exists|there may be} {the chance to|the opportunity|the ability to|the chance} forge {start up business|new company|home based business|start up company} models that leverage digital printing technology. On {another|one other|the opposite|additional} hand, {you will find|you can find|you'll find|you will discover} real threats {for all those|for anyone|for the people|for people} {firms that|businesses that} won't adapt and {keep doing|carry on doing} business as usual. In the coming months I'll be drilling into {these problems|these complaints} {and many more|and others|or anything else|and there are others}. Digital book production {is really a|can be a|is often a|is usually a} fact of life {and it is|and is also|which is|and is particularly} {around the|about the|for the|within the} verge of dramatically changing {the whole|the complete|your entire|the full} book publishing industry. It's going {to become|being|to get|for being} {a thrilling|a fantastic|an exilerating|a fun filled} ride. So get {aboard|up to speed|fully briefed|agreeable}. ,The ICG Remembers Folding Carton Industry Veteran Alan Crane By Carro Ford Weston Printers need being eighty percent intellectual property and twenty percent ink and paper. --Dana Place March 16, 2005 -- Don't call 1to1 Gulf Coast a printer. They can't locate themselves because of this, and you also shouldn't either. That's just component of the things they do. Instead, contact an amazing illustration of what most people are telling printers they ought to become to thrive and succeed. Here's their story. In business since 1992, partners Dana Place and Brian Weiner were thriving inside their Boston operation, cranking out greater than 11 million pages monthly. After their $4 million business was bought out, they took quite a while off. But as often while they had to work on his or her golf games, they couldn't resist the lure of opportunity, which found them almost by mistake once they setup operations in Sarasota, FL. Marketers First What 1to1 Gulf Coast does is variable data-driven marketing. Printing is only a really small part from it. Printers need for being 80 % intellectual property and 20 % ink and paper, says Dana. They are marketers first who do well at sharing knowledge and knowledge effectively. We enhance relationship marketing for your clients, and print can be a enabler. Color has become commodity. It's getting cheaper everyday. The way a printer puts money as part of his pocket is as simple as adding value. They saw the writing (or printing) around the wall at the beginning and recognized that being a print provider wasn't a great long-term strategy. As the market industry evolved, non colored documents products became an investment vehicle, explains Dana. Now color is now commodity, too. It's getting cheaper everyday, so the way in which a printer puts money in the pocket is actually added value. With variable data, we are able to re-inject value. 1to1 Gulf Coast combines the whole package of selling, design, copywriting, personalization and printing. This is the place profitable digital print moved -- into one-to-one personalization, adds Brian. And in this regard, Sarasota was the land of plenty. We thought we'd chase colleges, golf courses and property, explains Dana. As it proved, the golf courses didn't hold the money, along with the real estate property market was hot it needed no marketing in any respect. To get this to work, we knew we needed an industry with businesses which have good data, and nonprofits have the most beneficial. There are a huge selection of nonprofits inside the region, and combined together with the large quantity of high net worth prospects and charitable activities with this area, we knew this was obviously a prime market. A Bold Approach to Selling Imagine leading off the next sales hype with, Let us take control your one-to-one strategy. We may make it look better and enhance your results. Imagine leading off the following sales page with Let us dominate your one-to-one advertising campaign. We could make it look better and transform your results. That's a far cry on the way most printers approach start up business, and it also takes guts and faith to generate the leap. Yet this really is how 1to1 Gulf Coast wins business today. Initially that it was very difficult to crack industry when clients were comparing a .30 quote per piece for printing to $2 per piece total package, says Brian. Eventually danger paid back. Nonprofits are actually a fantastic strategy to create nice base. Now we can easily call any individuals clients and inquire for references once we expand into new markets, declares Dana. Their nonprofit clients target quality donors with quality documents, this means a lot of vivid color, rich graphics, bleeds and gradients for post cards, donor cards, personalized letters and also other materials. 1to1 Gulf Coast uses two Océ CPS 900 digital printers for all of their color work. It's significantly less stressful if the printed page isn't a problem. It can make it easer to offer the worth side from the business, notes Brian. We will get paid for talent, and now we don't must provide intellectual services. This arises from being competent to take technical issues away from the table. Personalization Plus In each year and change, using personalization and digital printing, 1to1 Gulf Coast has helped nonprofit clients raise a lot more than $one million that this nonprofits would possibly not need gotten otherwise. We don't just personalize, explains Dana. We may vary content length, 'asks', images, anything. We can get a new whole document, but many people aren't prepared to go to this extreme. Likewise, many printers might 't be ready for taking the plunge in to a broader choice of services, but 1to1 Gulf Coast is sunny proof which it might be done. Their decision for the dominate the personalization business in the ripe market makes their Chapter 2 in Florida as successful for their Chapter one inch Boston. However, many of us might conisder that avoiding the Northeast this winter might are actually the smartest decision of the. ,Box Printing Office Supplies

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Advanced Vision Technologies buys Graphic Microsystems Inc: Is This the Future for Press Control? Office Supplies 锘?a href="">printing services Conferences—Run by FESPA and individual national organizations, individual conferences for digital, textile, and screen printing, meant to provide technical information and marketing strategies. ,Moving Quickly to Meet Customer Need There was no deficiency of 聺networking opportunities聺 to the media folks covering On Demand as well as the question I quite often asked of vendors and suppliers was 聺How' ,Office Supplies Paper Gift

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Change in Total Employment, March vs. April 1990-2009, US Commercial Printing mailing labels sticker printing It seemed being the suitable time for you to revisit this matter, but first allow me to summarize what survivor bias is: mistaking the options of your part for being fully representative of your whole and ignoring how things got doing this. Basically, this is the sin of ignoring history. Here's the example I used this past year. ,Exciting New Venture to Focus on Industry Growth Sectors Economic Overview ,postcard printing large roll wrapping paper

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It鈥檚 About the Conversation鈥?Not the Campaign Book Printing Label Printing While these technologies were the highlight from the press conference, many from the questions within the bagels and occasional were concerning the acquiring Imagistics late this past year. Imagistics ended up an amazing force within the office copier, printer and MFP market, by 160 operations over the U.S. The new venture immediately gave Océ a brand new salesforce and also a ready entrée in the Fortune 1000 market, noted Joe Skrzypczak, president of Océ Imagistics. This has generated start up company for Océ Business Services while adding the robust distinct VarioPrint office and workgroup printers and copiers towards the Imagistics line-up. It would have been a marriage created in heaven, said Skrzypczak, who pointed to additional benefits coming within the future. ,An Examination of Business and Workflow Models for U.S. Newspapers Editor's Note: In 2011, David Zwang began a series that looked at the current production inkjet product offerings coming from a wide selection of vendors, discussing how these are being, or could possibly be, used. He also checked out some of the new inkjet technologies which were just starting to get noticed in product introductions and technology demonstrations during drupa 2012. ,Box Printing packaging boxes

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Innovairre: Rebranding Done Right! Office Supplies 锘?a href="">printing services Successful application on the proprietary I-Tone process to its Mohawk 50/10 coated manufacturer product line. Earlier this season, the organization applied the I-Tone process to its flagship uncoated sheet, Superfine. I-Tone is the item of any joint project of Mohawk with Illinois-based NALCO to cultivate an alternative for HP Indigo presses. ,Speculation and Raising the Bar Status of digital printing --2006 ,packaging boxes cheap printing solutions

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Printing this year's Census: GPO Weighs Responses to RFP 锘?a href="">printing services Book Printing Trends in Newspaper Operations Respondents were asked the things they considered to get by far the most important trends in newspaper production operations today. The responses are shown in Figure 1, and so are arranged by ranking. The question used a four-point scale, with 4 as “Extremely Important” and 1 as “Not Very Important.” Respondents were also competent to provide alternative answers, which included strategic analysis of overall processes, cross-training staff to carry out multiple functions, revenue, and long-term strategies within decision processes with the future to be other important trends. ,IPEX To Raise Curtain on Notable Advances in Digital Print One common trait is shared by every one of the highest-performing salespeople I know. Each one works steadily and intentionally to boost their Sphere of Influence. ,packaging boxes Office Supplies

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FREE Special: Variety of Digital Presses Confirms Their Versatility, Market Acceptance publish your own book office products Long-time ODJ readers will remember a column by Harvey Hirsch who penned a string entitled The Samurai of Sales, Hirsch, president of Piranha Sales and Marketing, can be an expert marketer for whom thinking away from box comes naturally --as they lives way beyond the box. His innovative, highly customized, targeted and frequently three-dimensional direct mail marketing programs have astonishing response rates and sell-through. As he puts it, It's information about Coney Island, where you need to do things to obtain people interested. I attempt to disguise my mailers not to resemble general business mail. This way they get instant attention and entice the receiver to have interaction with these, ,Speculation and Raising the Bar Do Your Customers Know More Than You? ,paper box manufacturers business office supplies

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mm (31.6.---.---)2012-10-02 19:07

Wczoraj czyli 2 października 2012 r. przyszedł mi SMS, ze wyłączłam jeden z trzech numerów, czego nie zrobiłam. Dzisiaj próbowałam i nic z tego

anika (83.4.---.---)2012-07-04 05:18

super miałam bliski nr a dziecko włączyło taryfę 29gr do wszystkich w plusie i jak teraz dzwonie to bliski nr trafiło musze płacić

K. (178.235.---.---)2012-06-29 10:19

@mati18, oj niestety muszę się zgodzić. Tym razem okradli mnie właśnie bezprawnie wyłączając tą promocję. I to nie pierwsza kradzież w ich wykonaniu.

Biały (31.60.---.---)2011-12-27 11:46

Mam pytanie, jeżeli ja mam Plusa chciałem ustawić ofertę Bliski numer, a osoba do której chce ustawić tą ofertę ma Orange to też działa czy tylko Plus-Plus?

brodka28 (178.216.---.---)2011-09-12 15:13

Najlepsze co może być- za piątkę rozmawiam ile chce i pisze ile chce z moim facetem- działa bez zarzutu :)

mati18 (94.42.---.---)2011-08-13 20:20

jebac plusa huja wart jest

jaco (94.40.---.---)2011-06-06 12:34

2x pobrało Mi opłatę za bliski nr po napisaniu reklamacji w ciągu 10 godz było zwrócone więc nie panikować tylko grzecznie pisać

Moo (85.237.---.---)2011-05-27 21:56

No kurde ludzie wykażcie sie troche większym myśleniem! Zeby aktywowac \"bliski numer\" trzba miec taryfe \"twój profil\" !!! Żeby spr jaka macie taryfe: *147# Żeby aktywować \"Twój Profil\" poszukajcie juz sobie w google -.- Ja mam od 26 stycznia 2010 roku aktywowane \"bliski numer\", w moim przypadku jest to najlepsza oferta jaka może być!!!

Natalia (80.54.---.---)2011-05-06 20:31

Także nie mogę mieć tej usługi kupiłam starter z simplusa gdzy wysyłam sms. odpowiedz jest następująca;Subskrypcja nie jest aktywna. o Co chodzi??Prosze o pomoc!

Damian - Bdg
Damian - Bdg (178.56.---.---)2011-02-11 17:54

Bo chyba trzeba mieć włączony "Twój profil"

ania (89.230.---.---)2010-10-27 17:18

ja też nie mogę głupi ten simplus

malutka (78.131.---.---)2010-09-19 15:18

dlaczego nie mogę wyłączyć bliskiego numeru danym kodem?????????????? proszę o szybką odp

PATRYK (79.163.---.---)2010-07-15 11:03


;D (80.50.---.---)2010-07-05 15:21


Damian (78.8.---.---)2010-04-01 21:37

Ja też nie mogę załądować

basiaa (84.13.---.---)2010-03-15 14:23

bo może masz ustawiony inny pakiet z którym się "bliskie numery wykluczają"? często tak się zdarza, ja mam akurat telefon w innej sieci, ustawiam sobie TY i 3, pakiet smsów wymienialnych na minuty za 4zł w orange i działa, a już z innym promocjami nie koniecznie, trzeba uważnie czytać regulaminy danych pakietów

Stanisław Niewiadomski
Stanisław Niewiadomski (109.243.---.---)2010-03-11 13:15

dlaczego nie mogę mieć tej usługi bliski numer a mam telefon w plusie na kartę i miałem taka usługę już i z niej korzystałem a teraz nie moge z tego korzystać dostaję info z waszej sieci że usługa nie dostępna proszę mi odpowiedzieć na te pytanie dlaczego wcześniej mogłem a teraz nie mogę