Promocja Simplus "Swojaki"

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Promocja Simplus "Swojaki"

2007-06-22 Promocja Simplus "Swojaki"

Promocyjny pakiet Swojaki przeznaczona jest dla użytkowników Simplusa, którzy najczęściej rozmawiają i SMS-ują z kilkoma numerami.

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Uwaga! Promocja Simplus "Swojaki" trwała od 22 czerwca 2007 roku do 19 października 2011 roku. Została wyłączona.

Dzięki niemu do siedmiu wybranych osób w Plusie można wykonywać połączenia za 20 gr za minutę i wysłać SMS-y za 1 gr każdy. Aktywacja 1 numeru na 90 dni kosztuje 5 zł.

Koszt minuty 20 gr
Koszt SMS-a 1 gr
Kod aktywacji numeru w Swojakach *103*11*48nr_tel#
Aktywacja 1 numeru na 90 dni 5 zł

Aby aktywować pakiet należy:

  • posiadać na koncie przynajmniej 5 zł oraz mieć ważne konto dla połączeń wychodzących,
  • wprowadzić kod *103*11*48nr_tel# i zatwierdzić klawiszem inicjującym połączenie (ustawienie numeru "Swojaka"),
  • poczekać na SMS zwrotny, potwierdzający włączenie pakietu (najpóźniej w ciągu 24 godzin).

Promocyjne minuty i SMS-y z pakietu na dany numer "Swojaka" można wykorzystać przez 90 dni. Po upływie okresu ważności pakietu niewykorzystane minuty i SMS-y przepadają i nie są zwracane w jakiejkolwiek formie.

Po upływie okresu ważności dla danego numer "Swojaka" jest automatycznie usuwany. Użytkownik może w dowolnym momencie usunąć numer "Swojaka". W tym celu musi wprowadzić w swoim telefonie kod *103*00*48numer_telefonu# i zatwierdzić klawiszem inicjującym połączenie.

Użytkownik ma możliwość sprawdzenia za pomocą kodu *103# listy oraz okresu ważności aktywnych numerów "Swojaków".

W przypadku, gdy użytkownik korzysta jednocześnie z usługi "Swojaki" oraz z innych usług i promocji dostępnych w taryfie Simplus stosuje się następujące zasady rozliczeń:

  • połączenia głosowe wykonywane na numer "Swojaka" przez użytkownika, który posiada aktywny pakiet "MAXI Minuty" powodują w pierwszej kolejności zmniejszenie limitu minut dostępnych w pakiecie "MAXI Minuty",
  • połączenia głosowe wykonywane na numer "Swojaka" przez użytkownika, który posiada aktywny pakiet "MINI Minuty" powodują w pierwszej kolejności zmniejszenie limitu minut dostępnych w pakiecie "MINI Minuty",
  • wiadomości SMS wysyłane na numer "Swojaka" przez użytkownika, który posiada aktywny pakiet "MINI SMS" powodują w pierwszej kolejności zmniejszanie się limitu wiadomości SMS dostępnych w pakiecie "MINI SMS".

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Attention Graph Expo Exhibitors: Please, Not More from the Same! reliable office supplies online how to publish a book Problematic customer concentration. “Don’t hide the truth that 40% of the volume derives from one client” when the clients are concentrated like that, Williams counsels. It’s essential to get beforehand with buyers around the purchasing hierarchy with the account list. A day doesn’t use that I am not involved inside a conversation with someone curious about where they could find talented, competent employees. And while most regularly the discussions are devoted to the sales position, there is additionally an expanding curiosity about hiring managers, production staff, client services, IT, data experts, marketing and to be hones any job that that exists from the evolving Graphic Communications industry. What is specially interesting for me is the fact there is really a convergence of challenges which can be impacting companies which might be seeking talented employees. As a niche, one in the greatest challenges we face is that individuals usually cease within the radar of enormous amounts of talented workers. And as a niche we'll ought to confront this problem go on. But first some background information. PageFlex can be demonstrating JDF integration rolling around in its booth as well as in Creo’s booth. The company, and that is a an affiliate Creo’s Networked Graphic Production group (NGP), certified its solutions over the NGP process as interoperable using the Creo Spire color server. ,Keeping the Customer Top of Mind Heidelberg's Jim Dunn Discusses Graph Expo, Outlook for 2007 Dscoop Adds DSee Digital Print & Design Conference Free: Integration of Postpress into Digital Print Workflows Was as Important A Trend as Any Other at On Demand ,commercial office supplies booklet printing Trade Associations, too, have were required to work harder to fulfill the demands with their members and navigate them over the stormy waters. The BPIF’s Andrew Brown says: “While the BPIF’s regular activities simply members’ businesses continued unabated over the recession, this era would be a real test from the capabilities and resourcefulness from the BPIF team, and the one that they met in spades. This is merely a sampling from the many vendors and equipment being shown at Print 05, and I will still directory booth gems as being the show continues. By Wayne Lynn Published: March 11, 2013 , By Cary Sherburne Published: June 20, 2005 By Barbara Pellow February 22, 2006 -- Every company owner should produce a written guideline that sets forth the company' internet marketing strategy. The strategy ought to be employed to judge the appropriateness of the action this company takes. If an organization has to look at an action that is certainly off-strategy, it may well indicate a short lived emergency action prompted by competition or additional factors beyond normal management control. Or it might indicate the have to change or revise this company's internet marketing strategy. This past week, I had the chance consult with Frank McPherson, president and founder of Toronto-based Custom Data Imaging Corp. (CDIC). Frank is in the most influential people in digital printing. Not only is he around the GATF advisory council and also the Digital Printing Council, but younger crowd recognized the organization opportunity variable data printing provided and seized it. CDIC opened its doors in April of 1999 and reached profitability in the novice. Frank talked when camping around the strategies he pursued when he built CDIC along with the modifications he has produced across the way. McPherson quickly learned the agencies are not prepared to understand the thought of personalized and customized marketing pieces. According to McPherson, his wife was the motivating force for starting CDIC. Before entering business with me at night, my lady, Sylvia, worked for any financial organization and was looking to get a variable data solution. The printers who served the institution’s account in the time shared with her that none was available. I gave her a magazine on digital printing one weekend, and now we thought we would start an organization focusing exclusively on variable data printing, said McPherson. McPherson worked to formulate a good strategic business plan and strategy. It included: 1. Identification in the right audience 2. Development and delivery of product and service offerings that meet customer needs 3. The message--a definite articulation with the value proposition 4. Effective collection of media to achieve the target market Target Markets CDIC’s initial market focus was the business market. In 1999, variable data was truly a brand new concept, and McPherson quickly learned that this agencies wasn't willing to understand the thought of personalized and customized marketing pieces. According to McPherson, The agencies would not have a very clue, so when I started dealing with database marketing, they hid. Quickly, Frank with his fantastic wife realized they desired to adjust their marketing efforts. They initiated an advertising campaign that promoted what these folks were trying to offer, custom communications, to your limited amount of vertical trading markets; finance, insurance and pharmaceuticals. CDIC made a vertically oriented marketing strategy for selected trading markets that incorporated variable graphics and text. According to McPherson, We aren’t sales guys, but we knew we will deliver value to customers. Sylvia could speak with corporate marketing executives inside their language and I focused my efforts on explaining on the CFO or CEO how variable data solutions could improve revenue. CDIC also were built with a strong project manager, Kelly Hicks, that helped get the company away from the ground. We built a compelling message that forward -thinking direct marketers could readily see would benefit their the main thing objectives and grow their client base. During that 1st year, CDIC closed an essential customized application that has a large traditional bank as well as the result was immediate profitability. According to McPherson, Our first three variable data company is still CDIC clients today. The Right Value Proposition/The Right Products and Services CDIC wanted to make certain it had the best value proposition with clients and who's was perceived like a marketing company along with a solutions provider versus a printer. Working within established Privacy Guidelines, CDIC focuses on helping marketers, agencies and advertisers produce highly customized direct marketing campaigns to impact audiences with far larger results than traditional mass marketing is capable of doing. To deliver this value proposition, CDIC provided an selection of services which allow clients to effectively make use of the power in their customer/prospect database, combining it with hybrid printing to supply better more targeted communications. CDIC tells customers that using the right database and messaging, they are able to demonstrate that they can understand customer needs, then appropriately respond in their mind. McPherson believes marketing is don't about selling; it’s about helping people make informed buying decisions. Philosophically, McPherson believes marketing is not about selling; it’s about helping people make informed buying decisions. So CDIC’s mission is always to help customers break throughout the media clutter with messages which might be personally strongly related to the recipient. The product and services portfolio links directly on this mission. CDIC is usually a full-service house and blends with clients from concept by means of completion. The 1st step would be to obtain background information around the client’s business along with the competitive environment. Within this context, CDIC blends with clients to learn their communication needs and objectives--customer retention; sales; acquisition; reactivation--and to make sure which the audience and offering are very matched. McPherson said, We really talk to your people regarding the project. We request that they achieved it before and be sure could what are the client wants to acquire beyond it. Data services maximize opportunity According to McPherson, Data will be the DNA of just one-to-one marketing. CDIC’s staff works to assist clients receive the most off their databases. Data services include database audits, data mining, list acquisition, database enhancement, statistical analysis, segmentation, and profiling to assist your client correlate the correct customers while using appropriate product and service offerings. In addition, CDIC handles database management for clients: data entry, merge/purge, duplicate elimination, pre-sorts, NCOA validation, processing for Canadian and U.S. postal requirements, tracking/measurement and analysis. Data could be the DNA of just one-to-one marketing. Designing for variable data printing is sort of distinct from for traditional printing. Messages and visuals have to be tailored to every single individual in the way that could break over the clutter and motivate desired action. The CDIC digital imaging and graphic designers work together with clients to formulate the design and style concepts for direct mail programs and take those to final art. Or, if the client already includes a creative team, CDIC will evaluate the concepts as they may be being developed to maximise the impact from the communications program and make certain the structure is that will work with digital print specifications Once the objective segment data and design elements are actually finalized, the development process can start. The production team constructs the info and design files and ultizing digital presses, selectively imprints the material onto each printed page. CDIC has got the flexibility to duplex print any amount of variable fields as customized text and images entirely color or black & white. Quality Control and Security CDIC takes quality control very seriously not simply because clients demand it, but considering that the very nature of variable data printing demands it. No one desires to receive another person’s mail. From time the work is received until it truly is out the threshold, CDIC has invest workflow and internal tracking mechanisms to check each job--as well as for variable jobs, the monitoring is appropriate down to every one individual printed piece. CDIC in addition has devoted to security. CDIC operates from secure premises to make certain the best confidentiality of projects on-premise and may lock down selected areas in the plant. In . In addition, key systems including information systems are maintained independently with the Internet and intranet to stop possible contamination. Response tracking The final element is response processing. CDIC collects the responses, handles the caging for payments and tracks results. Collecting the responses is very important, says McPherson. Knowing the way in which well a campaign worked is required to getting another campaign. CDIC incorporates a reputation of delivering identifiable ROI. Response rates in double digits are definitely the rule rather than the exception. While McPherson has confidentiality agreements available with many of his clients, he'll share the success on the University of Toronto. CDIC ran the annual alumni giving campaign using targeted direct marketing. By carefully refining the database selects , the alumni association was able to lessen the type with the mailing by 50% while increasing revenues by thirty percent and also the amount of donors by 80 %. Promoting CDIC McPherson said, You ought to demonstrate everything you can deliver. We promote ourselves through targeted, innovative direct marketing. He cited a good example where he sent just one shoe telling recipients in the future to some seminar to grab the mate. The typical means for CDIC is utilizing a personalised campaign to have recipients to sign up in a very seminar. The invitations are delivered to between 250 and 500 site visitors plus the average response minute rates are 18 percent. According to McPherson, I talk during these seminars just as one educator. People listen better when being educated versus sold. This approach worked as a chef, because within 30 events of each session, CDIC acquires at the very least one new customer. People listen better when they're being educated versus sold. Lessons Learned From opening its doors in 1999 until today, CDIC has be a company generating in far more than $3.5 million annually. Projections are that revenues will probably be up 30-35 percent in 2010. Even though the organization initially adjusted the market you work in from agencies to corporate marketers, CDIC stayed the course. McPherson believed that they can may make variable data campaign marketing work, and in addition they did. When asked around the most significant lessons learned, McPherson cited two. First, he stated, I found out how the printing equipment would cease my method to obtain profitability. The bulk in the revenues are popping out needed added services like database management, mailing and fulfillment operations. Secondly, he highlighted the requirement for your right team. Kelly Hicks can be an excellent project manager. His wife, Sylvia, knows marketing and the way to talk for the marketing executive. Frank, the business visionary, brings strong business acumen and 46 years' print industry experience. McPherson said, This combined skills is really what has created us successful. Barb Pellow is Managing Partner of Pellow and Partners, LLC. She is usually reached at Pellow A Tour of Canon鈥檚 Suzhou facility ,banner printing gift wrapping TH: ORIS Ink Saver is really a color managed grey component and under-color removal computer software that reduces ink content by 15% to 20% around the press. Ink saving is merely part with the solution. We realize that some substantial print groups spend $50 million 12 months on ink, understanding that reduction is usually an important savings. But a great deal more significant include the other savings in wastage, because makeready time is reduced considerably. One on the important things about ink reduction with the three primary colors along with a subset of black is the fact that it really is less difficult and faster to find the press as much as color with less paper wastage. It also affects drying time, reduces energy used inside drying process, and cuts down on the quantity of offset powder they should use. When you combine ORIS Hybrid Proofing and ORIS Ink Saver, you are able to really ring the Green bell. Less paper for proofing, less ink for proofing, less ink on the printing press, less paper waste with faster makeready, etc. It all adds around sustainability from design to production. On an eight-unit Sunday press, the result could possibly be quadrupled by preparing four dormant units for automatic switchover while another four are printing. Clement asserted AT’s “very complex software” enables it to calculate the place waste impressions resulting from your changeover, if you will find any, are going to be located. These copies then is usually diverted to your waste channel that removes them through the run. Fast forward 2 hours and, after having a short presentation by Printing Industries of Florida (PAF) President George Ryan and PAF Chairman Art Abbott (of Abbott Printing in Maitland)—the second welcoming the group to “the most beneficial trade event inside the Western Hemisphere”—at precisely 10 a.m. on Thursday, February 26, the ribbon was cut, officially opening the 34th annual Graphics on the Americas show. The show runs through February 28 in the Miami Beach Convention Center, which is designed for being an educational and networking experience for graphic communications professionals. This year’s show includes sessions targeted for designers and print buyers, features winners of varied design and print contests, a “car wrap center” by which printers are taught tips on how to create vehicle wraps, 11 Spanish-only seminars, as well as a half-day Print Buyers Boot Camp conducted by Margie Dana of Print Buyers International and Frank Romano of RIT. Friday will even understand the triumphant return of Chuck Weger’s Seybold favorite Publish or Perish! game show that may feature this writer like a contestant. ,

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Don鈥檛 Try and Train Your Customers [url=]how to get a book published[/url] [url=]custom wraps[/url] The School with the Art Institute of Chicago uses the ICC-compliant Iris color printer being a teaching and research tool. With its eye on further penetrating the educational market, Mcor offers schools three many years of consumables (adhesives and cutting blades) free of charge using the purchase of your device. Despite the expanding role on the Internet and social media marketing, print continues to be greatly alive, in line with Colson. A recent curriculum revision has sought combine skills-based training with management methods of an endeavor in order to avoid the “silo” mindset that purely technical training sometimes can produce. And, even though the NYU program covers digital media in all its forms, the print-based sector with the graphic communications industry hasn't been forgotten. ,Recovery Indicators Bounce Back Heidelberg Versafire CP/CVis a whole new name for the existing Linoprint CP/CV digital printing systems. Heidelberg’s Versafire is surely an all-around system for that economic production of short and personalized runs in combination which has a large selection of substrates along with a solid price/performance ratio. Heidelberg launched the system in cooperation having its partner Ricoh in 2011, and has been continuously refining it ever since. At drupa 2016, Heidelberg announced the installation of its 1,000th Versafire as well as showed the modern fifth station fluorescent yellow toner capability. The idea that small offset is declining does not even attempt to diminish some great benefits of printing with ink, which typically represents no more than 2 percent of printing costs – a figure that belies ink’s critical role in maintaining print quality. Ink’s overall quality, efficiency and price-effectiveness - especially on long runs - are beyond dispute. In light of changing market dynamics, Van Son’s task, based on Bendowski, would have been to translate ink’s inherent strengths into a different plus much more profitable business structure. In keeping featuring its up-market strategy, Van Son’s revisions and inclusions in its offset ink portfolio emphasize maximum performance, return-on-investment and ease-of-use for printing operations of sizes. At Print 05, Van Son highlighted a pair of items it claims deliver precisely those benefits. KBA ,[url=]how to get a book published[/url] [url=]printed boxes[/url] Part Two: Stop the Presses! These are challenging times. About annually ago, PSDA Revitalized Through New Management Arrangement , Love the local library These and also other topics will probably be included during my follow-up article. Stay tuned. In April 2003, the business introduced a smaller home printer dock for photo printing. The market was skeptical that Kodak may very well be successful in home based printers. But within nine months, Kodak was number 1 inside U.S., and is currently # 1 in every with the countries during which they offer those products. ,[url=]custom office supplies[/url] [url=]gift wrapping[/url] 5) Take a website from Jon Gordon in his new book “The Carpenter”. Love life and what one does. Let that shine through. Serve all of your stakeholders, family, friends, along with your calling. Care greater than you thought possible. Live an excellent life and let your works be your legacy. Perhaps most of all, share business energy. Reward the individuals who help it become possible. By Barb Pellow Published: March 20, 2014 Kodak continues to be using the approval-focused approach to the last several industry events, and took an exceptional and innovative approach at drupa. The stand was create which has a “Metro” like model that easily guided visitors towards the right stand location. Keep in your mind the stands are huge! You can almost get lost in there. Kodak produced “public transit” system with four different “lines,” Commercial Solutions, Packaging Solutions, Publishing Solutions and Data Printing Solutions. In Commercial Solutions, there was clearly eight different applications, from Fine Art Posters to your Düsseldorf City Pocket Guide, a Destination Guide & Itinerary and also a Resort Brochure. Each transit line had stations (read: hardware or software) represented by icons demonstrating that which was familiar with create the application form. The handy booklet this company was distributing helped visitors understand just what the icons meant and gave reveal description from the technology behind each solution. So when you were a packaging printer or even a newspaper publisher, it had been obvious which part with the stand would provide you with one of the most benefit. The other slick thing Kodak did was place a central raised hub area within the stand using its Unified Workflow Solutions. The entire stand was run having an InSite server farm, which in as well as itself was a significant demonstration. Unified Workflow Solutions was positioned as being the “Grand Central Station” with the transit network, and substations were galleries for every single line with examples coming from all from the applications. This places the emphasis where it belongs, about the workflow infrastructured required to create a powerful operation. Kodak now offers business development support to customers inside type of its MarketMover Network and was previewing the Kodak Graphic Community, an evolution on the MarketMover Network that leverages Web 2.0 in a very business networking model enabling members to back up the other also to find business partners to enhance their very own services. Nicely done! ,

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Job Openings Steadily Improving but Have More to Go custom cardboard boxes wrapping paper Among materials, paper accounted for the largest share of commercial dog food packaging demand in 2013. In volume terms, paper will remain the best material in 2018, based about the large number of unit shipments for paper bags. However, Freedonia says that in value terms, plastic will overtake paper by 2018 thanks towards the development of plastic pouches and the use of expensive features and graphics to them. ,Email Marketing: Does it still work? You Have to Look Under the Hood ,label stickers packaging printing 5. Rep educates me on new issues and outcomes ,sticker printing large roll wrapping paper

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Call On Me: Essential Data Sales Reps Need to Know Before Getting Our Business carton box manufacturer office supply storage Various experts have drummed into our heads that effective communicators use multiple channels to attain their target audiences. There at the moment are 50 media choices that, for that most part, group in the headings of print, social, mobile, and internet. If you add the mass and cable broadcasting channels you possess a bewildering selection of media choices to harness inside your search for customers, prospects, as well as the revenue opportunities they represent. ,Does Your Incentive Plan Need an Extreme Makeover? And It’s Not Over Yet ,product labels office supply set

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MIS: Are We MISsing the Boat? large roll wrapping paper self adhesive labels MULLER MARTINI: Drupa remains probably the most important event because doing so sets directions for years. Think from the place that CTP occupied at drupa 95. Today, whoever doesn't always have digital CTP is hopelessly behind the eight ball. We think it's absolutely genuine that drupa 04 gives precisely the same form of boost to JDF. Our people are needs to build digital smart factories, and JDF is sure to be adopted by forward looking brands like these. ,Economic Roundup, Printing Shipments and Profit, Dr. Joe's Inbox, and Road Warrior Harman Press, a North Hollywood, California printer that touts its unionized employees to pitch entertainment and political clients, acquired A&I Photographic and Digital. The acquired company has evolved from a specialized photo processor to printer of fashion and entertainment portfolios and digital books. ,cheap stickers business supplies

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FREE: 2004 RIT Cary Award 鈥?Thanks, Frank! christmas gift wrap custom box packaging The corrugated industry is usually a net exporter of product, for converted cartons together with Kraftliner. Exports, combined using the emergence of club store volume have helped the corrugated industry to conquer volume losses created with the movement of North American manufacturing offshore. Some analysts project which the U.S. may turned into a low priced producer again in the next five-years as a result of wage inflation in China along with the likelihood of being profitable in Mexico. Manufacturing is starting to relocate back to your U.S., this also bodes well for your corrugated industry. According on the U.S. Department of Commerce the corrugated industry export considerably more this year of computer imported. ,Geographics: Portrait of your Printing Company with M&A in Mind Set realistic objectives and milestones. ,custom shipping boxes stationery companies

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Part Three: How The 'Shakedown' Begins cheap printing solutions printing in china Increased Digital Sales Drive Presstek to Record Revenue: ,FREE Special: Don Lowe, CEO, Franchise Services, the holding company of Sir Speedy, PIP etc By Barbara Pellow April 26, 2004 -- Global Group Inc. is really a 100% employee-owned, visual communications company operating out of Fort Worth, Texas, providing multi-color printing from both sheet-fed and digital presses. Its sheet-fed printing department supplies a various press sizes and capabilities, from single to multi-color, with aqueous coating and perfecting. Sheet sizes and stock capabilities consist of 8.5 x 11 to your larger 28 x 40 format. Digital production carries a NexPress 2100, two DigiMaster 9110s along with a DigiMaster 9150. A critical success factor and profitability driver for Global Group has become its workflow. The company was began in 1971 because of the current President and CEO, Jim Wolf. Today, they generate a lot more than $20 million in revenue and position the firm as being a business partner containing the capability to use customers From Concept to Fulfillment. This past week, I had the possibility to consult with Jane Miranda, Vice President of Publications and Digital Operations to know how digital printing technology is transforming Global Group's business. The background Global Group Inc. does have it's roots in technical publishing and focused initially on aviation companies from the Dallas/Fort Worth area, having a primary application focus on non colored documents offset printed technical documentation to back up aerospace manufacturers. In 1980, the organization began branching out into some commercial print work, beginning migrate from non colored documents to more color. According to Jane Miranda, To stay from the printing business, you should expand. We added premium quality color for your production of promoting materials to your product portfolio. The company is additionally ISO 9001 certified. The Global Group also recognized that growing process printing would have been a requirement due to the usage. Fifteen a long time ago, Global Group established a rapid copy capability for the account base to meet up with a buyer requirement of work requiring rapid turnaround and also a limited volume of prints. In 2000, Global Group Inc. made its wind turbine in production digital grayscale technology using the purchase of the DigiMaster 9110. Since then, the business has added another 9110 and 9150 also being a NexPress 2100. a purchase in digital has experienced a good affect all facets in the company's business. This digital investment provides Global Group while using capability to provide a selection of applications, from growing process technical documentation to sales collateral and support materials when needed. The usage at Global Group includes Fortune 500 aerospace manufacturers, advanced manufacturers, retailers, and telecommunications firms. According to Miranda, a purchase in digital has received a confident affect on all facets on the company's business. She said, Our large traditional press operations were positively influenced by our digital investment. Our customers are available in with sales support material or technical documentation that they can need within a hurry…adequate for getting them going. We use our production digital equipment to meet up with these needs. They also have a very requirement of longer runs to meet up with future documentation demands. Once we have now the digital file, we could redirect the output to your traditional press. The technologies are complimentary. A critical success factor and profitability driver for Global Group may be its workflow. According to Miranda, We designed a custom workflow where our customers are listed a purchase order in the Internet also it can go instantly to press without manual intervention. We try to try and do this with all the individuals work as it can be. Limiting the labor required is essential that you digital profitability. Global Group chosen to pursue a custom-development path due to the workflow, in line with Miranda, because all of our company is different, therefore we was required to integrate in their environments. Our objective is to produce it easy as it can be for the customers to interface along with us. Service, Service and More Service Global Group Inc. positions this company as being a company from concept through fulfillment. According to Miranda, Our clients are seeking one-stop shopping and now we desire to deliver on who advertise. One of their primary service offerings is data management. Global Group Inc. comes with a cross platform system and Internet based solution built to organize, track, retrieve and store all digital files from client specific databases for print and multimedia. The system incorporates search tools to ensure clients can watch thumbnails or maybe a tabular text report of these catalogued information. Global Group even offers the capability to catalog, store, and retrieve digital information for example logos, photographs, illustrations, digital sounds, movie clips, Web and text files. Customers can reuse, modify, update, or share all media assets for whatever project they may be focusing on. With Global Group's strong background in technical publications, the organization supports its clientele with in excess of 40 technical writing professionals, assisting clients in some recoverable format, editing, proofing, illustration and layout for sets from simple one-page handouts to multi-chapter manuals. Its full service finishing operations include die cutting; foil stamping; numbering; perforating; scoring; folding; padding; spiral, plastic comb, perfect or saddle-stitch binding; shrink wrapping; collating; drilling; poly-bagging; and automated gluing. Miranda states, A key part of growth…especially with his digital print operation…continues to be variable data, mailing and fulfillment. Our customer interest on variable info is growing daily. Initially, the Digimasters were chosen for mail merge applications. The NexPress 2100's application set emphasizes materials using full color data driven graphics. With Global Group's capacity to print variable data, may result is the need to inflate mailing and fulfillment operations. Business Results…The Future According to Miranda, the long term at Global Group Inc. looks bright. The traditional offset clients are holding its very own; services are expanding plus the digital printing business was up 50% year over year. The next major initiative is migrating personalized, customized applications to your Internet for remote sales personnel, agents, dealers and distributors. Miranda is inside the midst of testing systems to supply this ability to one among Global Group's major retail clients. Miranda's perspective on the company is the fact that more plus much more of Global Group's clients is going to be requiring personalization and customization as well as the company is preparing for your future. Lessons Learned Miranda has a significant perspective on industry as well as a large amount may be learned from her business approach. Global Group Inc. is focused on delivering value to its customers. The company works day in and time out showing its customers how proper use of traditional and new media technology can increase the consumer's ROI. Listening to your customer and translating technology in to a relevant answer to business problems is vital for effective delivery of technical documentation and purchasers and marketing and sales communications. In the tastes applications that Global Group Inc. shipped to its customer base, customers understood that they a difficulty, and along with Global Group Inc., they built the perfect solution is. Ease of use and streamlining workflow is required to profitability with digital technology. Jane's perspective of an work procedure that incorporates automatically manufacturing continues to be an essential market differentiator for Global Group. Miranda commented, The chance to provide Web based transaction and tracking systems that link in the customer's office for your production floor is surely an essential ingredient to your digital print operation. Managing the client's digital assets is often a factor to success. The investment in systems that let clients catalog, store, retrieve and collaborate using digital assets continues to be vitally important in attracting customers and retaining current customers. Finally, Jane convinced me that personalization is real. Over and also over again, people say which the market isn't ready. Jane is seeing customer demand increasing daily for from mail merge applications to complex variable data solutions. It takes a great sales approach, an capacity to demonstrate value along with an an easy task to implement process. Her recommendation along with other print carrier's networks is, You really have to envision your company being a partner together with your customer. You have to have a very clear understanding with their requirements and what exactly is driving their profitability. 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Transforming and Automating Workflows: Getting work into the plant Part One: A Trip Down Memory Lane print solutions printing solutions By Heidi Tolliver-Nigro Published: February 14, 2007 ,The Rise of Enablers: Variable Data Printing Gains New Footholds, Part 3 2015f ,packaging boxes Office Supplies

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New CapEx Report Shows Substantial Interest in Investment in Wide-Format Capabilities custom packaging boxes office products EskoArtwork’s Connect More! theme reflects the business strategy, as well as stand featured an Automation, Integration, Collaboration zone aimed at on-line collaboration, remote proofing and approval, JDF integration, and links to MIS and ERP systems for packaging and commercial printing workflows. Objective Advantage carries on add functionality to Symbio, a suite of software management tools which seamlessly integrates and automates every aspect of print production and order management in the plant level. ,MPS: A Multinational, Multi-Capable, and Multifaceted Packaging Producer While this diagram presents an excellent model, it can be overkill in the entirety for several agencies, or no less than due to this stage of these transformation needs. However the three bottom components; Business & Information Management, Process Management, and Production are with the core of the company’s requirements. ,office products wrapping paper

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Consumer Confidence, Ad Spending, Newspapers, Durable Goods printing solutions Box Printing • August, 2018: HP wide format printer's has 6 000 0000 inks to pay entire visual color gamut. ,Transforming and Automating Workflows: It starts using a good infrastructure Part 1 May 4, 2005 -- Letters continue arriving concerning the issues surrounding making printing careers popular with senior high school and in some cases pupils. This week we hear from Kathy Lauerman, President with the Printing & Imaging Association Mountain States with regards to a gap in that this printing marketplace is described. Then Bernd Blumberg from Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG in Germany comments on Michael Josefowicz's letter a couple weeks ago. And Michael responds. All these touch around the evolving business of printing that's getting increasingly associated with electronic media. This shift is evolving the forms of jobs, the skill-sets required to complete them along with the very business models needed for achievement. Finally, FedEx Kinko's PR agency speaks about wide format. Do you've got something you need to obtain off your chest? Is there an ODJ columnist you need to throw praises--or rocks--at? Just shoot us a contact and also you'll likely find your words from the Letters column. Onward! Noel Ward Executive Editor -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear ODJ: With respect to informing students about print like a career option, another issue lots of us were unacquainted with is that this information which educators and counselors glean about our industry comes from your government site called O*NET, which gets its information in the Department of Labor's SIC codes. These codes are very old and reflect the in the present day. On behalf of PIA/GATF, Printing & Imaging Association Mountain States and Mountain States Printing Education Foundation have already been working away at correcting that antiquated information. It is hard to troll for college kids when all of the posted facts about our marketplace is so incorrect. I will be very happy to speak to you in what we've discovered and what we should will work through to correct it. Sincerely, Kathy Lauerman President, Printing & Imaging Association Moutain States Sec/Treas, Mountain States Printing Education Foundation Denver, CO -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear ODJ: Variable data printing just isn't the one innovation that draws the final user. There are an abundance of offset applications which greatly amaze the mark group I have read Michael Josefowicz 's article Print is Cool and Print is Back with great interest. It seems that individuals all develop the same goal in promoting the emotional selling point of printed products to enhance the picture of print in public areas. Here is my response to Michael’s letter: Dear Michael: With your long-time experience within the printing industry you surely agree that variable data printing isn't the one innovation that draws the conclusion user. There are lots of offset applications which greatly amaze the prospective group like: shiny and dull varnishing effects, scented coatings, lenticular printing, MetalFX, fluorescent inks, Iriodin, inline-die cutting, embossing, exciting substrates, etc. Such effects digital can hardly offer today, and a lot of more will probably be found in the long term. Variable data printing can certainly be created by every consumer on their own personal ink-jet printer (in the limited way) which helps to reduce the interest to such applications. Also the continuing development of individualization has never occurred as predicted inside the the past several years. We rather see a rise of versioned products that are tailored to specific user segments (probably similar on the student text books you mentioned). In most cases such demands is usually fulfilled with offset presses most efficiently. The electronic media clearly develop the strength of interactivity to supply dynamic information instantly, reflecting the complete requests with the user. This volume of interactivity will never be reached with digital printing in a very print shop (time- and content-wise). In the battle for getting the understanding e.g. advertising customers it really is required to differentiate from the brand new possibilities electronic media offer. Only the mix with the offset process as well as new possibilities in digital printing gets the capacity to oppose the main advantages of electronic media. Kind regards, Bernd Blumberg Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Michael Josefowicz Responds: Dear Bernd, Thank you to the thoughtful comments. Can an enterprise model that calls it a significant success when only 94% rather than 98% of the product to visit to the waste stream actually be sustainable? In general, I accept all you could say, plus fact might go even a bit farther. My argument turns around the issue of access and empowering an individual. The Internet is cool because everyone else can apply it to talk, buy stuff making virtual things. They are able to do it from your comforts of the home, whenever they would like to, the way they wish to. At the tip on the day it can make their lives easier plus more fun. I've seen how we could develop the same exposure to print. Producing posters overnight, or edition bound books without leaving my desktop. But rather than making virtual things, we might make physical things. Now that's very, awesome! Since I love physical objects, it will make gaming easier plus much more fun. I agree 100% about variable data. In fact I think the main 1-to-1 approach is likely to turn seem to be considered a short lived bubble. I believe the best approach to do 1-to-1 may be the web. The marketplace is taking what you know -- direct mail -- and adding a whole new functionality. It's okay, but they can a small business model that calls it an important success when only 94% as an alternative to 98% of the product to visit to the waste stream often be sustainable? My own feeling is that your National Do Not Mail list is simply a matter of energy. As for the comments about versioning, again I agree. Hybrid backpacks are personally an exceptionally interesting application. How neat would it be possible to possess an 8 page executive review of TheEconomist, highlighting what interests me, wrapped across the normal version. That may be cool! What I think you won't emphasize enough are definitely the special social attributes of print. Attitudes alternation in groups, not 1-to-1. The treasured printed object naturally becomes part of our own environment, even if it isn't being employed-- in the posters in a very teenagers bedroom for the collections of coffee table books that assist define who we're also. And unlike movies, or moving displays, on the web the consumer is empowered to manage time - to reflect, browse and absorb the data at their unique pace. Part in our problem is always that for your last four decades possibly even, we have been defined because of the point of take a look at advertisers. I think part of our own problem is the fact for your last eighty years or possibly even longer, we have been defined with the point of take a look at advertisers. But, it's becoming pretty clear their business models are broken. Yes, it's probably correct that's where most with the budgets are from today. But since most of the people hate most advertising, is this fact really sustainable? And, whenever we listen carefully, advertisers are coming over to same conclusion and developing all forms of community creation strategies. But what happens if the started looking more seriously at other sectors, along with taking community building marketing, more seriously? The movement of real information throughout large enterprises can be a pressing issue for any large enterprise from the U.S. plus the world -- health, education, large organizations, government around the local, state and national levels. They are typical being pushed very, very hard to discover efficiency and efficacy --all inside a context of compliance and transparency. Tough problem. One on the few places left for the children to spend less is their dysfunctional information systems. The better approach may be to cultivate the initial properties of print, and encourage the technology that provides the real job done Up so far we've left this challenge towards the IT people. But imagine should the communication industry took everything we all know and applied it to the telltale communication problems. I saw a touch of the can happen on the results in the fully personalized workbooks I mentioned within my first letter. They wasn't versioned. Each page of each and every workbook was unique to each and every student. What could be the result in the event the communication industry designed classrooms? Just one last note, inside an already long reply. You describe a battle between print and web. You say Only the mixture from the offset process along with new possibilities in digital printing provides the ability to oppose the advantages of electronic media. NOTHING will oppose the main advantages of electronic media. The better approach could possibly be to produce the properties of print, and encourage the technology that contains the real job done -- communicating ideas for making our everyday life easier and our society more sustainable. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear ODJ: I found Nancy Ingalls' article The Short Guide to Wide very informative. It can be an exciting time being involved with wide-format printing using its great growth potential also since the expanding applications for wide-format which was discussed within your article. I believe the changing dynamics inside wide-format industry warrant an assessment from the players which are emerging inside the marketplace. I tend not to determine if it is a direction you already intend to pursue with future articles, however most companies already have embraced this growing sector within the printing industry and still have benefited greatly by reviewing the success. FedEx Kinko's is considered one of they then. Just a couple of years after introducing its first sign and banner dedicated departments in FedEx Kinko's Office and Print Centers, FedEx Kinko's has exploded in to the large-format scene and it is poised to get the most important retail sign company in the. In 2004 FedEx Kinko's launched its first flagship Signs and Graphics center in Austin, Texas. Building out of this success FedEx Kinko's plans on unveiling three more Signs and Graphics centers this coming year that focus solely on signs and graphics services. Here really are a few facts that the readers might be interested to learn about FedEx Kinko's wide-format services: It could be the largest print-for-pay provider of signs and graphics and largest retailer of vinyl banners in a. There tend to be more than 1,200 company-owned digitally connected wide-format capable centers. The breadth of FedEx Kinko's wide-format printing options is extensive: vinyl banners and signs; magnets and decals; aluminum and plastic signs; backlit signs and boxes; form-board mounting; durable laminating; art-quality studio canvas; photo-quality full color; plus much more. Dominic Pannone Ketchum PR ,packaging boxes Box Printing

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How magazine circulation, ad pages and mailed by piece has changed since 2000 packaging boxes Paper Gift Beyond the financial benefits cited during today's call, Deluxe and NEBS compliment one another in culture, mission and values positioned on employees, and customers. Deluxe will operate the synergies and talents of both companies along with addition towards the price savings generated, the combined company will realize economies of scale, share recommendations and may implement lean manufacturing practices. ,Free Graph Expo Special: The Writing on the Wall WTT: This is really a thrilling announcement. As I realize it, this would be the biggest smartphone launch yet for Samsung, with countless Galaxy S 4 phones expected being sold. ,print solutions packaging boxes

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You're Hired! Eight Ways to Ensure You're Saying These Words on the Right People packaging boxes Book Printing HP is convinced that locked inside mobile phones, tablets, along with web-connected items are immeasureable pages yearning for being printed. On September 20, HP鈥檚 Imaging and Printing Group (IPG) showcased its latest solutions for liberating personal and business printing with an 鈥渋nnovation summit鈥?in New York City. ,Printing Industry Capital Investment, 2003 to 2013 Just one of these in the innovation KBA displayed would be the side lay-free infeed in the new 41” Rapida 105, that has been represented for the open house using a six-color model with inline coating and high-line delivery extension. We watched as two pressmen demonstrated a lightning-fast job changeover as well as the creation of 18,000 sheets/hr with 130 gsm paper and 350 gsm board alike. Also, the modern Rapida 64” (six colors plus coater) produced an exceptionally demanding BMW brochure with metallic spot colors at 14,000 sheets/hr – inside a quality indistinguishable from that of the modern medium-format press. ,packaging boxes Book Printing

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Who鈥檇 Buy a Printing Company? A examine Quebecor World white wrapping paper roll office equipment A growing publishing trend today is make use of digital inkjet printing to incorporate variable and targeted content to traditional offset printing. These hybrid printing approaches are helping many newspapers stabilize circulation and increase revenue in certain parts of the business enterprise. With high-speed digital inkjet printing, publishers are able to generate targeted or versioned issues of papers. These new targeted or personalized papers tend to be attracting advertising clients given that they strategically reach merely the readers who're aligned making use of their marketing messages. ,Get Comfortable with Change The price of maintaining staffing and services for three associations is high. Consolidation would reduce redundancy and invite funds to get used on more member services--and hopefully reduce dues. ,home office supplies children's book publishers

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China redux: Has anything changed in the last year Office Supplies print solutions Last week on Print CEO there were an interesting discussion with regards to the way ahead for direct mail. ,Recovery Indicators Rebound; Q1-2014 GDP Below 1% but Corrects for Business Inventory Misjudgments By Steven Schnoll May 3, ,print solutions packaging boxes

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FREE Special: Shifts in Emphasis, But A Continuing Faith inside Power of POD print solutions 锘?a href="">printing services On a greater scale, if the preference running a business relationships and government procurement shifts to companies that happen to be green--much out of the box happening from the UK-- additional businesses will view the attributes of as a responsible parent. ,Time for Recovery Marketing: Hop on and Take a Ride Work through the customer backward. Focus on value you intend to deliver for that customer; ,Book Printing Office Supplies

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Promising to Protect Customers, Kodak and Collins Ink Corp. Part Ways paper box office accesories Description ,June Printer Confidence Index: Demand Sluggish, Strength in Capital Spending Plans Better tools help manage a more productive business, says Glenn Turpin, Quark's director of communications. And among those tools may very well be QuarkXPress 7, due out later in 2010. I began using QuarkXPress is 1991. It's logic, speed of operation and convenience just worked personally. I still enjoy it lots, and although Adobe InDesign is constantly encroach on Quark's market, XPress remains an incredible product having a significant following. ,custom sticker printing label printer

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Marketing to Millennials: Will Printed Direct Mail and Catalogs Work? Book Printing Paper Gift Kurt Schaller, Corporate fx ,Many Different Paths To Success Looking to develop your commercial printing business into new, higher margin areas? Large format flatbed printing is often a growing segment which has been finding its a lot more and much more into your whole world of commercial print shops. This presentation introduces you for the sorts of flatbed printing systems available and discusses their good and bad points. We then discuss the applications common with UV flatbed printing, what you should succeed plus, examine the ROI that is usually achieved in supplying graphics for this exciting market. ,cheap printing solutions Paper Gift

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Transforming and Automating Workflows: Cloud Based Workflow Management Systems 锘?a href="">printing services printing in china WTT: Another important program EDSF has is nice of Excellence in Education. ,Current Dollar GDP and NAICS 323 US Commercial Printing Shipments By Gail Nickel-Kailing Published: September 28, 2009 ,Office Supplies Box Printing

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Gecht and Wynn at EFI Connect: for Printers, the Ultimate Vegas Double Bill 锘?a href="">printing services printing in china What’s ingenious about iBubble Wrap is that unlike classic Bubble Wrap, it isn’t pre-inflated. Air goes into the cells only if the material is ready to be stuffed into or wrapped around packages being prepared for shipping. (Sealed Air Corp. will provide the inflating pump.) ,Cyril Scott, a CGX Company, Invests More than $10 Million Despite Economic Downturn Adding Intelligence towards the Workflow ,printing solutions Label Printing

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Focus: The Missing Ingredient corrugated box white wrapping paper roll ,Free - Writing Business: Exhibitors Seem Well Pleased with Quality of Attendance Pantone, Inc. and X-Rite employ a long established relationship as successful, strategic business partners, said Richard Herbert, president of Pantone. Pantone is known for that PANTONE Brand and our resolve for innovation and quality in developing and marketing color communication standards, inspirational design tools and color management solutions. These values and core competencies is going to be enhanced by X-Rite’s research and development expertise, engineering strength and global distribution infrastructure. As a combined company, we look toward creating exciting new items and business solutions, providing greater value for your customers worldwide. ,office stationery printer labels

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Mixed results translate into positive strategic news for Cadmus鈥?Year End: Summary of Q4 Earnings Call Box Printing packaging boxes EFI Balance managing multiple devices like a group and automatically distributes large jobs across nearly 16 devices, with color and monotone pages routed to many appropriate printers. Features include unified job ticketing, complex document composition, and Xerox DigiPath integration. ,Digi-veggies: personalized produce “There are less test sheets in digital, along with a greater amount from the materials that the company uses in set-up might be recycled,” says Sunderman, “hence the biggest sustainability issue in digital printing will be the ability in the company to implement recycling into its operations.” ,packaging boxes print solutions

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The Big Wide Word: Marketing Tips for Wide-Format Shops Label Printing printing solutions Is a hardship on customers to seek out another offering within the market that compares well with a head-to-head basis; ,Economic Roundup, and Dr.Joe's Inbox HP has raised its guidance for better half 2004 revenue to $39.7-$40.7 billion. Non-GAAP earnings per share are required at $0.74. ,锘?a href="">printing services cheap printing solutions

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dark wejder
dark wejder (178.213.---.---)2012-02-19 15:53

ustawiam swojaki od berdzo dawna i jestem z nich zadowolony smsy za 1 grosz a rozmowy tańsze do wybranej osoby ta usuga jest tania i opłacalna 5zł na 3 miesące do wybranej osoby!

pitu (178.213.---.---)2012-02-19 15:48

rozmowy i smsy są tańsze sonika

pitu (178.213.---.---)2012-02-19 15:45


Ewelina (91.94.---.---)2011-07-06 10:05

Mam telefon na abonament i chciałam zlikwidować jeden numer a dodać nowy zkąd mam wziąść kod na aktywacje i usunięcie starego nr.

sylwek (217.172.---.---)2011-01-04 14:27

mam taryfe team 7 i jak chce aktywowac taryfe swojaki to dostaje sms o tresci usługa niedostepna dla ciebie ,po jaki czort robia zmiany????szlag by to wziął jestem w plusie od kupe lat ale skoro tak robia to zmienie firme sa firmy co dbaja o starych klientów a nie maja ich gdzies

sonika (79.162.---.---)2010-10-21 14:45

Ja nie rozumiem po co te swojaki jak i tak pobierają kase z konta i za smsy tak?????????

nana (89.75.---.---)2010-10-15 08:31

ja mam swojaki ustawione i za kazdym razem jak dodaje numer to mi nie zabiera kasy. i numery mam wazne nie 90 dni, ale do 2999 roku :) karte simplusa mam od 4 lat.

catrina.. (178.37.---.---)2010-10-10 20:28

dlaczego jak mam swojaki to biorą mi kasę z konta?

mrfoxik (87.205.---.---)2010-10-05 21:04

Tak zgadzam się. Jestem Klientem Plusa od BARDZO DAWNA. Właśnie ze względu na tą taryfę opłacało się mieć plusa. Bardzo zdenerwowały mnie przepisy odnośnie kasowania numeru po 90 dniach. TAK SIĘ NIE ROBI!. Niech lepiej zarząd przywróci stare zasady, bo mogę stracić wiele starych klientów.

adam (77.112.---.---)2010-05-03 12:00

Wycofanie darmowego n-ru z taryfy Team-7 jest świństwem ze strony Sieci.Posiadanie tej taryfy to przywilej starych klientów. Tak ich traktujecie?

pe (80.51.---.---)2010-02-04 22:55

mi tez pisze problem z siecia!!!! plus tosie robi syf

Asiaaaa ;))
Asiaaaa ;)) (83.1.---.---)2010-01-06 16:33

lol piszem mi caly czas bląąd sieci;/

Milena (83.23.---.---)2008-12-08 22:10

Dlaczego jak mam swojaki to biora mi kaase z konta?

tadeusz (90.156.---.---)2008-09-25 09:12

Proszę o niekasowanie za aktywację niepełnego numeru tj. 69777452(zamiast 697774526). Dziekuję. Z powazaniem 25.09.2008

minimetr (217.96.---.---)2008-07-14 12:23

"Laurka (79.186.63.---)2008-07-04 19:48 wpisuję numer swojaków ale okazuje się że jest niepoprawne polecenie...why?" Mam dokładnie to samo - co jest nie tak??

Matiozo (87.105.---.---)2008-07-12 22:51

A jak dodac numer do 7 za free

Aluś (83.2.---.---)2008-07-06 21:30

a czy jeżeli zmienia sie na taryfe swojaki to sie coś płaci czy tylko 5 zł za wybrany numer?

Aluś (83.2.---.---)2008-07-06 21:25

pomóżcie mi bo sie już pogubiłam proszę o kontakt

aluś (83.2.---.---)2008-07-06 21:23

jeżeli mam ustawione swojaki to mogę wykupić darmowe sms-y i pisać do innych ludzi w silmplusie tracac sms-y z mini sms tak?

Laurka (79.186.---.---)2008-07-04 19:48

wpisuję numer swojaków ale okazuje się że jest niepoprawne polecenie...why?