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TWÓJ PROFIL - nowa taryfa Simplus

2009-03-16 TWÓJ PROFIL - nowa taryfa Simplus

Dziś Simplus wprowadził na rynek nową taryfę TWÓJ PROFIL, w której minuta rozmowy do wszystkich sieci kosztuje 29 groszy, a minuta rozmowy w sieci Plus to jedynie 19 groszy.

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Nowa taryfa TWÓJ PROFIL opiera się na profilach:

  • Tanio do wszystkich, w którym minuta rozmowy do wszystkich sieci (bez Play) kosztuje 29 gr,
  • Tanio do Plusa, w którym minuta rozmowy z ponad 14,5 milionami użytkowników sieci Plus w Polsce kosztuje 19 groszy.

Z każdego profilu można korzystać bez ograniczeń tak długo, jak się chce - nie ma limitu minut ani okresu ważności. Wystarczy tylko mieć aktywne konto.

Aby włączyć profil Tanio do wszystkich, należy wpisać w telefonie kod *136*11*50# i nacisnąć przycisk "zadzwoń".

Profil Tanio do Plusa aktywuje kod *136*11*51#.

Jednorazowa opłata za aktywację profilu wynosi 1,5 zł. W dowolnym terminie wybrany profil można zmienić na inny, bezpłatnie deaktywując krótkim kodem obecny profil i aktywując nowy.

Ponadto wszyscy użytkownicy TWOJEGO PROFILU mogą nadal korzystać z najbardziej popularnych usług znanych użytkownikom Simplusa:

  • Pakiet 600 SMS-ów, czyli SMS-y za 1 grosz do wszystkich w Plusie,
  • Swobodny Numer, czyli nielimitowane rozmowy i SMS-y z wybranym numerem w Plusie.

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Magic Bus package printing business equipment 3 Top Reasons Web-to-Print Projects Fail ,RR Donnelley 鈥?Driving Forward in Inkjet Printing Komori and Screen have entered in a strategic selling agreement that brings together both companies’ sales organizations. ,office items stationery supplier

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Does 鈥淢arketing Services鈥?Make a Difference? cheap printing solutions Office Supplies WTT: How did the scholarship assist you pursue your educational aims? ,NAS or SAN: WHICH IS BETTER? Of course, wide format, both roll and flatbed were everywhere, specially the super-wide printers for building wraps. And gigantic signage There were more inkjet machines than another category of exercise machines and plenty of were new models or prototypes. In simple terms, inkjet dominated Drupa. ,cheap printing solutions Book Printing

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My life and Time cheap stickers custom packaging boxes WTT: With the economy down a final year or so, I imagine you've a whole great deal more people looking for work than you also have companies searching for staff. Historically, what may be your ratio of job hunters to opportunities? ,Graphics from the Americas Keynote Speaker, Session Presenters Look to Future of Media If the amount of pr announcements signifies anything, ,children's book publishers green christmas wrapping paper

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Why Would Anyone Be a Loyal Customer? print solutions cheap printing solutions Security Substrates ,Is Xerox Aiming Too High in Their Effort to Topple Heidelberg? By Chuck Surprise, ,printing in china Box Printing

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Thriving Print Business in 2020: Diversified, Online, and Data-Driven custom gifts paper box The technologies range between aqueous inks to the thermal inkjet heads on HP's traditional DesignJet machines to light solvent printers and piezo heads utilised in Seiko's SII type of machines which will be marketed through HP. Then there's the recent buying Scitex Vision, that actually expands HP's capabilities under considered one of its brands. The SV machines offer aqueous, solvent and UV-curable options in formats suitable for wrapping buses and buildings. ,Cenveo Reports Steady Growth Resulting From New Sales Strategies: Summary of Q3 Earnings Call After a lot of anticipation and frustration at fragmentary progress, it's now possible in 2013 to declare that digital textile printing has achieved breakthrough success in soft signage and production apparel printing. Vendor revenues for dedicated systems and ink for digital printing of textiles have compare to $1 billion and so are growing at 16%. The biggest news (and also the biggest volumes of inkjet textile print) could be the breakthrough into production printing. Though it's specialized, it demonstrates a vital future model. ,office items corrugated box manufacturers

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The Hybrid drupa 锘?a href="">printing services print solutions In one way or another, making packages better vehicles for brand communication underlay most in the presentations at EskoWorld 2014, a user conference that drew a lot more than 700 individuals to Orlando. Esko also used the occasion to file for Suite 14, a software collection that aims to provide a typical interface for all participants inside package creation workflow. ,What does the Groupon IPO have to do with print? By Patrick Henry Published: May 4, 2015 ,Book Printing Box Printing

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Brain Science Deems Print a Brainy Choice for Marketers carton box manufacturer mailing labels By Dr. Joe Webb Published: May 9, 2011 ,Lean and Mean: A Case Study in Remaining Competitive By WhatTheyThink Staff Published: March 25, 2004 ,锘?a href="">book printing carton box manufacturer

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Inkjet鈥檚 Irresistible Rise Is Showcased at FESPA Digital 2014 office supply storage business supplies In development for that entire production portfolio—HP Indigo, HP PageWide, HP Scitex, and HP Latex—is PrintOS, a assortment of tools meant to help users leverage the performance of these devices in the cloud. HP says that PrintOS has three objectives: to boost device productivity; simplify production workflows; and foster innovation, collaboration, and growth for printers along with their partners. This is usually to be accomplished using a compilation of web and mobile apps that will be offered at no extra charge to HP customers with PrintOS-connected devices. ,Attracting the New Industry Workforce: Do We Know How to Do It? The show opened officially at 10 AM, but a legion of press and analysts flocked to Océ's booth an hour or so earlier to hear what sort of company is faring using a revamped sales and online marketing strategy that is targeted on offering equipment and software that answers a consistently-expanding array of customer needs. Mal Baboyian, president of Océ Digital Document Systems noted the company shows steady growth since 2003 and how the first quarter is a result of 2005 are up 25 percent over 2004. This is several of the payoff for your company's consistent investment of 7 percent of revenue in website. Already the corporation holds leading roles in high-speed continuous forms printing plus wide-format printing. Its PRISMA workflow, noted Baboyian, would be the most tightly integrated production workflow software architecture in that is a, spanning office and production printing. And now the corporation offers to extend its reach further into cut-sheet printing. The VarioPrint 5000 family has become expanded with the brand new 5140advanced model which prints conventional and MICR toner along with highlight color toner in the single device. This printer, and also the VarioPrint 2110 are two with the leading boxes Océ is applying to achieve its goal of 25 percent share of the market within the cut-sheet market of 300,000 monthly impressions or greater. ,custom cardboard boxes product packaging boxes

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My CRM manifesto Book Printing packaging boxes If the lease cost in per square foot inside the seller’s plant is abnormally higher or below local market rates, an amount that mean for your buyer? ,FREE: The Printer's Perspective on Association Consolidation By WhatTheyThink Staff Published: March 5, 2007 ,packaging boxes 锘?a href="">printing services

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FREE: Presstek鈥檚 Integration of ABDick Proceeding Smoothly: Summary of Q1 Earnings Call clear labels custom corrugated boxes In addition on the printing hardware, finishing is finally beginning receive the recognition it so richly deserves. Cutters and routers have grown to be vital tools in the specialty printing arsenal, and new units with greater capabilities and versatility are appearing. Laser cutting—once an alternative only for the people with really deep pockets—is gradually as a possible affordable option, and not simply for rigid materials but additionally for fabrics. Also, too: automation. If you’ve not witnessed a robotic arm unload boards coming from a cutting table, then you’ve never been to the Zünd booth.) ,Smart Public Relations Drives Business! Darlene Sobers has been inside the production area with the print business for upwards of two decades. ,wholesale wrapping paper green christmas wrapping paper

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Video Meets Print: Two Worlds Collide Office Supplies printing in china HP Posts 51% Jump in Profits on Strong PC Performance: Summary of Q2 Earnings Call ,Inside VistaPrint鈥檚 Patent Infringement Suit, Comments from Robert Keane plus an IP expert Start using a website article with the items features the person will discover and work backwards to test which you are building something valuable. ,Paper Gift Office Supplies

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Apple Holds Out on NFC Enablement in New iPhone 锘?a href="">printing services Paper Gift January 19, 2004 -- Customer-created files present one from the biggest challenge to printing companies. Customers think they can help to conserve money and time by doing his or her design and layout, but unless they understand printing, they will often find you will need longer and charges more if the printer must fix the file. With many printers failing to speak their standards and procedures to customers, there's opportunity in your case to make task of repairing customer files right into a marketing position. Becoming a Digital Expert Some printers who tackle this condition are getting to be the digital experts of their community. The right off the bat a printer needs to perform to be an electronic digital expert in their marketplace is for getting his personal house if you want. The entire staff has being trained within the policies and procedures for accepting customer-created files. If a printer tries to rely solely about the design and prepress staff, your production bottleneck in will just develop. Policies and procedures to become used through the company for accepting files need being written down and published. The published procedures could be familiar with educate absolutely free themes in addition to get to be the “cheat sheets” for that sales people. Procedures will include what software programs are supported and ways in which incoming files must be prepared. Common mistakes pertaining to color and graphics ought to be addressed. Handling of font issues should be included inside the procedures. Once a business determines the policies and procedures, your entire sales agents really should be trained. It's essential this extend out to your sales agents. If the sales guys is planning to ask the buyer to execute certain tasks, then they want for being comfortable using the tasks. For instance, people are often being asked to send out their files through Internet. Does everyone working learn how to complete that? Are they comfortable explaining that task to your customer? Are there printed instructions that might be given towards the customer? Something as elementary as getting the purchaser to deliver information in the Internet could make or break a purchase. Finally, is the client more comfortable with doing electronic submission? If not, a sales agent who are able to imply to them tips on how to send inside a job on the Internet may raise their comfort and ease. Similarly, the sales and customer-service staff have to be confident when discussing customer-created files using the customer. The staff doesn’t ought to know to operate the program program used to produce the files, but they are doing ought to know that this files the ought to be prepared for that printer. For example, they don’t must discover how to build an Illustrator graphic, however they must understand the format needed for file submission. They ought to are aware that fonts ought to be outlined and colors identified properly. The sales agent should likewise have printed information to back them up as towards the standards. Sales people and CSRs may be trained. They just ought to know what exactly is crucial that you know after which have printed information to help you them remember. The designers and prepress people know where did they like customer files to become prepared. They know the normal conditions that customer have getting folders willing to print. Therefore, the designers and prepress people should function as the ones who prepare the policies and procedures and who train the sales guys and CSRs so they are able to educate absolutely free themes. A printer may become searching for expert within their marketplace simply by listing how customer-created files really should be prepared then getting the details towards the customer. Let the customers can use know: What software program is supported because of the printer. A printer can’t support every application. What procedures are to get used when submitting personal files. Programs including Quark, InDesign, Pagemaker and Publisher have special, built-in file gathering programs to produce sure an advertisement printer gets what he must print information. How to gather fonts. Getting fonts is usually a simple task for any desktop publisher but could leave a client confused. Give them instructions to aid them find the correct fonts. How to address color. RGB colors look really good about the monitor, however they don’t print well, especially with a press. Let a person discover how to work with CMYK and spot colors properly. How to build Postscript and PDF files. PDF files have grown to be common, nonetheless they won’t print well whenever they aren’t created properly. Let the client know what sort of PDF file is to get distilled or have to have a PostScript file that may be distilled through the prepress staff. Communicating with customers isn’t hard, but you will need some planning. Training opportunities can change into sales opportunities. Customers want information. They desire to prepare files properly. They want their order to travel through production smoothly. Printers who address these customer needs will spot more customer loyalty and better sales. Please offer your feedback to John. He is usually reached at: ,Are You Ready For A Quick Start to Success in 2005? The joint venture, announced last September, is known as CRON-ECRM, also it aims to unite the Chinese company’s technical prowess while using Massachusetts firm’s well established reputation and reach among U.S. users of CTP systems. The partnership operates from ECRM’s headquarters in Tewksbury, your website of the March 17 open house in which CRON’s wares and Xiang’s plans were officially introduced on the U.S. market. ,Paper Gift cheap printing solutions

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Postal Reform, Politics, along with the The Print Council business card printing publish your own book This drupa will be touted because JDF drupa, using a major target workflow. So we start, a couple of days prior to a doors open in Dusseldorf, using a question about how precisely companies are addressing workflow being a differentiator. ,Perpetuating the Family Business - Part One By Dr. Joe Webb Published: April 2, 2004 ,mailing labels office stationary

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Running while using Bulls: EFI & HP color printing service office supply storage Meeting today’s disparate production needs ,FREE: More Moments with DocuFrank: 鈥淭he First 200 iGen3 Installs is going to be Easy鈥? Photo imaging companies were also early adopters of wide-format digital technology, though at time these were skeptical of inkjet’s ability to generate strong image quality and resolutions that may meet or beat “photographic output,” which, at any time, for wide-format photographic printed purposes, meant the usage of Lambda (Durst) and LightJet (Océ) systems. It is particularly vital that you be aware that inkjet has replaced these technologies fully, as advances in image quality greater versatility on tv has eclipsed these once-dominant systems. Seeking new and profitable opportunities, many photo imaging companies have branched into graphics and sign production, the redefining much with their business. An increasing variety of photo imaging companies now see themselves as graphics producers, and therefore are taking benefit from opportunities outside their industry’s traditional core. ,stationery supplier postcard printing

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Obama declares disaster as Marshall Islands suffers worst-ever drought whole house water filtration system reverse osmosis water system The UN Global Compact CEO Water Mandate asked a team of experts 鈥?such as WRI 鈥?to reconcile the differences between various terms and reporting methodologies. While the results on this initiative will not be published before the revised UN Global Compact CEO Water Mandate Corporate Water Disclosure Guidelines appear in 2014, the discussions already are yielding practical results. ,The climate change deal: from Paris to the peanut crop Through strong, inclusive leadership and valued, empowered employees we believe we are able to help catalyse the change which will see everyone, everywhere have usage of clean, safe waterand toilets by 2030. ,pure water water treatment systems

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Do Not Mail: Are Legislative Efforts Really Necessary? print solutions Paper Gift Sorry, but it’s true: an increasing variety of today’s—today’s—communications and advertising managers don't anticipate to use print. Why should they? It doesn’t serve their purpose. Again, it’s not they hate print. It’s that they’ve found other media that are more efficient because of their particular objectives. Today’s marketing communication managers are very skilled digital media experts, who will be both creative and innovative, and who will be fluent in the statistical nature of digital media analytics. ,EFI Highlights 鈥淏ig Bets鈥?at Connect 2014 a. Working tough to keep headcounts, assets, and debt at profitable levels. b. Thinking twice about buying assets that wont turn at the least twice annually.c. Requiring employees to get multiple skills to flex with changing mixes at work thus helping to help keep headcount in order.d. Keeping debt service at under 8-10% of net sales. ,cheap printing solutions printing solutions

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Yes We 鈥淐an,鈥?and Do, Says New Promo Campaign for Aluminum Containers print solutions printing in china Although I am not walking the bottom with buying in my mind, I always make an effort to schedule time for more information on smaller booths because these shows as well. There will often be some very exciting and innovative companies who don’t contain the name recognition of your Heidelberg, Kodak or Xerox that happen to be worthy of investigating, as well as the shows present an probability to discover a new challenge, and learn a little more about them and the way they may be applicable to your online business. ,Part One, What Printers Think: EFI-Printcafe-Creo CGX has 65 locations in 25 states and 24 of these facilities offer digital printing. Most of such have VDP capabilities which enable it to service their customer needs along the U.S. Demand inside the future will dictate the amount and where additional digital capabilities will probably be added. ,packaging boxes Box Printing

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Wszystko ładnie pięknie tylko, ze jak wykupie pakiet 600 smsow i jak mi sie skończy i chce wykupić kolejny to musze czekać do tego momentu dopóki mi sie nie skończy jego ważność.. Do bani z tą taryfą

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*110# i tam są pakiety wszystkie :)

GABI (79.186.---.---)2012-04-18 22:55

ludziska wiecie jaki jest prawidłowy kod na 600 esów w Twoim Profilu ja mam *121*11*50# i nie mogę :(

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ja tez nie moge doladowac 600 sms za 1 jakby ktoś wiedział to piszczie.

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J nie wiem jak chcem doładowac sobie na taryfie twuj profil 600 sms to i wyskakuje : odpowiec w sieci nierozpoznana , i tak jest z wszelkimi kodami jakie znalałam w neci . Prosze niech ktos mi napisze co mam zrobic .

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Do października br.aktywowałem taryfę Twój profil /0,29zł za minutę rozmowy/na nr kodu 147 50,otrzymujac potwierdzenie aktywacji w kilka minut.W tym m-cu po otrzymaniu informacji,że mam aktywować taryfę w ciagu 2-ch dni,żadnego potwierdzenia nie otrzymałem po kolejnej aktywacji na kod 147 50/oczywiście wpisując stosowne znaki przed,po ipo zakończeniu#.Co się zmieniło o czym nie wiem a wiedzieć powinienem. M.Sęk

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Ile kosztuje ustawienie tego ,,Twój profil\"?? Prosze o szybką ospowiedz! pilne;) Z góry dziękuje